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  1. Can you fucking join your post instead of stacking all 4?
  2. No point trying to get rid of Jesse, hes there till the end despite being the worst command member.
  3. "stop chatting" you're the idiot flexing your virtual ego about getting kills to people on phoenixrp
  4. get your ego off this server weirdo, you're flexing on phoenix players. You apply for one of the worst gangs on GTA and flex on here thinking you're insane.
  5. Cause then he wont be able to read anything on the forums lmao
  6. Acting as if it isn't like that currently. It happened all the time, it's meant to be a joke but people throw their toys out the pram.
  7. ^ Pretty much this as well
  8. There just isn't trust in the staff or management with the players, plus the V2 development taking time(not slating) and the fact that arma is dying.
  9. - Me as Commissioner with @Zyn and @LUKER
  10. TST is poor, the unit is a shambles of former and I feel as if it needs to be reformed or a new combat unit is made and those who were NCA or NIU go back to that, however rebel life seems dead so ;(
  11. gang life still dead???
  12. At least he doesn't distance himself from his friends when he got staff
  13. 2905492bb5a2e4a9b310699681982f03.png on a saturday

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    2. Stefan♦


      ye beacuse 64 is waaaaaaaaaay better!

    3. Alexander


      Last monday we had 90 and I am not even commenting anymore because I am confusion. There is no pattern anymore and idk what how and why

    4. Kevin



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