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    IRL Name: Daniel Steam Name: GamingOfficialZZ Discord Name ID #: GamingOfficialZZ How long have you been on PhoenixRP FiveM Server? I think about a week. In your own words describe your character back story and role. Daniel is a 18 year old male who loves to ride his BMX and do stunts. He also has a love for motobikes. He comes from a very good upbringing with family who supports him. His choice to move from Liberty City to Los Santos was his idea of finding his own identity. What is Role Play? (minimum of 30 words) Roleplay is playing a character as they would act in real life, I feel staying in character is very important as the best thing about roleplay is that people stay away from the real world and enjoy the virtual world. Why would you like to be a Mechanic? (minimum of 30 words) I would like to be a Mechanic as I feel I have very good roleplay skills as i have been roleplay since 2013, I would also like to see more Mechanics online and more passive roleplay. How much time are you willing to put into being a mechanic? (per day) I may not be online everyday as I have a job irl but when i do come on at least 2-4 hours. Do you have any previous experience with cars / bikes mechanics irl? I have a motobike irl so i have my fair share of experience. Have you been a Mechanic elsewhere on FiveM? No Are you willing to drive a Flatbed and drive in a good manner on the road? Yes If a client refuses to pay the repair / recovery bill, what would you do about this situation? Take the licence plate and call the police if the client trys to drive away I may put them under citizen arrest until the police arrive. What is?: - RDM & VDM? RDM: Random deathmatch killing a player without a reason VDM: Vehicle deathmatch Useing a vehicle to murder someone - Power Gaming? Powergaming is forcing actions against another player. (EG: /me snaps the mans neck instantly killing him) - Meta-gaming? Metagaming is when a player uses OOC to obtain information that they wouldn't know otherwise (EG: Knowing someones name without asking or knowing they are in a gang by looking at what channel they are in on discord.) - Exploiting? Useing a bug or a glitch for self gain. (EG: Useing a money glitch) Do you Agree to the Terms and Conditions? I will not abuse repairing vehicles. YES I will do my job correctly and in the most professional manner. YES I will use the proper vehicles on duty. YES