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  1. Rust server

    No. Don't try to RP with Rust, Moon tried to do it ages ago and that sunk like a ship
  2. Rust server

    +1 Good game
  3. A New Change

    Roleplay is an open-ended game. I'm not saying grinding is bad, I've done it before but using the money for things other than a race, for example, parties, rallies, marches, users etc it's limitless
  4. A New Change

    A Ferrari is a luxury car, It should be made at a luxury and at the cost of your hard earnings, not drug runs consistently, drugs should be harder and have a risk factor specifically involving this. Ferrari's are not cheap nor should they be available to the general public who are the minority in being able to afford this, the way that'd work is for more people to not focus on money but on the roleplay, they can make money by roleplaying if the environment of the server focused on that one section. I say yes to all but the bottom, a permakill should be run through a team selected involved by seeing the circumstances or who a player chooses to have their character killed/removed in a certain aspect. Roleplay was the first priority when the server came up and now I hope these changes do such, I'm all for more serious roleplay if that means having a whitelisted server and specifically those who're whitelisted are in it for the roleplay, with the whitelisting it means factions are able to prepare and ensure everything is prepared for the 'new' server in general. Then we change the prices for payloads, not bloody 2 and a half grand every 15 minutes which is for a command rank but rather making it a lower amount, specific to the certain rank, Coppers shouldn't be driving Ferraris, that's just impossible under a regular working paycheck for a police officer, specifically if we're talking fees for housing, bills and general taxes which should be a thing per paycheck which cuts your paycheck, many possibilities could happen and should. My points, and since there is a lot going on this is my words: Roleplay over guns. If you're here with the mindset of killing people: Play GTA Online. EDIT: I voted the wrong things. My lord am I a muppet.
  5. Nx | Noxious

    Looks good.
  6. Medics and Havoc

    Thanks, pal! It was fun at the time!
  7. Farewell

  8. 1c5d4a754ca166e1170a7ef78070788e.png - Congrats on 100 shit posts @Ryan Wilson

    Edited by Labrador
  9. Los Santos Airport Arrivals

    Name of Character. Jamie McDermott Where are you from. Vespucci, Los Santos, United States of America or the United Kingdom, one of the fucking two. What is your backstory? Jamie McDermott. That's my name. I'm a successful business tycoon and a multi-millionaire who owns mansions and a fucking yacht... a fucking yacht. I'm a man of my word with investments in companies across the board, from hedge funds to industries with low-income workers such as clothing brands. I have a lawyer and I have a group of men who're at my back. I took an early retirement to focus on my own life though I have an active part in watching over the new crime families and working with new and upcoming businesses. What are your intentions/story within the city? Become richer and live off the success Have you brought friends? Yes and no. How long have you been on FiveM? Since the start of the public beta. What can we do to improve your time here? Fix the legal things such as taxis and actually have an incentive for people to do things other than drugs.
  10. Issue's With Havoc?

    That's some roleplay right there from HAVOC
  11. Foxhound resignation letter

    Welcome to the Altis Police Veterans Committee, would you like a brochure? https://media.giphy.com/media/3TYGtDjtMgUFi/giphy.gif
  12. 3a8a83f780714315aeb494f259c95c4b.png 

    second server btw

  13. The McDermott Family

    It is with great sadness. I must close the organization. I debated with myself on this, considering a lot of potentials was wasted and merely I guess, I have neither the willpower nor the attitude continues running such a big and much awkward organization considering 80% of those who played were my friends and I feel we should have been mutually having fun and not one person at the top, understandably we've had our fun and we started when no others were here and now we have three different groups, two relatively the same with conflicting ideas and one which... I would say is proportionally awkward though this is roleplay and everyone is given a chance. We started as three, me, Adam and Andy who wished to start a peaky blinder group, leading onto a Kray family style with a touch of the 1950s to 1960s touch, anyways we had that in mind and progressed, in many ways that were the beginning of a promising and long story of roleplay. The first week was great and we enjoyed it, we had enough money to have a car and pay for our 'props' primary the Gusenburg(Tommy gun) and also many various types of melee weapons, anyways lets be real, Mafias have route here without the factor of everyone wanting to kill others and generally causing issues in many ways and overall making myself feel like maybe the McDermotts came into too early and made issues for a lot of people and generally maybe people didn't like us in some aspects though some do and well... it works in different ways. I made mistakes as does every human but really wanted to do something special, sadly with British accents and generally the term of many of my friends and good people who worked with us, both in character and out of character are very much focused on many factors: including a majority being police on Altis and conflicting in real life, myself included. May I also make this public to anybody who wasn't aware: We were here for the roleplay, whilst situations involving many may not have seemed like it, we had good intentions with bad situations appearing. We had many situations which were good and many which were not and understandably we were wrong at many points in our times... I won't deny that nor will I deny that ultimately it's what caused this downfall, both my leadership and ultimately making negative remarks on the server and it's future for which I apologize deeply for such, including to those who may have been effected on my rage or in any regard, I merely made bad decisions causing harm to others. The McDermotts had it's fun and now all good things must come to an end, I and many others had our fun but sure enough it's gotta end, I intend to either move into the line of law enforcement and have fun there and allow others to take our place or... move onto something new including either something new such as a new organisation or maybe a legal roleplay group which are some of my options, may I thank a few people below: @Kayle Ravelle - Cheers for everything. You're what I made a lot of people come on for, and ultimately made a lot of things entertaining including your entertaining comedic value both in character and out of character with your sly lawyer character. @Ryan Wilson, @Ashley Raven, @Bosh, @Zyn, @Andy Wick, @ninj - Kept me going and made me do things in order to keep going. @Scaw & @Batesy - Both solid guys, Batesy had some issues but you're still a nice and chill dude to talk too when alone. @Dex, @Ken Barlow & @Charlie Knight - Actually made some new mates out of it... Cheers for your support and hope your group comes through and does something if not well then we had fun with you guys, despite not being able to pull through these types of situations... Thanks to those who helped us with support, financially and moving on. Thanks again. Signed, Jamie McDermott P.S. Mafias are hopefully a thing of the future but right now maybe they're not what is needed... Unsure really, though I hope to see one to fruition maybe with us reborn or maybe a new group with some saucy italian accents. EDIT: Can someone lock this? EDIT2: Sicilian Accents, not Italian Accents.
  14. The McDermott Family

    This was sparked due to the organizations both agreeing for the future of the county that we rid of the 'Sons of Odin' Signed, Jamie McDermott, Dex Trinity & Ken Barlow // At least we sign agreements & actually try to rp
  15. Grove Street Ballas

    I wish you the best luck Leeza with whatever you decide to do, hopefully, this will do well to fit the style of roleplay in which you roleplay with. I'm looking forward too it.

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