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  1. Shaun Johnson

    Long Range Scopes

    Damn Americans! but you mean Ninjies............
  2. Half asleep in an OOP lecture :c

    1. Connor Pepe

      Connor Pepe

      R.I.P Shaun Johnson 2018 - 2018

  3. Shaun Johnson


    It's been said multiple times before. It's not hard to initiate on tyres, just chase the person until they crash or stop - this is way better RP than just instantly being able to shot at their tyres without them being able to defend themselves by driving away. Remember, if this was to be accepted, your tyres will be shot aswell, not just you shooting others. And if you crash while chasing someone, it's your fault, it happens. EIther get a new car, pick someone to drive who is better than you, or fix your lag issues. Massive -1
  4. Shaun Johnson

    Cars / vehicles

    -1 I don't fancy downloading even more mods for Arma, plus, it's been said countless times before but this isn't a modded server ? You can already do street races, just use the already implemented cars, go karts, MRAPS etc
  5. Shaun Johnson

    PAM Market History & Time bumping

    -1 on the market snipers thing. That's what auctions are all about ? +1 on the history thing but I'm sure they have something like this but for admins, would be handy for players too
  6. Shaun Johnson

    Less rain

    +1, don't completely remove it, just lower the chance of it raining and the duration of it. It's been raining constantly for 2 days straight for me
  7. Shaun Johnson


    +1, add it to Black Market or Advanced Rebel and make it so it doesn't spawn with ammo
  8. Shaun Johnson

    PPA Gang Skins Need Creating

    Ash is also going to help with the skins. If you guys want to communicate and decide who is going to do what, that's fine @Ash-Hoffa @Mr Freeze
  9. Shaun Johnson

    Long Range Scopes

    I’m pretty sure he means in game lol
  10. Shaun Johnson

    good fight

    Kevin is a boss, KO'd the other guy xD
  11. Shaun Johnson

    Long Range Scopes

    @Max He has a few I think
  12. Shaun Johnson

    PPA Gang Skins Need Creating

    @Ash-Hoffa @Mr Freeze Take a look would you
  13. Shaun Johnson

    PPA Gang Skins Need Creating

    PPA are in need of gang skins! Gang Outfits We're looking for a military style outfit with PPA on the arm sleeves. Another gang outfit using the Combat Fatigues (Stavrou) - black/blue shirt (if it can be changed), PPA on the legs and PPA behind the neck (similar to NCA's outfit) Vehicle skins We've decided we want a digital camo SUV (like the rebel hummingbird) with PPA just above the side-skirts, on the hood, and on the back bumper. For anyone interested in doing this, message me on the forums. Payment can be arranged within PM If management doesn't like the design for any reasons, let me know
  14. Shaun Johnson

    Just in case you missed it...

    Ahah, I remember seeing some of this happen, especially dying for no reason at all xD
  15. Shaun Johnson

    AMS forum tags?

    They're here

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