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  1. Rhys Gee

    Matt Black is boarding the 3:30 pm flight.

    @Matt Black Sad to see you go matt, but if you think your escaping some Zeus you're kidding yourself. And don't worry i will
  2. "Valid Player Initiation - Saying “You will be shot” or “I will kill you” or threatening to knock someone out with the use of a firearm is valid initiation. If an officer states they will shoot you or rubber bullet you then this is valid player initiation. Invalid Player Initiation - Any form of player initiation without holding a weapon that can actually endanger the life of the victim. Any form of player initiation that is not through Direct Chat (Voice). Any form of player initiation that is not within the hearing range of the victim. Any form of player initiation on a vehicle that is moving at a reasonable speed. If an officer states you will be shot with a taser, or you are shot with a taser." - @FoxHound
  3. Rhys Gee

    Leaving everything

    OMFG @Ace Boyden I can't believe you're leaving ma dude that just doesn't seem right. You've kinda always been part of what I love about the community, and boi if you don't at least contact me for some CS: GO from time to time I will get very angreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It's a shame to see you leave, you're one of a dying breed of good, kind-hearted positive people left here and it won't be the same without you. The fact that your giving all this up for your school work, considering you used to play CS with me adamant that you weren't going is.. frankly groundbreaking. I'd say I'm gonna miss ya, but I'm not gonna need to, because as I said. CS: GO or else grrrr. It's odd that we met through Phoenix and never really played it together much, just spoke on ts and got frags on cs: go and your mission creations. You have always and will always be a legend on PhoenixRP, Ace Pharmaceuticals for life. I can't handle this man 😢 Love you always papa Boyden -Your CS: GO Prodigy P.S. I'm still shit at it.
  4. Rhys Gee

    £10,000,000 GIVEAWAY! (Altis Life)

    @Kazz Watch what to the end?
  5. Rhys Gee

    £10,000,000 GIVEAWAY! (Altis Life)

    Youtube one doesn't work.
  6. Rhys Gee

    Anti APPA Association | Applications OPEN!

    I sense bullshit
  7. Rhys Gee


    No because imma be still talking to you a bunch you tater
  8. Rhys Gee


    GOODBYE! Yup, This is me, The shittiest former cop, the dodgy medic, the awkward commander/general whatever the fuck. I'm stepping away from PhoenixRP for a while, not sure how long, maybe forever, I've made lots of good friends and this server not only welcomed me to Altis life, not even to Arma, but to PC Gaming, PhoenixRP was the first server I played on the first game I played on my actually capable PC, and it was amazing, I loved it to bits and for week I was so attached I began to worry about myself. That was when I was a cop, which I think I still miss. I don't know how to do these things, but I guess I'll start by explaining what will happen to my gang the 'fake police'. Here, it will be lead by Lewis Stearman, formerly the LtGen in the gang (second in command). He'll be taking over leadership here and establishing the gang and command structure as he sees fit, I, however, will lead the gang on another game in another form. APPA won't die just because I'm leaving the server. I expect... mixed reactions on that 😉 . I think it's now time to give thanks to all the fucking amazing people I met while I was here. I'm pissed RN cuz i wrote loads and loads a shit for the last 40 minutes and that's all that saved ^ because of this my mentions are short af Fucks sake, love you all, bye! Wallace - Cop Bae @Nathanw - Cop and Not Cop Bae @Dutchie- Taught ya how to cop bae @Yin Kingston - Scotlanddddddd Bae @Ace [R.H] - CS:GO/ Golf With Friends bae @Jetan Holo - Almost my child bae @Ninj- Don't ban me bae @Roy Ling - Shit at frags bae @Lamarcus Smith- BREACH BREACH! ALTIS POLICE HANDS ON YOUR HEAD! bae @Matt Black - X-FAKE POLICE BAE @Nick - Stream me ban me bae @Peter Hansen - Building a gang from the ground up with me bae charl - Taze the bae shaun - Squeak Bae @Khalid - Barely talked to the knife of altis bae There's more but its 7:40 am and i slept like 2 hours in four days so wait for the edit xoxo
  9. Rhys Gee

    Gun Jamming is a thing.

    So confused... GG to cheetah
  10. Rhys Gee

    PhoenixRP | Phoenix's problems (or not)

  11. Rhys Gee

    Been a good time

    Damn Yozza, Be awesome having you around and you've been an awesome part of the server ma dude, hopefully I'll catch you on ts at some point soon, till then, gbye!
  12. Rhys Gee

    Repetative VDM = Initation

    My suggestion is simple, I think repetitive VDM (When obviously trolling) even in GZ should be considered initiation - we can incapacitate them, but not execute so that admins can find and deal with them easily. Perhaps it should even be anyone in the general area is initiated.
  13. Rhys Gee

    Broken wrists operation

    An honoured Phoenix RP hero.
  14. Rhys Gee

    Gang house

    Gang bases are already a thing @Ben Johnson and since most groups on Phoenix are either rebels or the opposite, a gang base would make a lot more sense for the majority. On the other hand, it would make sense for a small gang to choose to invest in a small house as a Base Of Operations instead of a having nothing then suddenly a military grade base. hmm.
  15. Rhys Gee

    APPA | Recruiting

    APPA is currently securing a rebrand, it's gonna be great!