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  1. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ACCEPTED Please join SFG open room
  2. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ACCEPTED Please join SFG open room
  3. KLW

    Roy Lester

    Just like to say thank you for some of the cases you have had to deal with, we have sat through some shitty ones, ill let you fly the jet one day 😘@Roy Lester
  4. KLW


    One of the better support Members, always ensures that im happy with the outcome of the support case ❤️ @Greasy
  5. just to add to case, can't add more crates in house as it says they is max amount already, possible they are just invisible not disappeared
  6. Time Submitted: 06:06:34 PM | 10/28/18 Submitted By: KLW (2954) In-Game Name: KLW Steam / Player ID: 76561198072819186 Date of Event: 10/28/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/bc59ce7a8c1e5ddb9537d09ec20793ca Details of Event: This was only taken a week ago because was gonna sell sniper, other crates where full to the brim with guns and item slots where full of moonshine and around 20 antiques, lost around 70m worth of gun and clothing not sure if there is log to back this up but i only care about the snipers and the scopes are they are most of the last 6 months of my playing time and spent so much time farming for them.... Compensation Amount: honestly not even sure feel like this is down to management and how well they can look into this Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. Not going to argue and not even going to reply to your false accusations, admins can deal with it
  8. i brought up you did this month ago because why keep messaging me stupid stuff, irreverent then refusing to speak to me when i try resolve it, even though this is just a message you sent me ip logger, toxic shit, refused to roleplay with me, kind of pointless in my eyes,
  9. i have never even spoke to you before any of this happened via ingame or teamspeak, cyber came in told you the rule then left, i tried to resolve it and you refused and muted up, adamant you did nothing wrong even after been told, both support and admin can back me up, alos tried to do it before greasy came and you refuse to speak to me, im not but hurt but rules are there to be followed
  10. Time Submitted: 11:14:20 PM | 10/27/18 Submitted By: KLW (2954) Your In-Game Name: KLW Who are you reporting?: Anonypocs (rob) Time/Date of event: 11:30 28/10/18 Rule's Broken: 1.5 Personal Attacks, using ingame messaging system without any prior roleplay Explain what happened: Anonypocs, messaged me via ingame messaging system without prior roleplay, or ever speaking to each other ingame, FYI Second time hes done this, continues to be toxic before support came, i think this is linked to me getting him CB, Possibly why he keeps messaging me. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Willing to provide, has my facebook in the video prefer to send privately, Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: cyber freak, Greasy
  11. KLW

    The Faceless | Recruitment Open

    Good Luck