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  1. Say someone wants to make a lawyer firm and they want a hq, this wouldbe a great opportunity to do that. Obviously a lawyer firm needs to be whitelisted as most people do not have the skillset to become a lawyer. Lastly i dont think these hq’s need to be places people come and visit all the time but more just a place where a business could work from and call home to their business.
  2. Hermani

    Selling CSAT Fatigues

    I will give 2k
  3. Hermani

    Selling CSAT Fatigues

    U might wanna write this in the ArmA general discussion 😜
  4. Hermani

    Im sad

    Blasphemy, i would never do such a thing, FiveM is my one and only true path and religion. Leave me alone with your attempts to convert me to the sinful life of an arma player.
  5. Hermani

    Im sad

    Where has FiveM gone.
  6. No you are just not capable of controlling the additional capabilities of the farming tools found within fs19.
  7. It is a brilliant game so far, realistically we cant expect any majore changes in a farming game.
  8. Ehr, they disappeared...
  9. Very proud of this collection:
  10. Finally John Deeres are available in vanilla! Truly an amazing improvement I think there should be a farming simulator team in Phoenix seeing as there is quite a large amount of people who like to play it. I say it is fair play as the Overwatchers got their own team.
  11. I can smell em! This is a great day for humanity!
  12. Only 2 hours and 30 minutes until the release guys! Share your love for FS 19 here my fellow farmers, I personally cant wait to ride a horse using my steering wheel!
  13. I cannot believe u actually managed to eat all that shit, disgusting 🤮Have my sub!

    1. Sig


      It was beautiful.

  14. Hermani

    I miss you old FiveM

    Not going to comment any more here aswell as i feel like i have said what i want to say, just for the record i got the 6 months from the official announcement Cryant made very recently, not something i just made up if that was how it came through. additionaly i would like to state that if it has ever come across as if i was bitching, that has never been my intention. My intentions making these suggestions and starting these discussions has allways been to get as much feedback and opinions on how the server can get better. Wheter or not the development team wants to use this feedback is fully at your discretion, im just sharing my toughts.
  15. Hermani

    I miss you old FiveM

    To be fair tough, if someone is rich enough to do that and wants to spend their hard earned cash on their friends I personally dont see an issue with that. But I do like that the skill system adds the possibility of having a more in depth end game for the active players. Altough having to play at least 6 months to reach that end game stage was a mistake and it seems as tough this has been realised at this point judging by Cryant's announcement. The problem with adding grind into this ga,e is that FiveM RP is generally not about grinding, at least not in the same manner as games like Destiny etc. People dont go onto FiveM RP servers to grind, they are looking for RP obviously, and this is something you dont get when everyone is just grinding trying to reach that lvl 100 to then start making rp gangs etc. When everyone is focused on leveling up as fast as possible nobody is going to make RP centered gangs/businesses because it is simply not efficient enough. So with that estimate we would have to wait 6 months before any in depth rp and clearly that is not going to work out. Now with hopefully the right changes en route i sincerely hope the player count starts to rise again, but with the hype factor basically evaporated some major steps would need to be taken just to get the neccesary amount of people on to see if the changes will work. I am looking forward to seeing what happends to this server in the future as the future plans look very promising, but only time will tell.