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  1. Vince Johnson

    Just a small giveaway

    if i win i will give you a brand new quad bike
  2. Vince Johnson

    Player Report - Vince Johnson AP2925 - 05/04/18 - Altis Life

    Vince Johnson coming in hot, I did not see you put your hands up because you were still in the animation, I tazed you out of a reflex because your mate counter initiated on me with a lethal firearm I am sorry for this incident and did not see it. I take full responsibility for my actions. But you did not try to solve it with my because I was AFK at the time. And could not attend to the support case
  3. Vince Johnson

    PhoenixRP Stream Team

    Vince Johnson : APC, APPA
  4. Vince Johnson

    Limited edition red headset - worn by TeddyBear

  5. Vince Johnson

    Time to say goodbye!

    Goodbye man it was a fun time
  6. Vince Johnson

    Just stepped off the boat.

    Welcome Max I hope you are going to have fun here!
  7. Vince Johnson

    Ally system

  8. Vince Johnson

    Leaving hostage rules

    -1 if you take a cop hostage and you are going to do something like bank or something you have 1 unit disabled because they have to walk back
  9. Vince Johnson

    Ally system

    Topic closed
  10. Vince Johnson

    Ally system

    Now I am a civillian again I was thinking about making some allies and what not but I have a little problem because there is no real ally system I believe, so if I take a cartel with one of my allies only one of us can take the cartel. I had an idea that if you capture a cartel with your ally the rewards get split and you can also see your allies with blue on the map.
  11. Vince Johnson

    Turtle poaching

    fishes smell
  12. Vince Johnson


    good driving skill
  13. Vince Johnson

    Make the kavala greenzone smaller.

    Also makes spawning kavala pd as cop more effective +1
  14. Vince Johnson

    Gang slots duping

    Also had this problem had to get the gang wiped. +1
  15. Vince Johnson

    AJA | Recruiting

    IGN : Vince Johnson AGE: 14 STEAMID: 76561198165841916 FACTION: POLICE, AMS CAREER PATH: REP