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  1. Think about why there is no Tanoa servers, it's just not what people want. GTA had a Tanoa server for months and was closed as it wasn't popular and worth the hassle.
  2. That's a bad comparison. It's a £18 DLC that people must pay for to play Tanoa, which is a barrier in itself and then you compare it with hard drive space and internet speed? It's easier to download mods than pay for Apex.
  3. Tanoa died, the only popular server with Tanoa is filled with combat.
  4. Reminds me of a specific gmod server that did that...
  5. Literally don't understand why every post turns into a shit throwing contest.
  6. Reminds me of Identity, it'll most likely fail.
  7. People will say that this is what made the server better, praise about the buffs on the forums and then complain further to make it even easier, things are way better than they were back when Cobras montage was posted. The server was merely small and had that mentality hence the massive guns and csats, but to accommodate for a much larger audience, you must remove the op shit, make it a tad bit easier and then Nerf a few things. People always what they want, but it never really works out.
  8. None really. Both have their own flaws. Police command are very sub-par in comparison to old command members, they lack that type of uniqueness in some regards compared to the likes of Fox, Lewis or an extent Wolf(Those who knew him). HAVOC command is the same really, but there isn't really a lot of things you can do with people, especially border control which bores the living fuck out of your experience, though when you join a specialised unit it changes for you Rebel life is pretty the same, just poor or really eh experience and very narrow minded, such as if you don't know certain people then you're pretty much gonna have to build yourself up.
  9. It's just arma players, cause they've been playing for so long they can't be arsed.
  10. Labrador


    2 man gang incoming
  11. There has been polls and suggestions, literally search them up and you'll see that.
  12. Wiping the server will kill it, people have worked for what they've gotten after years
  13. Much like many Tory party supporters... Imagine being stuck with these fools
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