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  1. Chedderbob

    The farming simulator 19 hype is real guys!

    You're all just too scared to use your wheels for racing ;)
  2. Chedderbob

    Ban Appeal - Joey Seagul - 11/02/18 - GTA FiveM

    Will sort you out when I am home if no one else has. @Labrador are you around today ?
  3. Chedderbob

    I miss you old FiveM

    Well this turned a bit sour didn't it... My opinion is that there was end game on the last server, it took me and friend a week of grinding constantly to get the most expensive hypercar. Once we had that and formed a large group we then bought a business. Creating jobs and lots of RP. There ended up being rivalry between another mechanics yard that opened. We also had apartments on the last server, granted a little buggy but we had them none the less. My point is that new players and existing players saw what you could obtain from the very beginning. The businesses can also wash dirty money....if you make all drugs and robbery money "dirty" that means they would have to wash it with a business owner thus making people need to make relationships within the server. There was rarely any spawn killing on the last server it happened a handful of times. There was an issue with people not following the NLR but nothing was ever not dealt with. I also agree that if I want to give my friend every penny I've got to buy themselves something I should be able to do so. I know the xp block has been removed from cars now which i think is a good step forward. Many times we would get a bit bored and change characters using the vehicle shop as inspiration becoming a mod gang for example. There was also Cryant with his sons of odin gang.... People want to be able to do every mod they can to their car and love showing them off because at the end of the day its all we really can spend our money on and use for status. Considering how easy it is to smash your car up there should be a mechanic at least. I know that changes are planned with regards to the mechanics modding system and im sure there are many other changes that are going to be implemented, just giving my thoughts. WE ARE THE MODS WE ARE THE MODS
  4. Chedderbob

    The problem with the FiveM server in my opinion.

    I would be willing to sacrifice for a player base....Not sure about Lab though. Maybe we should have a meeting with the regulars compile a list of things we like things we dont and then offer it up to Fisher or maybe he would join us.
  5. Chedderbob

    The problem with the FiveM server in my opinion.

    I have to agree too lads.... I quite like grinding out games but this is just too much. You get more xp from the pizza job you can do from level 0 than from the taxi job. Same with the fabric job its less xp than the butcher job. The majority of us spent 3-4 months grinding on the last server for it all to wiped and us be back at square one. I also think that letting whitelisted members of the community have a second character than can commit crime is needed. There is nothing for on duty police to do other than pulling people over because the majority of the regulars are either police or ems who cant commit crimes with other characters. It also really limits us to what we can do with regards to rp. After all this game is just glorified cops and robbers.
  6. Chedderbob

    Fivem Experience

    I have to hit F10 to start the job dude.
  7. Chedderbob

    Leveling system

    I have also been grinding my ass off when not on duty as a cop and I have to say that with a little bit of luck pizza delivery is the best xp per min. Taxi comes close but the duration between some calls is what lets that job down. Saying that, you don't have to return each time and you don't have to change player skin. progression has seemed pretty steady until around level 21 when I really started to notice any "issue" gaining xp. The driving xp is a great buff and if it could be implemented like a wage regardless of driving or not along with the wages or the same style of payment. Could be a "Social XP" rather than driving as i'm sure most of the RP takes place while not driving.
  8. Chedderbob

    Fivem Experience

    It wouldn't be so bad if there was more of a selection of jobs to do per xp band.
  9. Chedderbob


    The kids takes untold shit from us when hes the only cop on he always RPs and is never salty. Fair play to guy !
  10. Cheddy's Customs Working from the bottom selling drugs on the streets of Los Santos Ched dreamed of bigger and better. After years of a gambling habbit ruining his finances he turned to the local strip club. Needless to say they turned him away. He was so desperate and lonely one day he jumped over his back yard fence into his neighbours garden and stole her washing from the line. His intention was to dress up as a woman, put a mask on and head back to the strip club to try his luck again. This time it worked, he tricked the owner into thinking he was a woman. The boss of the club heard of "her" dreams to become a mechanic and got "her" a flatbed truck. Ched worked and worked but always dressed as his alter ego as to not get caught by former boss. After seeking further investment Ched purchased Benny's origanl customs for $15m. Leader Ched Customs management Blizz Smokey Princess Recovery runners Aaron troy Pennywise To apply you must speak with Ched directly in game.
  11. Chedderbob

    Player Report - Ched - 02/28/18 - FiveM

    There also should be a support member because you got admin to res you 2 right ?
  12. Chedderbob

    Player Report - Ched - 02/28/18 - FiveM

    You didnt value your life enough clearly.
  13. Chedderbob

    Compensation Request - Ched Chedderson - 02/19/18

    Thanks guys jumping on now
  14. Chedderbob

    Compensation Request - Ched Chedderson - 02/19/18

    Am I to assume its a no ?
  15. Chedderbob

    Compensation Request - Ched Chedderson - 02/19/18

    Sorry to be a pain but any update ?