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  1. +1 just logged onto TeamSpeak and now you have to click on everyone's individual profile to find out what rank they are. Used to be so much easier when there were different icons for each rank. Also the different icons made different players look unique instead of for example: a Paramedic now looks the same as a Clinical Manager unless you click on both their profiles.
  2. Recently I have noticed a problem with the colour of some of the markers on the map. The green colour for places such as Gun Store and Garage makes it hard to read as the colour almost blends into the background. What I propose is that these markers are changed to a visible colour such as red, blue or orange to make it easier for people to read. See what i mean below:
  3. Two to be exact, I was sat in the support room with both of them after all this happened and they explained from their side of the situation. From your attitude towards this I've definitely come to the conclusion that the HAVOC guys are more trustworthy and their story is more likely to be correct. I mean if you have any video evidence of what you're saying happened before you robbed us then I'd apologise but at the moment, it's very hard to believe that your story is the truth.
  4. Woah, no need for the language. As I said earlier, I was told different by the HAVOC guys that I spoke to.
  5. Yeah I know I said that but in in this situation where there is a rule breach in the first place, I'm not exactly going to comply. This could be another case but do me a favour and stick to what this thread is about.
  6. I reported the whole gang as I didn't know how many were involved sorry. From what I heard from one of the HAVOC guys just after that in a waiting room, both the HAVOC guys were killed after a border attack just before I got there.
  7. Time Submitted: 03:43:08 PM | 09/24/18 Submitted By: pineapplebadger (298) Your In-Game Name: pineapplebadger Who are you reporting?: LoTUK Gang Time/Date of event: 24/09/2018 - 15:15 GMT Rule's Broken: 4.13 - Attacking HAVOC Explain what happened: We turned up to the border looking to cross when we realised there were people there, so we stopped. Soon after we stopped they ordered us to step out of the vehicle with our hands on our heads soon to be restrained. After I failed to comply with the gang members they executed me. My main point is that they should not have been at the border and had it taken over as there were only 2 members of HAVOC online and the rules state that their should be 8 players online before an attack. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/LYP6F8G9kFw - sorry there is no volume Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: None
  8. Name: pineapple Age: 18 In-game name: pineapplebadger Hours: 627 Steam link: 76561198088086819 Cash in bank: £16 mil Why you wish to join [100 words]: Need a good gang and this looked sick, also for the element of fun.
  9. +1 used to go on a server that you could fix knocked down walls and stuff, this would make great use of the new update
  10. Going on holiday for 2 weeks so plz don't demote me @Cryant Have fun!!!
  11. -1 you just have to use way more tactics to counteract their moves, like hide in a forest nearby and pop them off at a decent distance away. It is possible to win the situation even though they have an advantage with their highly defensive gang base, it just requires the attacking team to not run and gun and use firearms skill, patience and planning. And maybe even draw the ideas out in group or side channel on the map in game and get the most senior rank involved in the operation to brief the attackers on what the plan is and make sure it is executed properly. So gangs like LSM having this advantage is a good test for the attackers to show their leadership skills and maybe get a promotion in their faction for being able to use advanced tactics to win the situation.
  12. Just like my sniping v gud mem
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