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  1. Labrador


    fuck sake
  2. Labrador


    You know I'm available for siege.
  3. Labrador

    DMT Towers

    Pick one or the other mate
  4. Labrador

    Some suggestions that might help the server

    but people need to stop using that as a scapegoat. It was a choice that people didn't come, forsaken took that choice, TITAN put up a fight but failed.
  5. Labrador

    Some suggestions that might help the server

    Noone put up a fight and those that did. Were killed.
  6. Labrador


    northern lights in 2019
  7. Labrador

    NLR Rule

    -1 fine as it is I dunno why you're complaining, you like the rule so much since you keep coming back to sits after you die 😂
  8. Labrador

    Resigning as PM

    @Ryan Wilson the campaign begins again.
  9. Labrador


  10. Big man Labrador impersonating? 


    1. AndrewFam


      You should thank him, he would make it look like you actually get kills

    2. Jelle


      @Josh. What are you talking about? lol 

    3. Josh.


      What do u think jelly? 

  11. @Hunt3r

    "grow up, im done here. ( may i had he reacted to my post with the laughing "haha" emoji), if this isn't a personal attack please then tell me wtf this is."

    You're the one that needs to grow up, dear friend.

  12. Labrador


    must have fell asleep
  13. Labrador


    Impressed with the turnout roleplayers, 17 are currently on patrol in our lands. TITAN seemed non-existent today. https://i.gyazo.com/30cf37199ce3c1577914d0019043b4ed.mp4
  14. Labrador


    If you log in, you get the money
  15. Labrador

    Nick Coca-

    You do the crime. You do the time. Bye.