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  1. Labrador

    Government System

    -1 Just isn't practical in terms of Altis Life and its limitations.
  2. Labrador

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    fuck me stop whining please, stop being salty and then the CT lot wouldn't be defensive against you @Leo C we' fought for the change and it changed, nothing more.
  3. Labrador

    LoTUK - Applications Open

  4. Labrador

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    ANNOUNCEMENT: this is the good gang
  5. Labrador

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    brexit means brexit

  7. Labrador

    -I- | Invicta

  8. Labrador

    Phoenix RP Last

    Last montage, no more. Lots of singles and an alright song. Cheers for the good memories phoenix
  9. Labrador

    Hmm it's been a great journey

    I remember you and I came to this community through one went down the right path and myself going down a bad path hahaha, you did right and I guess got yourself in a good position. 🤔 Known you for years, whether that'd be on a semi-personal level to not at all, you're a good guy especially from when I first met you on ALUK and especially from how you matured when you came here. Good luck with whatever you do!
  10. Labrador

    Gang Base Auction - June

    can we get a rule for no whitelisted faction leaders to make a gang and bid. thanks.
  11. See ya Germany! 

  12. Labrador


    stfu dex you're not leaving see you friend :)
  13. Labrador

    Taking a step back

    See you mate, many memories I experienced with you.
  14. You should really just not bite bait and chill.
  15. Labrador

    -I- | Invicta