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  1. Labrador


    Another 'the police are too powerful' thread, these are posted every week now
  2. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-game-pass/cfq7ttc0k6l8?rtc=1&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab Enjoy
  3. Labrador

    Do something great!

  4. Labrador

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    It's gonna die in a month, people will say they will play it and then dies.
  5. FiveM gone again?

    1. Sig



  6. Labrador

    Allow TFU and HSF to go to Gang Base bidding

    worked for you when you were in a gang but instead of gang bases it'd be capture points with cheap loadouts
  7. Labrador

    Simmo | Phoenix #3

    Now that's a fire comment
  8. Anyone here ever bought football shirts on DHgate? Need some help with it, cheers

    1. Michael
    2. Lester


      Bought a couple yeah

    3. L 1 A M

      L 1 A M

      bought loads i have

  9. When did you try to resolve with me? If you think that 'deal with it tomorrow' and then put up the report is resolving it then by god, you have a problem. I won't apologize cause I didn't break a rule. 2:52 shows you decamping or positioning to decamp. For reference here: at this point which shows him moving his car before I even shoot aha. You're lying to get me banned, and I'm not surprised, I can only imagine why you muted your audio in the video.
  10. Labrador

    Player Report - Labrador - 03/07/19 - Altis Life

    Lmao, I'll wait for the admins to sort this. You're just a massive shit stirrer EDIT; for any admin that watches the video and goes to 0:06 you'll see he was going to decamp anyways, so he's chatting out of his arse as he positions car in the manner to cover himself
  11. Labrador

    Player Report - Labrador - 03/07/19 - Altis Life

    I won't apologise for not breaking a rule. Keep repeating the same thing. You failed to make an attempt to resolve, and you wanted me to be banned. I didn't ruin your experience at all, you died because you fired at me and tried to decamp on me and got shot in the back, not by me. I've never run into you apart from fights which were instigated between our gangs
  12. Labrador

    Player Report - Labrador - 03/07/19 - Altis Life

    <23:27:44> "Labrador": you jump out before I even shot <23:27:45> "Labrador": <23:27:49> "Majazuri": deal with it tomorrow <23:27:52> "Majazuri": like i said <23:28:39> "Labrador": been told I dont need to comp you so <23:28:49> "Labrador": coming from Sean as you shot back, voiding it <23:29:00> "Majazuri": Wasnt sking for comp <23:29:14> "Majazuri": clearly not arsed about the fact you rdmed me <23:29:19> "Majazuri": just wanna slip it away with comp <23:30:27> "Majazuri": sort it tomorrow night <23:30:45> "Majazuri": if ya gonna disragard it tbf, jut tell me now <23:30:50> "Majazuri": makes my next move easier Also, it's false that you tried to solve it, you made no contact with me and did whilst I was away, so you failed to even resolve it at all. I believe what I said because I didn't break a rule, you jumped out before I shot and in that time we all know you wanted to report anyways due to the history between us, something that is obviously influenced in this report. Funny, I said I didn't need to give comp because that's what I thought you wanted, following the procedures of a case that's dealt with support members. If such was the case, I'd be calling for your ban much like Nick Coca for abusing the system for duping money, but that's a blow which you've faced already. Any evidence to back this up? And why does this influence your decision? Jimmy Reddington once said this, you die and it ruins your fun. Find a new game if that's what happened. It's showing you're out to get me banned, once again, for previous issues between your 'friend group' also how did I waste your time? You died and then msg'd me on teamspeak, you wasted your own time. Not my fault.
  13. Labrador


    fuck sake
  14. Labrador


    You know I'm available for siege.
  15. Labrador

    DMT Towers

    Pick one or the other mate