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  1. bye police

    Leavs again.... ehh
  2. Hello!

    Welcome to the community mate
  3. Tazing being initiation

    Because the moment we initiate on someone with our tazers out, they have their guns out (most of the time). This means the moment we tell them to put their hands up, we all have tasers out, then they can just point the gun at us and spray us down as we only have a taser pistol pointed at them. This means that every time we are telling someone to get their hands up, we can just get sprayed down. I do not really see the problem with this either, as you can just say ''if you try to tase me, me and my friends will open fire''
  4. bye police

    Me? excuse me
  5. bye police

    For christ sake, someone close this post please.
  6. bye police

    For fuck sake Khalid, decide would you?
  7. Lifetime donator

  8. Lifetime donator

    If you donate 100, do you only have the sparkly name on the forums for just a month or is it forever?
  9. bye police

    Aaaaaand look who came back...
  10. Water

    Water isn't wet. Wetness is a description of our experience of water; what happens to us when we come into contact with water in such a way that it impinges on our state of being. We, or our possessions, 'get wet'. A less impinging sense experience of water is that it is cold or warm, while visual experience tells us that it is green or blue or muddy or fast-flowing. We learn by experience that a sensation of wetness is associated with water: 'there must be a leak/I must have sat in something.'.... So no water is not wet
  11. Healing Incapasitated people in hospital

    Could just have it as you can take the back to hospital and revive them, only when there is no medics online.
  12. Server Event - Triathlon

    Better start training
  13. Healing Incapasitated people in hospital

    I got told to plus one, so +1
  14. bye police

    My norwegian boy Khalid <3 why do you leave me like this
  15. Police Checkpoints.

    -1 It is not going to be used, we already have placeables which means we can place a check point where we want, when we want and when its needed.

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