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  1. Shaun Johnson

    Some ideas regarding the police and civilians

    Many of the things here have been suggested before, for example, the quadbikes. Also, the server does have police offroads, however, they are only used for NCA operations. Another thing, checkpoints are carried out by NCA. I suggest that you talk with C/D of NCA and get them to be more active in that respect. As for a police truck, it would be useful to have for mass transport of goods and officers, +1 on this aspect. I believe in 2017, the server had both high viz police clothing and the black clothing variants. Not sure why they changed this, As for the gang hideouts, its a fairly good idea, however, is it going to work similar to how cartels work? +1 on this part, however, hobo's would need a firearms license anyways to do this hideout thing. Also, I think that gang hideouts are part of default Altis Life. As for all the police related suggestions, this should really be suggested directly to Gold Command using this form.
  2. Shaun Johnson

    Jasper is a hacker? :^)

    Now that is confirmed
  3. Shaun Johnson

    Weapons box APC

    I'm kinda neutral on this. In my opinion, the police have good and bad weapons, both can be good in the right hands/experience. However, generally the APC has the numbers advantage over the rebels in most large situations; therefore, balancing out weapon calibre. Also, lower ranks can use their spec unit gear in operations aswell...
  4. Shaun Johnson

    Cinematic Mode

    Remember, these are only suggestions 😛
  5. Shaun Johnson


    This was recently suggested and declined, Here's a link to the post:
  6. Shaun Johnson

    Reduce AKM price

    I accidentally bought it instead of an AK12... never again :c
  7. @JellyForce I'm not sure if the issue continues, however, I just thought that giving this program a shot might be worth while. https://phoenixrp.co.uk/profile/1-kevin/?status=3820&type=status The program (if it is still supported), will download the mission file and should automatically place the required files in the right places. If the above doesn't work, I would attempt to install Arma on another hard drive.
  8. Shaun Johnson

    Cinematic Mode

    +1, something like this would be extremely cool to use and would allow multiple new creative projects to happen on Phoenix...
  9. Shaun Johnson

    Mechanic Job

    Things similar to this has been suggested before and declined. In terms of Altis Life, I don't really think a mechanic job is needed; this is due to there not being any certain 'jobs' like trucker. In my opinion, you can roleplay as a mechanic in Arma, however, it shouldn't be a permanent job unlike something like FiveM. However, something similar could be implemented that is close to how taxi drivers work here.
  10. Shaun Johnson


    I kinda like the music on here compared to half the other videos people make. P.s, kinda the wrong section for something of this nature....
  11. Shaun Johnson

    Government System

    +1, I like the idea of having a government that can decide somethings. Also, possibly the government could consist of the community manager. This was suggested before aswell, however, I'm not sure the outcome
  12. Shaun Johnson

    Suggest some civilian clothing / car skins

    Not the stealth one.
  13. Shaun Johnson

    AC / Altis Crips (Recruiting)

    Crips is generally what one side of rebels are called
  14. Shaun Johnson

    Jasper is a hacker? :^)

    Knew you cheated on skribbl.io
  15. Shaun Johnson

    AC / Altis Crips (Recruiting)

    I get the feeling you've played gmod before....