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  1. Time Submitted: 11:35:08 AM | 03/21/18 Submitted By: Max_Morello (3016) In-Game Name: Max Morello Age 29 Why do you want to join LSPD?: I would like to help the civilians in Los Santos because i see to much crimes happening lately. What skills do you have that would benefit you: Shooting skills, driving skills, being friendly to everyone but i will follow the law. I've also been a medic so i can provide first aid. How long have you been in Los Santos for: 3 months Do you agree to undergo a criminal background check if accepted: Yes i do.
  2. Max_Morello

    FiveM Server Event - Prison Break 8:30pm

    Team A Max Morello
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    Los Santos Airport Arrivals

    Name of Character. Max Morelo Where are you from. Netherlands What is your backstory. Back in the time i have been playing SA-MP Real oldskool San Andreas Multiplayer. I enjoyed the roleplay servers so i decided to look for something like that with the new GTA V. What are your intentions / story within the city. My intensions are to make the city a really nice place to be and having a good time with the other people. Have you brought friends? A couple. We have been playing on GTA-MP but that was full of bugs so we changed to FIVEM How long have you been on FiveM. I guess 2 weeks now. What can we do to improve your time here? Maybe events? more places to hang around like clubs etc. The option to find a specific car and sell it for like 10K. Also drugs money should be less. People that want to get revived by paramedics should be charged for a revive and the paramedic should get the money as part of his paycheck. Fast First responder and EMS chopper. Maybe the EMS should be able to switch as a firefighter or EMS to increase roleplay and have both in the game. EMS outfit should be changed to the standard medic outfit same as AI