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  1. No, if you test this, the pilots window can withstand a 12.7 APDS round to the front, infact MULTIPLE APDS rounds
  2. Mate wasnt even playing you guys jsut cant play legit as usual and now youve been caught out you dont wanna admit it
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousAlertButterflyDatSheffy
  4. morelike how do you get such bad frags
  5. Ninj

     your into some wacky shit

  6. Bosh1


    Going to be away for a couple of days, most likely until Tuesday, i have moved house and my internet isnt going to be installed at the moment. If you need me ill be on the forums and i might go to a family members house this weekend and play im not sure.
  7. Bosh1

    Prowler - Legalise

    You can buy decommissioned APCs and shit for like 19k
  8. Bosh1

    HM Location

    Im in the process of downloading arma on my new computer so once i do that ill get to work
  9. Bosh1

    Ecstasy Run

    I like the idea of this, as soon as i get my new computer delivered on monday i will start on development work, new runs are on my agenda
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