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  1. Shacky^

    RIP HAVOC Forever

    Wasnt a meme anymore when you left
  2. Shacky^

    Andy Frag Montage #4

    Nice frags my guy ❤️
  3. Shacky^

    RIP HAVOC Forever

    ahaha, Marios my g, will always be the biggest meme off DGN ❤️
  4. Shacky^

    RIP HAVOC Forever

    Sure my guy most people dont use hacks xx
  5. Shacky^

    RIP HAVOC Forever

    There is no cry, only people that want a fun gunfight and not fight against people sitting over 1km out with a gun which can one tap anyone in the body. You can give a hobo a Cyrus and make him pop everyone, there is no skill involved...
  6. Shacky^

    APC application

    patience is key (:
  7. Shacky^

    RIP HAVOC Forever

    Still gonna keep sniping arent you? xD Atleast you cant one-hit people or wallbang DMT.
  8. Shacky^

    RIP HAVOC Forever

    How is he gonna kill someone now
  9. Shacky^


    Trojan horse 😂
  10. Again...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shacky^


      There we go again, another crash

    3. Khalid


      no one really cares thb

    4. Shacky^
  11. Shacky^

    Change in runs?!?

    I would have done some runs by now, but since you get fuck all from doing a normally good moonshine run I really havent been bothered
  12. Shacky^

    Remove move ban on off-duty cops performing crimes

    You better start living on the edge boi, if you want to play rebel and cops.
  13. Shacky^

    APC chooses jail time.

    No, just no. This will be a useless feature ingame taking up unnecessary space in the mission file.
  14. Shacky^

    Willy | Frags 7

    Nice tage Willy ❤️
  15. Shacky^

    Frag Montage

    Wow, this is sick