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  1. Simmo Sparrow


    to be moved to general discussion plz @Ace Boyden
  2. Furthermore, you shot first which is proven in your own video.
  3. I said "Aight mate" when i was getting my gun out and I said "Put your Fu**ing hands up or you're gonna get shot" when i had my gun out.
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    2. Simmo Sparrow

      Simmo Sparrow

      Can you fix bot plz @Kevin

    3. Kevin


      Its not broken anymore?

    4. Simmo Sparrow

      Simmo Sparrow

      <20:31:09> You were kicked from the server by "PhoenixRP Bot" (Proxy/VPN/Hidden IP Detected - Contact [email protected] if this is an error)


      Still getting kicked

  4. Simmo Sparrow


  5. Erm, Sure. Dont know where you get that from.
  6. what "Sir i am behind you place your hands up or i will shoot you" ??
  7. You diddnt but Ok, you were initiated and died at that situation. Not out or fault that your mate cannot aim. Or spray control.
  8. Mate you went on a mad one there, I may have said to do it but nobody did, thats apart from bladeforged. I was using keychain as i was recording and had to get your names and i didn not use this to effect roleplay at all. I was valuing my life as there were no 3 of you. I killed bladeforged as he was in the heli and decamped with a gun. I did not DPI Jump, pretty hard on 800 DPI. You was not able to provide a video of bladeforged messaging you and you would not comp or try to resolve. At the end of the day it did not have to come to this but id did. 😕
  9. Time Submitted: 07:51:33 AM | 03/17/19 Submitted By: Simmo Sparrow (2909) Your In-Game Name: UD | Cottney Who are you reporting?: BSB | Snow & BSB | Charly. Time/Date of event: 05:40 Rule's Broken: 5.1 NLR Explain what happened: me and lesan were in HAVOC lands and we were just gonna do a few Ecstasy runs. We see a huron pull up and land and power down, he also had a Hemmit atached with ropes. We go over and talk with them for a min or so and realise, oh, that is a huron and we will be able to chop that for a lot. We initiated on them while behing them both and they run and one trades with my friend who had a rook and i kill the other one. We Lockpick the Huron and take it to the chopshop, with wonders these men came back as they were "following the heli" as somebody told them that it was there, this person then later disconnected to lobby and somehow did not disconnect but was right there at the end in the helicopter with these other two who had come back under NLR. We tried to resolve in support but they said "no we have no money and Bladeforged had blown it up." , We were in support for nearly 2 hours and all that came out of it after they had been told that it was NLR from what they had seen, was that they said they had no money and it was blown up and not their fault. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Me Killing them at the start - https://youtu.be/JqRt7zlG8Rs them coming back & Bladeforge Softlogging near the end - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71WoW_PMOuA&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Tru3Wade & Ace at end - 13991
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    Simmo | Phoenix #3

    Or Ban? yh
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    come TS