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  1. Vince Johnson

    Time to say goodbye!

    Goodbye man it was a fun time
  2. Vince Johnson

    Just stepped off the boat.

    Welcome Max I hope you are going to have fun here!
  3. Vince Johnson

    Ally system

  4. Vince Johnson

    Leaving hostage rules

    -1 if you take a cop hostage and you are going to do something like bank or something you have 1 unit disabled because they have to walk back
  5. Vince Johnson

    Ally system

    Topic closed
  6. Vince Johnson

    Ally system

    Now I am a civillian again I was thinking about making some allies and what not but I have a little problem because there is no real ally system I believe, so if I take a cartel with one of my allies only one of us can take the cartel. I had an idea that if you capture a cartel with your ally the rewards get split and you can also see your allies with blue on the map.
  7. Vince Johnson

    Turtle poaching

    fishes smell
  8. Vince Johnson


    good driving skill
  9. Vince Johnson

    Make the kavala greenzone smaller.

    Also makes spawning kavala pd as cop more effective +1
  10. Vince Johnson

    Gang slots duping

    Also had this problem had to get the gang wiped. +1
  11. Vince Johnson

    AJA | Recruiting

    IGN : Vince Johnson AGE: 14 STEAMID: 76561198165841916 FACTION: POLICE, AMS CAREER PATH: REP
  12. Vince Johnson

    PC R. Dutch

    @Dutchie is a really good officer, he tries to prevent combat to happen and can talk with civillians really well. He has a really precise shot seen in a Hostage situation with him, he saved 2 lives on the distance of more than 200 metres.
  13. Time Submitted: 08:33:19 PM | 02/21/18 Submitted By: Vince Johnson (2925) In-Game Name: [DW] Vince Johnson Steam / Player ID: 76561198165841916 Date of Event: 02/21/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFOXZP_ReU8&feature=youtu.be Details of Event: I was doing a Uranium run with my friend and when we arrived at the Havoc Checkpoint the server went laggy and we could not finish our run in time before the server crashed Compensation Amount: 1 full Hemt of Uranium (150 barrels) - About 1.3 Million Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  14. Vince Johnson

    TITAN | recruitment page [CLOSED]

    What is your in-game name? Vince Johnson Your steam64ID? 76561198165841916 How old are you? 14 In what country do you live? The Netherlands How many hours do you have on Arma 3 and on PhoenixRP? (Screenshot) 75 hours in phoenixrp and 570 hours in arma 3 https://imgur.com/a/WNVcj What are your previous gangs/factions? Supreme What are your strengths? (5+ strengths) I am good at short range combat, I always follow orders, I like to play with anyone and like to make new friends, I am really motivated to join Titan and to do anything in the Gang, I love roleplaying and barely ever FailRP What are your weaknesses? (2+ weaknesses) I really cannot shoot on long range and hit targets on long range, My english is not the best in the world but I think it will be okay to play with Have you been banned before? If yes then why? No I have not been banned before. Why would you like to join TITAN? (100+ words) I would like to join Titan because the gang I am in right now does not support eachoter screams in voice communication channels and does not listen to their members and what their ideas of the gang are, I think Titan is also a really good gang because they do not rob the poor and like to help out other people of the land of Altis and that is a really good aspect of the gang because I am also a Medic and when I am doing that job I also really like helping out people because that is the job of a medic. I think it would also be fun to capture the cartels and because my current gang is really shit and that is why I always die. What can you bring to TITAN? (75+ words) I can bring a fun time and a lot of roleplay scenarios I would also really like to help Titan out to help rob the people that rob other people that litterally have nothing and just landed in the land of Altis. I can also bring decent pvp to the gang and much dicipline I will follow every order of high rank that they give me but I think the best thing to bring is a fun time because you have to have fun in what you are doing and not going online like I have to be active otherwise I will be kicked because otherwise you could better not be in the gang if you dont like the gang you are in at the moment Define roleplay in your own words. (50+ words) Roleplay is being a other person at the time roleplaying and not giving any signs of you being you in real life you have to give your character ingame favorites, vehicles, gangs, jobs etc. and you have to act like you are the person you are roleplaying at that moment. Tell us something about yourself. I am a young man from the Netherlands called Vince and I love playing video games and playing them with random people and my friends I also like my hobby Tennis alot. Thanks for reading my application! Kind Regards, Vince

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