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  1. Ace? This isn't allowed. Don't go This is certainly a joke. This is a joke right? You better be joking.. If you leave I will... um heck you up you little punk. You hear me? 😢 Don't go 😢
  2. A very very good point.. havnt played with dmts in so long i forgot about towerlag
  3. This idea genuinely sounds quite interesting. but I'm not sure +0.5 😕
  4. I mean sunday was fine. We didn't really have any issue- and by the way the governor is nothing to do with the police other than the fact that it is our duty to protect any civilians at risk of harm. @Nikolai Savski
  5. Never Forget the Agios Revolution ❤️
  6. Aww @Zyn @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Don't know the other ppls tags.
  7. Right. This has gone top far. Roy buddy? Everything okay?
  8. I was the only person to my knowledge that bothered to pronounce your name Jelle (Like Yell) instead of Jelle (Like Jelly) No longer.. No longer.
  9. I'm genuinely excited about this coming election. @Finchuk has served well in his two terms as governor and he will, when he leaves the position leave behind a legacy of true change. Paving the way for all future governors of Altis - including Ben Sewell. Ben for a long time has had many ideas, and supported by well thought individuals in his cabinet - he has a nearly unlimited potential and can and will do many great things as Governor. @Finchuk You've served well and will leave a legacy like none before you when you go, but perhaps it is time to pass the torch to the next Governor of Altis. @Ben Sewell. God Save The Queen. Long Live Altis.
  10. You have my vote (Obviously).
  11. So, with all the views on my last arma 3 updates video, I decided to throw together one for the new arma 3 update contact. This is intended to be a lightning overview quickly going over bits and pieces... i'll be putting together a more in depth video about the update soon to try to provide more information on the DLC. Please feel free to leave feedback, I'm still trying to find my style and how to edit and everything...
  12. You're not wrong, not like anyone's been asking for this... working on less autokicks would be nice or perhaps more DLC instead of sponsored mods that may as well just be paid workshop content.
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