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  1. Hermani

    Taking a gun from a body while a cop

    Will look into a solution for this
  2. Hermani


    That sounds reasonable, @fisher?
  3. Hermani

    Civ cars

    I'm currently putting in some vehicles right now, can't promise to bring in those exact vehicles but more are definitely en route.
  4. Aight, found a way to move your map towards the edge of the screen so that it fits with the fivem hud. Note that this may get you banned from normal gta online if you forget to remove it before you start playing it, as in my experience gta online tends to ban you for making any modifications to your actual game folder and actually playing with them. (not going to confirm this as i dont wanna get banned again) okay here is the fix, again do this at your own risk, as long as you reverse it to normal whenever you want to play online you should be fine. Download Notepad++ if you haven't already. Once installed go to Plugins>Plugin Manager>Show Plugin Manager Scroll to HEX-Editor and install it Open GTA5.exe with Notepad++ Under Plugins>HEX-Editor>View in HEX CTRL+F replace the two "39 8E E3 3F" with "8A E3 18 40" for 3440x1440 and "26 B4 17 40" for 2560x1080 minus the quotes. Save and exit notepad ++
  5. I myself use a 21:9 ultrawide monitor and have been trying to find a solution for this problem. At the moment i have not found a way to fix this but i will definetly implement a solution if i manage to find a way to do it.
  6. An interesting idea, will discuss this with the rest of the development team.
  7. We used to have this don't know why it was removed, will look into reimplementing it.
  8. Hermani

    dirty money

    Will look into this
  9. Hermani

    garage bugged

    Issue caused by too many cars, Fixed
  10. Hermani

    garage bugged

    That is weirdnit is working for me, i will look into this.
  11. Hermani

    'freeze trafic' for LSPD and LSMS

    Will look into adding a script making the pedestrians in cars stop reacting to gunshots etc. Doubt it is going to be possible freezing them in a set area though
  12. Hermani

    Bring Back Music Selection!

    I fully agree, will speak to the other devs regarding this.
  13. Doubt there was 12 cops are there are 11 cops in total on active duty in the force atm and I'm certain not all of them were online as I was not. I do see however that this payout might be a lot less than what it should be, I will look into making it increase significantly when there are a lot of cops online.
  14. I will discuss this with the rest of the development team.
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