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  1. HOI 4 Campaign

  2. HOI 4 Campaign

    Calling Japan
  3. IPCC Report

    Dear Mr. Kray, We, as police command, have reached a conclusion which we deem the lawful punishment from the following points. The officer's accused both were in the wrong due to being in 'foreign' land with no entitled authority in their lands, we must respect that regardless of the position we are in, or the lands they st-... But continuing onwards we look to maintain that and if ever needed as stated by the following members of both command, we are to act as regular civilians within their lands and they will do the same within our lands. Both officers @Matt & @PugsNotDrugs should understand that whilst you both were allowed into the lands by General Ravelle and HAVOC High Command that we should enforce the rule of making sure we conduct our authority within our lands and never within 'foreign' land with the exception being only when we're requested by the High Command and we're to enforce the rules when it comes to this and this will be the case for any future cases should they arise at all so, therefore, the following conclusion was met. Both @Matt & @PugsNotDrugs are to receive one marked warning which will stay on their police record until removed by a member of police command when needed. We appreciate the response from General @Kayle Ravelle and all those who've submitted points. This IPCC is closed.
  4. IPCC Report

    Dear Mr. Kray, We appreciate you filling in a Police Complaint and we hope to deliver a response within 24-48 hours of my response, so please bear with us and wait patiently. Kind Regards, Jamie Harding, Deputy Chief Constable of the Altis Police Constabulary
  5. IPCC - Unknown

    Dear Mr. Stars, We, as police command, have reached the following conclusion: The following situation has reached us to no conclusion, thus wasting our time and ultimately knowing this situation, therefore, we cannot make a judgment. We cannot make a conclusion, therefore, this Internal Police Complaint will be closed with the result being non-conclusive Kind Regards, Jamie Harding, Deputy Chief Constable of the Altis Police Constabulary
  6. christian police channels

  7. IPCC - Unknown

    Dear Mr. Stars, Thank you for taking the time fill out the required form though with no evidence provided we can't do these things: We need evidence for the individual's name so we're able to speak to them about the event. Evidence of the situation so we, police command, are able to then have some context to the situation and be able to make a fair judgment. You have twenty-four hours to respond with what I've asked or else this will be closed for insufficient evidence and failing to follow the following procedures. Kind Regards, Jamie Harding, Deputy Chief Constable of the Altis Police Constabulary // Can I remind all parties to please remain in roleplay throughout this following the procedures linked below:
  8. Congratulations, sir! on your promo big man

    1. Zinner


      Thanks labrador :D

    2. Kevin


      Well deserved! :)

  9. Fox Hound + Anyone involved with the Nexus Bank.

    no problem guys
  10. I | Immortal

    Well. Shit.
  11. I | Immortal

    I'm here to join immortals is that ok? ok.
  12. House closest to Kavala Square


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