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  1. An additional associated case ID: 17915 accused would like to try to resolve the dispute properly in support. Complicated case, contact me for any clarifications.
  2. +1 I think Project Lead and Community Rep/Manager are important positions that keep the community feeling heard and keeps the progress.
  3. This is dumb. Fuck it. you're still management like it or not
  4. @Theodore You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I also don't like that your going... you hecking fricker
  5. Bakob snoyden GMT ADVANCED Like 3.5k PRETTY ACTIVE
  6. @Brooklyn He has a point, please don't be like that - I'd just like full and legitimate evidence you possess the item people have abused this system before.
  7. @Brooklyn Please show your full screen, preferably with the Phoenix UI visible
  8. @Brooklyn Please provide an actual screenshot of it in game please
  9. Who is PhoenixRP? But for real, @Scarso, Lewis, @SKY, @Zyn well done lads you are doing a fantastic job!
  10. @Johnny Price Doesn't deserve a recommendation mate, it should be an expectation - but thank you
  11. Awww thank u I enjoy the quality RP I get from you and your SO1 when I come and see you - why do you think I keep coming back for more?
  12. @Ninj I withdraw my statement.
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