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  1. Im looking to play HOIV, anyone down?

    1. Birdy


      I join give me around 10-20 mins


  2. It was a good run...

    I've been an inspector, chief inspector etc and served the academy command and served the police command with everything I had at hand. I've been a cop, medic, and a member of HAVOC. I've worked with many people across this entire community and ultimately seen many people and who they are both in the face of others and behind the face of others. I've been a commissioner, I've been a nobody. I left commissioner and many forgot who I was and didn't acknowledge me after I left, I saw the rise and fall of staff members and witnessed myself in that area. I've worked with many people in the police, and I've worked with many people in HAVOC, the server was fun but hey! Have a good one guys! @PugsNotDrugs - You supported me and kept me going in Academy, and supported me for when I was moved over to DCC, thanks for keeping me going. @FoxHound @Tim @Matty James @Zyn @Ashley Raven @Ryan Wilson @Zinner @LUKER @ninj - Legit surprised me, gj on C/RTO and keep doing what you're doing.
  3. Player Report - Labrador - Luker - 12/15/17

    When we crossed the border Luker believed to have heard a shot, thus calling out which caused said confusion here, it'd be better to ask Luker considering he was the one who did said thing. EDIT: Why has this been opened up again?
  4. dad

    come back

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    2. Wolf


      Fam ding ding 

      @ninj what you saying fam

    3. ninj


      U back?????

    4. Wolf


      That's an unanswered question @ninj

  5. Player Report - Labrador - Luker - 12/15/17

    Well. I didn't expect to be here... but here we are... I spoke highly when coming into that support channel when approached firstly by yourself, I went in with my friend, Luker and spoke too you by giving a sincere apology especially considering you were the support member I believed you'd understand that a person makes mistakes, as much as anyone as you've experienced that yourself recently. I came into the room with a feeling of giving you an apology and moving forward as after all its a game and here we are... I will address a few issues I raised and what this case was and how you don't mention how you "Attempted" to resolve the situation with yourself and @ninj a member of support who born witness to our apologies and gave us the news of this report being put up, Luker and I made it apparent to you we knew we did wrong and wanted to set things right; something not highlighted in this report. In game wise: we knew we did wrong once seeing the opposite sides video and ultimately put it straight with you in the resolving area in support which as said @ninj born witness. Luker and I apologized multiple times and you claimed we made your time on the server once which I was surprised considering that as we apologized and put ourselves forward whilst explaining our wrongs and doing right. We did wrong and we admitted too it. We are sorry if your time on the server was hurt by this, we as both experienced players and myself considering I am an ex-commissioner and also 'former' staff member that I knew the right but with miscommunication and issues at hand with the gunfight as is expected when we fight that someone will clash heads. All in all, we attempted to set right by apologizing and coming straight too you to get it out of the way and move on and so both parties actually continue enjoying the game.
  6. Gratz for your CI do better job than i did.. Wait u doing already better job than me

  7. welcome back



  8. Welcome back!


  9. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:82_heart_eyes_cat: 


  10. Welcome back!!!


  11. wahey 15!

    1. Adam


      Happy Birthday man, :) 

    2. Zyn
    3. Dandy


      happy birthday laby xoxo

  12. Wheres staff gone?

    1. Labrador


      "removed" not been spoken too about it for two weeks without a real official word on it.

    2. Magicz


      Sanders, are you from reborn? 39th?

    3. Sanders


      Never ever compare me to 39th thanks

  13. @Bosh Dedicated too you.

    1. Matt


      This was trash

    2. EnJuuso
    3. Kevin


      I wish frag montages were against our rules


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