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  1. KLW

    sniper Scopes

    I want them in just as much as anyone, i fought for us to get DMS back i still think they should be around its cruital for combat and does take alot of skill to cheese them from a heli, i still stand as DMS should be ingame no matter how we put them via crafting of buying them
  2. KLW

    sniper Scopes

    can feel me raging already from getting slapped from 500 meters in the sky
  3. Item Name: GM6 Lynx Screenshot: Lynx screenshot Minimum Bid 15 Million Minimum Increment: 500k End Date: 05/05/2019 8pm GMT Looking to sell tonight or tomorrow
  4. KLW

    Beret [Gendarmerie]

    we have like 15 in gang warehouse no need for them
  5. KLW


    +1 big plus great idea
  6. when people go to complain in support room 1 about server disconnects and hackers and conner merlin shuts them down

    1. Rasta Jetski

      Rasta Jetski

      in the video there was clearly no initiation

  7. seems wrong to do it now as people have spent 100+ hours grinding to get it and most people have donated 250 quid for prestiges
  8. 40 mill in houses ready to sell at drug dealer once 50% up a good weeks work
  9. Really appreciate it mate, good things are coming ❤️
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