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  1. | Luke |

    LSPD Police Application - martin09 (04/23/18)

    what the fuck
  2. Time Submitted: 09:25:36 PM | 04/20/18 Submitted By: | Luke | (2955) Full Character Name: Luke Jackson Date of Birth 10/12/1999 Age 18 Character RP Story: Because I want to rid the city from criminals and bring good to the community. I've been on the other side of the law along time doing bad things and good things but mostly bad things and i've decided on a change of heart. I've been in the city for a long time now and know the law of the land quite well, actually quite a few times i've lectured a police officer on the law and how they got it wrong, well the reason for the change of lifestyle is because its really not healthy for me. When I see crime in the city I wish I could be the one to put these criminals behind bars, this is why I would love to join a new community and a new life and to achieve a role of an officer would be amazing. Being on the other side of the law is no good that's why I moved and here originally to start fresh in this new city of Los Santos but it went south and i landed in a bad place of selling drugs to keep on my feet, but now i think that I can change my ways and be a better person overall. So I would appreciate being accepted to the force and to stop crime in Los Santos once and for all! Why do you want to join LSPD?: I am a very skilled driver as i have shown to my colleagues in the criminal underworld multiple times by getting them out of sticky situations. My gun skill is very good from the precision accuracy and lightening fast reflexes i've acquired over the years. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: I think everyone should have a fair chance to become a police officer as it is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country and a well respected one at that, but i think my vast knowledge of the law and how the city works and the criminal underworld works that i would have a better chance of being recruited over someone else.
  3. | Luke |

    EMS Application - Z511 (04/14/18)

    Accepted, talk to an admin next time you're in game to be whitelisted as a paramedic.
  4. | Luke |

    EMS Application - Dex (04/12/18)

    Accepted, ask to be whitelisted as a paramedic next time you’re in game
  5. | Luke |

    EMS Application - Aaron Troy (04/04/18)

    Accepted my dude. Ask an admin to put you on as a medic when you're next in game.
  6. | Luke |

    Z511's EMS Application

    Denied. Not enough information.
  7. | Luke |

    EMS Application - Bert (04/03/18)

    Accepted my dude
  8. | Luke |

    EMS Application - Willy (03/31/18)

    Might want to retype the application as a reply to your application
  9. | Luke |

    EMS Application - joshdavislol (03/28/18)

    Accepted mate. Enjoy.
  10. | Luke |

    EMS Application - jackdavis70 (03/26/18)

    Accepted: you made it better, which is fair enough.
  11. | Luke |

    EMS Application - jackdavis70 (03/26/18)

    Denied. You're not even trying.
  12. | Luke |

    EMS Application - TwitchingHammock (03/25/18)

    Accepted, ask an admin to put you as paramedic next time you're in game.
  13. | Luke |

    Player Report - | Luke | - 03/21/18 - FiveM

    The screenshot hes sent was one of the many times he sent messages saying the same thing, moaning about how it could have gone better, even after we said it could have been done differently.
  14. | Luke |

    Player Report - | Luke | - 03/21/18 - FiveM

    Also Ethan you're only showing the parts where i retaliated after you had been pissing a good number of people off in game, there's a reason i was being mean towards you and that was because you have been annoying people across the map. Also why are you even reporting me for saying something about a week ago? And you could have just got a picture of me just saying cunt for any reason, you haven't showed any proof that i was talking to you or being aggressive towards anyone, well you could say that i was being aggressive towards someone but you should also know that some people just call each other cunts for the sake of it. And Ethan you have been saying " This can be involving like 'No one likes you' (As stated in evidence) " this isn't shown in any of the evidence, if you're trying referring to this link https://gyazo.com/0b45356a6e20abdab19dfa45219b8f9e then that doesn't say no one likes you. You make a report but fail to show that you clearly have been giving shit to people and arguing but you dont show it in the screenshots,
  15. | Luke |

    Player Report - | Luke | - 03/21/18 - FiveM

    Yes i was saying those things, i was only saying those things because we had a situation that went well and was fun for everyone but he keeps going on about how it could be better even though we agreed it could have been different. I think you can see where im coming from when i say its annoying to constantly see someone writing paragraphs about the same thing over and over again even though the situation had been over and done with for a long time.

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