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  1. buying a lrr

  2. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ON HOLD!
  3. buying huron 20 mill

  4. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Arma Experience (500+ Hours) - Sustainable Bank - Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Know Rules - Know Arma Physics - Previous Gangs - What makes you SFG material - Age: Time you arrived on the island - Stats Page Link - Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - Referrals - Any previous Bans? If so what? -
  5. KLW


    Haha we even have a little appa uniform for dexter
  6. KLW


    Betting* Computer is good im just old school and play 4:3 - Counter strike source ruined any game for me, i play on loads of different setting, when i get bored of the game looking like shit i change it or put my vibrant changer on, also money went into my house and mortgage ill have FPS anyday over the game looking good
  7. Could everyone give @Michael a warm welcome to the APPA force so glad he realised who the real Police are!!
  8. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ACCEPTED Please join SFG open room Please be patient as no RTO is online Sammy or ainsley will speak to you once they come on Few issues with your application that we will need to discuss with you to get the correct information.
  9. KLW

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    Black hoodie with phoenix logo on back, shiet id where that stuff
  10. KLW

    Roaching 101

    i seen a cockroach run up the stairs that's about it
  11. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Blacklisted ACCEPTED Please join SFG open room
  12. KLW

    Seeya Phoenix

    Ill miss you mate, shame it went this way but im glad you remember your roots, good luck with future endeavours 😘
  13. Do Havoc still get these silencers i never see them anymore20181014215221_1.thumb.jpg.357986e6f60e67028768d5f47338d75d.jpg

  14. KLW

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    ACCEPTED Please join SFG open room