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  1. Item Name: GM6 Lynx Screenshot: Lynx screenshot Minimum Bid 30 Million Minimum Increment: 500k End Date: 20th April 8pm GMT
  2. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Accepted Please join our teamspeak channels
  3. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    you can if you give your head a wobble and stop breaking rules or do i need to farther you?
  4. anyone intrested in a lynx?

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    2. KLW


      @Lewis Jones i bought it for 30 mill

    3. Sammy Briscoe

      Sammy Briscoe

      @KLWNo you dident u got it for free from Joe when he left

    4. KLW


      @Sammy Briscoe i have two you donkey, i would never sell joes

  5. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Declined Re-apply in 7 days - feel free to pm me for more info on why we declined you...
  6. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  7. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts - Origins Story Special forces stranded on Altis… North of friendly position and within Rebel territory. This is where the Sofia Freedom Ghosts found themselves with a challenge that would change them and shape the future of not only the team but Altis also. After the platoon was ambushed by large groups of rebels leaving only a handful of specialist soldiers fighting for not just life but for honor and for fellow comrades, the realisation of abandonment and darkness ahead set in. The Sofia Freedom Ghosts fought throughout the days that turned to weeks and the weeks that turned to months soon seeing that even with all of the military that backed them up previously, promises of safety and care, all lost, they only had each other and the skill sets they each had mastered. Blood, Mud, Fatigue and Mental strain pushed hard down on this squad, months went by of fighting rebels; suffering losses and losing every strand of hope of survival. Face to face with a large compound home to Political Generals within the rebel ranks, surrounded by a vast amount of enemies and fortifications the main challenge had started. 24 hours of planning and preparation. The task was simple; kill the Generals that had put you through months of hell and hijack the freighter to safety and hopefully live to see a better tomorrow! Not so simple but with little choice the attack began... Death, Pain and Suffering these are the elements of life and war that molded the Sofia Freedom Ghosts, through tactical decisions and skillful execution of judgement the task was complete! Many rebels dead and the Generals headless will never give another order. The Sofia Freedom Ghosts found themselves shipwrecked within an island known as Altis. Unlike normal controlled civilisation this island is considered dangerous, gang infested and in possession of corrupted lands. For the Sofia Freedom Ghosts this was an opportunity, a fresh start if you will. Having each other they worked together to create their own group that would be different from most other gangs on the island, focused on propaganda through the media of the island, they will make their presence known! Once abandoned and forgotten in this new place they will be seen and remembered. This is not a point of revenge, vengeance or malicious intent. Trouble seems to always find the Sofia Freedom Ghosts so the next time it does they will be supported by their own band of brothers. The group is known as Sofia Freedom Ghosts and they have found their place in Altis, learn to respect, fear and honor what they find dear and you will have little problems within their presence. Disrespect, be unloyal and aim to destroy this…. Well let me remind you of what went down in 20 years ago. ***- Our Codes That Are To Be Upheld -*** - Be Honourable - Be Respectful - Be Fearful Sofia Freedom Ghosts will be enforcing these codes, this is done by having trained members. Now the Sofia Freedom Ghosts have established a group, a new band of Brothers we will continue to recruit and improve both new members to the ranks and current members. Within Altis we will aim to protect those that are in need of protection, but if our codes are broken your Wealth, Stature or even Political Positions will not exclude you from punishment. This applies to members of the Group, although Brothers you may be; breaking of the codes will result in punishment on a deeper level as we must 'Practice what we preach'. We will show mercy but that said a price needs to be paid, depending on the severity a price will be set that will give a choice for the people involved to be released with their lives. Alliance: SFG are capable of taking care of them self. If people want to have peace, we take £5,000,000 a week for a peace agreement. HandBook *HandBook* - Discord - Discord is handed out after completion of interview. Roster *Roster* Application for SFG In order to apply for SFG you will have to fill out a quick application form, if your application is accepted we will then proceed to roleplay with you in game and do an interview on Teamspeak3. Application Template ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application For SFG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Only points we ask for are the following; - Must be Mature, No bitching in sidechat or on TS. You deal with issues the right way through the higher ups of the group. This is not needed in Phoenix as standard but it is needed if you are a member of SFG, This is how we work! - RP is a must. If you are looking to fight 24/7 this may not be the group for you. We are handy with a gun and will ultimately fight, but RP is first and foremost the priority. - you must have at least $1M in the bank and Rebel license to apply. - We would prefer a minimum age of 16, but you would be considered if a little younger. - Be Active - English speaking -------------------------------------------------------------------- APPLICATION TEMPLATE How to join? Speak to one of us and fill following requirements: Arma Experience (500+ Hours) - Sustainable Bank - Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Know Rules - Know Arma Physics - Previous Gangs - What makes you SFG material - Age: Time you arrived on the island - Stats Page Link - Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - Referrals - Any previous Bans? If so what? -  Please note: Make sure you ASK the people to vouch for you BEFORE putting them down as a vouch in application. Capture Zones: SFG is the rightfull owner OF Pefkas Bay on the Island. Any gang, police or person trying to take this from us will face a death penalty. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post your application in the reply section - If you have any other questions about our group please do not hesitate to ask me on Teamspeak - TS.phoenixrp.co.uk.
  8. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ACCEPTED Please join SFG open room
  9. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ACCEPTED Please join SFG open room
  10. KLW

    Roy Lester

    Just like to say thank you for some of the cases you have had to deal with, we have sat through some shitty ones, ill let you fly the jet one day 😘@Roy Lester
  11. KLW


    One of the better support Members, always ensures that im happy with the outcome of the support case ❤️ @Greasy
  12. just to add to case, can't add more crates in house as it says they is max amount already, possible they are just invisible not disappeared