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  1. Laws of War Clothing (Hard Hats etc.)

    +1 used to go on a server that you could fix knocked down walls and stuff, this would make great use of the new update
  2. Holiday

    Going on holiday for 2 weeks so plz don't demote me @Cryant Have fun!!!
  3. New Server Rule

    -1 you just have to use way more tactics to counteract their moves, like hide in a forest nearby and pop them off at a decent distance away. It is possible to win the situation even though they have an advantage with their highly defensive gang base, it just requires the attacking team to not run and gun and use firearms skill, patience and planning. And maybe even draw the ideas out in group or side channel on the map in game and get the most senior rank involved in the operation to brief the attackers on what the plan is and make sure it is executed properly. So gangs like LSM having this advantage is a good test for the attackers to show their leadership skills and maybe get a promotion in their faction for being able to use advanced tactics to win the situation.
  4. LSM vs Police

    Just like my sniping v gud mem
  5. A big juicy Blackfish

    Anyone wanting to sell one of these beasts for cheaper than 45 mil, I'm your buyer.
  6. -1 having Zaros as a capital makes this server unique
  7. Player Report - pineapplebadger - 08/04/17

    I'd like to see the proof that I didnt
  8. Player Report - pineapplebadger - 08/04/17

    I'd like to see further evidence from your side please
  9. Player Report - pineapplebadger - 08/04/17

    I was killed before the operation was called and i stayed more than 1.5km away from cp after even though I killed Ashley after the NLR timer expired
  10. New Transport Chopper for HAVOC

    Just found this aswell, this is the real life version of the helicopter that the game developers based the Kajman on. Its nickname is even HAVOC https://ibb.co/kMhrzv
  11. Player Report - TR GuvNaylor - 08/02/17

    Time Submitted: 05:58:08 PM | 08/02/17 Submitted By: pineapplebadger (298) Your In-Game Name: pineapplebadger Who are you reporting?: TR GuvNaylor Time/Date of event: 02/08/2017 18:17 ish Rule's Broken: 2.2 RDM Explain what happened: Well me and Teejee were doing a meth run, we were processing at meth dispensary and i spotted a heli and cars nearby. As soon as I tell Teejee this, they open fire with no initiation and manage to RDM Teejee. Some time later they continue to approach and RDM me with no initiation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCDTmDMOYdg Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: N/A
  12. Non-lethals for HAVOC

    +1 killing members on training is definitely not realistic so for roleplay purposes this is perfect
  13. New Transport Chopper for HAVOC

    HAVOC are military funded so they should get military funded vehicles, civs aren't military funded so there is no reason for them to get tanks making this point invalid. I 100% agree with Nanoiid's suggestion as it would scare the attackers away if they saw a Kajman but they're not gonna run away if they see a tiny Hummingbird. HAVOC is supposed to look scary to all other players on the server and I feel using an UNARMED Kajman as troop transport for HAVOC will help implement this. +1
  14. Huron Cargo Container

  15. Huron Cargo Container

    Oo you're pushing it? £8,000,004

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