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  3. Shows the state of moderation on the forums.
  4. Is that website hosted in the middle of nowhere, takes years to load!
  5. I showed you an example of what he believes. He believes in Indentity politcs, something which is cancer to modern politics, it drives division and allows people like Farage, Johnson and Trump to thrive because they always have an enemy to fight to mask the underlying issues in society and problems. Not what I said at all, he states that he hates communism, which in turn means he sees socialism as no different, which there are plenty of differences otherwise we'd be calling Norway a communist country or Denmark or even Spain with a socialist government. Free speech matters but saying "Brighter and whiter future” goes beyond and frankly, which many people in this community probably need to understand, free speech means fuck all in a private community on their own property, they choose to give people that choice however people can be muted, deleted or anything in the interests of their own platform, such seems the case with Flemingo. You can't change the past unfortunately, if you were for that then you'd be against the management staff who removed him for his opinions and he became bitter and all the people of HAVOC in turn became bitter, however for unrelated reasons, being that there was no communication in relation to the new faction that is coming. Difference is that it was open dialogue for myself and Bandit, we aired our issues and ultimately I stated something which pissed him off, funnily enough it wasn't how I showed him up on his belief of Rhodesia but on his milsim group, he's free to have a chat and that's fine but ultimately I refuse to speak to someone who believes that a unrecognised country which wasn't even a real country and was shunned by everyone in history before a generation or two ago would have the balls to tell me that I'm uninformed when I did my own research in my own time to prove him wrong. The response I got: "fuck off cunt"
  6. He's not said anything on the topic and wants to discuss it off the forums because he doesn't want to show what he really is; an edgy alt-right teenager who believes that socialism is bad, forms of conservatism are good when in reality, no one actually gives a fuck. People can be everything in between, I'm socially liberal and economically liberal but someone who is near me could be socially conservative and economically liberal, he idolises a dead country which both sides of the country fought against, both conservatism and socialism, this shows that he's evidently far right. Only people who care about identity politics are edgy teenagers, twitter warriors and people who aim to divide society into brackets. I told him no, he then broke from his facade that he shows on the internet and proved who he really is; a privileged 19 year old from Sheffield who has a fascination for right-wing politics yet hasn't actually seen or witnessed atrocitie, I myself am in this bracket similarly to him and has indoctrinated himself by reading and watching fancy videos like the one he put on his profile, he's evidently against black people, no one called him a fascist, at least not myself, I refer to him as a weird and freak because he is, he's the typical edgy teenager on the internet pretending to love forms of nationalism when it's a cancer culture and should burn in a pit. Plenty of information on Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, which might I remind people, was a failed state, which the British and the international community shunned because of their racist agenda, this comes from both sides of the political spectrum spanning from Labour to Conservatives, shows where he is on a political scale. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodesia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_people_in_Zimbabwe https://www.independent.co.uk/news/lifeinfocus/a-life-in-focus-ian-douglas-smith-last-white-prime-minister-rhodesia-zimbabwe-a8754971.html https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/10/magazine/rhodesia-zimbabwe-white-supremacists.html Plenty of fantastic resources to read about it, but again, it's about showing that the country(not a real country btw) was all the bad parts of imperialism and showed how flawed we, as a society were back in the day. "Brighter and whiter future” is what he said, I'm sorry, but this community itself is open and has people who are of all different cultures, the management team decided his fate and he subsequently got shoved away for the correct reasons; he's a toxic part of the community that deserved to be removed. Apologies for the rant, this is the last time I'll speak about this, but fuck man. People need to stop defending or calling this cancel culture, it wasn't cancel culture, it was about doing the right thing, and that's removing those forms of toxic society and focusing on the good bits which is about improving the community. I understand some small bits of what you're saying but he's evidently a nutter and needs to fuck off and focus on his Waffen-SS group which "has no ties" or affiliation to Nazism
  7. song is sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppyyyyyyy
  8. I'd rather not have something like HAVOC, something unique in the sense of both what they have and how they're able to be a solid force, both RP wise and equipment as a means of countering the police in the future, HAVOC is a generic faction, something fresh is good and healthy for progress and evidently it seems @Ted and the developers are working on something which ticks those boxes.
  9. Just stop now at this point. He's been proven wrong and can't defend his own words, let him speak in his Echo chamber and the main issue topic can be resumed.
  10. Evidently didn't follow your own rules and you've edited your own posts. You've been proven to be a mug and an absolute idiot, you're a privileged person who lives in the UK, much like myself, you can never call someone sub-human, you can never have the right to say a side was right such as the Rhodesians because there is evidence to prove you wrong, especially Ian Smith, who you seem to idolise. Grasp a sense of reality and see why they removed you and disbanded the faction and look at it objectively rather than subjectively especially if you wanna do politics at University, because people will challenge you on your beliefs, your principles and your morals, of which you have no morals, no principles and no belief in common sense. Very uncharacteristic of you. EDIT: LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW FACTION GUYS
  11. The fact that you won't acknowledge the post is so funny, I'm not gonna speak to you because you're a weirdo and I'm not surprised the management team removed you for it, the fact that you also use the Waffen-SS logos and emblems and insignias is even funnier on your steam profile
  12. Your belief is abhorrent and the fact that you like Rhodesia shows why you have a problem, you seem indoctrinated to believe that White Rhodesians didn't committed attrocities and created an apartheid similar to South Africa, also when you say that you disdain communism when in reality, forms of communism are all but gone in most western societies, it's forms of socialism(demsoc and socdem) which you seem to really disdain, it's more the term that people who play at identity politics and have the mindset of being stuck in the 1980s. Your political belief is what you've read and been told by people who see things with rose-tinted glasses, when you look at in reality, how am I clearly misinformed when theres evidence to support an apartheid, most Rhodesian politicans are clearly white in that own video! The army is made of mostly whites in that video! It signifies what's wrong with nationalism, you were never there, nor was I so you can never say you supported or liked Rhodesia. You fall into this trap: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/10/magazine/rhodesia-zimbabwe-white-supremacists.html Rhodesia was a state that built itself upon an Apartheid regime of only whites taking the best jobs in society, white supremacists use Rhodesia as this fantasy land and what could have been when in reality, the land was stolen and they exploited people and tortured people and killed people for their own gain. Don't try to defend it. This is merely to inform those that what you supported was racist, you're a weirdo and frankly, disgusting that you even support people like that. I'm surprised they didn't fucking ban you. EDIT: To show all the members of the apartheid: EDIT 2: Apologies to de-rail the thread, HAVOC shouldn't be brought back. Period. Despite what I believe with the new faction won't help, maybe it will, I could be wrong and hopefully the new version is way better with better command members who aren't freaks.
  13. I'm not the person you should be asking for that question, however Bandit evidently heard of his form of racism.
  14. Because you're ignoring the actual problem by looking at it that way, he was the leader of HAVOC and was therefore a representative of the community, which you will be scrutinised for and his view was one and his possible comments weren't what management thought was acceptable, which I would agree with.
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