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    I am really passionate about gaming but also love playing basketball and drawing.

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  1. Hermani

    The McDermott Family

    Glad to have you back xD
  2. Also guys keep in mind that installing anything that isnt an update from rockstar themselves onto the main GTA folder will very likely result in a GTA Online ban if you enter Online with the visual mods installed. Speaking with personal experience. But if you install it the way Fisher said you should be 100% safe.
  3. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-dlk-gtav-pause-menu-hd-map-mods-w-street-names/36666 https://www.ausgamer.net/files/file/30-make-visuals-great-again/ There you go mate
  4. Mvga and modified street names w/ postal numbers are also highly recommended!
  5. Hermani


    I dont know what they are going to do this time around but last time people could call em when their cars broke down amd the mechanics would come and fix em. They could also buy mod shops and mod vehicles, additionaly they could do repo jobs for npcs. But again it might be completely revorked as far as im aware.
  6. Hermani

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    Very late but still, thank you for helping me when i first became a member of supoort, your help helped me join the fivem staff team quite a lot. good bye.
  7. Time Submitted: 09:08:12 PM | 09/06/18 Submitted By: Hermani (2960) Full Character Name: Herman Holte Date of Birth 05/15/99 Age 19 Character RP Story: I was born in Blaine county, where i grew up on a big farm with loads of animals. I used to go out hunting with my father and grew a love for guns that way. My early teens was highly impacted by my love for guns as i would spend hours upon hours out on the range just shooting. All this shooting payed off and i became a really good shot, i competed in countless competitions and won time after time. I was Always a pretty smart kid, comming out best in the class in school averaging A on most tests. Much because of my love for guns i dreamt about becomming a Navy Seal, to make this dream a reality i trained really hard and got in great shape physically. when i turned 19 i enlisted in the army and served in the navy for a year, after that i got the option to apply to become a navy seal, i applied and passed the application process. after hard months of training i was awarded my beret, it was the proudest moment of my life. I went on countless missions in afghanistan etc. After 15 years of service i decided to quit with respect tio my wife who had to go through a tonne of fear for my life allways living in uncertainty. I spent a few months living home with my kid and wife but now i need a job, and i tought that Police would be a fitting job for one with my expertise. Why do you want to join LSPD?: Because with previous experience i know it would be fun and i generally love the police. I love interacting with people and of course catching bad guys. I also think the police would fit my playstyle very well ( actually i know :)) Why should we choose you over other candidates?: Because of my previous skills from the navy i believe i would be a great asset, I do have a lot of experience in regards to leadership aswell and so i imagine i could become a great addition to the police, im a quick learner and will quickly catch up on the basics. I also have a lot of experience in regards to training and with the start of a newr server i think this could be usefull.
  8. Hermani


    Goodbye Ninj, one of the first people i met in the FiveM police. Cya.
  9. Hermani


    A bit late but anyways goodbye Dex, u were a really good admin the time that u played on the FiveM server. Good luck.
  10. Hermani

    10 million giveaway

    Money is money 😛
  11. Hermani

    What is happening?

    Yeah, slightly misleading having it in the fivem section then 😛
  12. Hermani

    What is happening?

    I would assume this is regarding Altis as FiveM usually never goes down unless its a restart triggered by Fisher.
  13. Hermani

    More police placeables??

    Are you sure you are talking about FiveM?
  14. Hermani

    More police placeables??

    I belive your exampl is lacking as a tree would never fall down and i dont see us police going around placing editable signs or how this would benefit the server as we already have the neccesary equipment available like barriers and traffic cones. I believe the effort that would have to be put into this would be better used elsewhere.