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  1. Updated 10/11/2019 All previous notes are now available if the minutes still exist
  2. Altis Police Constabulary | Blacklist Appeal Blacklist Appeal All blacklist appeals must be done through the above form, otherwise, you will not be unblacklisted. Gold Command deal with Blacklist appeals and we do not have a set time for a response. If your Blacklist Appeal is accepted you'll likely be informed via the forums, discord or TeamSpeak depending on circumstances. If your appeal is declined, you likely will not be informed of this, it's best to just keep appealing every now and then if you are passionate about re-joining the Constabulary. Note: We as Gold Command are offering plenty of second chances at the moment, so now is the best time to appeal your blacklist!
  3. ____________________________________________________________________________ Altis Police Constabulary | News & Announcement Post #19 10/11/2019 ____________________________________________________________________________ Gday, Since our last announcement, the APC has progressed and changed in a few ways. Firstly, The training and interview system now has a far more streamlined and enjoyable procedure for candidates and trainees. Secondly, Deputy Commissioner @John O'Connor posted his notice of resignation two weeks ago and will be departing from the rank of Deputy Commissioner in the APC this evening, but will it be the end of his time in the APC? We shall see.. Third, We are fleshing out our plans for the next way of life of the undercover cop - more on that soon. Fourth, There has been a gruesome murder in the hills east of Kavala, a Press Release will be hosted soon to inform the public of the events that unfolded that lead to a TPU unit making that discovery.
  4. Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook ** Removed: Assistant Commissioner rank Updated: Gold Command statements ** Handbook Revision 2.0 - Handbook (Still 2.0 due to this being a tiny update)
  5. ____________________________________________________________________________ Altis Police Constabulary | News & Announcement Post #18 18/10/2019 ____________________________________________________________________________ Hello, Since our last announcement, a lot has happened.. Again. Deputy Commissioner Cheeki Breeki and Assistant Commissioner @Sanjib Punjabi completed their notice period and now serve in our reserve constabulary. In addition, Commissioner @Jesse Johnson resigned from his long time position as Commissioner. He served as Commissioner for over a year and had tirelessly bettered and reshaped the APC in his time as faction lead. Jesse’s time has Commissioner will not be easily forgotten. Jesse now serves in our reserve constabulary. Following these resignations, Deputy Commissioner @Jakob Boyden was promoted to the rank of Commissioner. Assistant Commissioner @John O'Connor and Assistant Commissioner @Mike Brooks were promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Specialised Units and Deputy Commissioner of Stations and Policing respectively. The rank of Assistant Commissioner has now been removed as a rank of the APC. A minor update of the Handbook has seen the removal of the rank of Assistant Commissioner rank and an update to the Gold Command Officer statements. Thanks for Reading, Many Regards, Gold Command.
  6. Notmycommish ❤️

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      smh my head rn @Ninj

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      Ur shaking your head your head now?

  7. I knew this post was going up, and yet I can't bare to read it in full.
  8. Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook ** Added: -Radiation Suit and Face/Eyewear rules under the ‘Uniform’ section. -New weapons and vehicles that have joined the APC Armoury since the launch of V2 -New Spec Units Changed (Recently): -Updated Station and Spec command names -Reworded lots of the Handbook -Added (Or Re-Added) links to the contents section of the handbook -Updated Whisper Guide (In connection with the Handbook under the Whisper section) -Updated Command statements -Changed DC Role Description ** Handbook Revision 2.0 - Handbook
  9. ____________________________________________________________________________ Altis Police Constabulary | News & Announcement Post #17 06/10/2019 ____________________________________________________________________________ Hello There! It’s been a while since one of these have been written, my apologies for that. Since the last post, The APC has seen many changes - But unfortunately I can only do my best to connect the dots. The last few months has seen the following Gold Command Resignations: Assistant Commissioner Of Specialised Units - @R Finch You worked hard and were passionate about your creations and the things you lead, you will be and have been missed. Thank you for your service. Deputy Commissioner Of Specialised Units - @James Johnson You overhauled Specialised Units almost entirely, setting the precedent for they’ve become today, You will be and have been missed. Thank you for your service. Assistant Commissioner of Stations and Policing - @Max You worked hard your entire way through the APC, rebuilding and refining some of the most core but also most outdated systems we used and making them fantastic. You will and have been missed. Thank you for your service. In other news, MI5 Rebranded, becoming CID - focusing more on targeting organised crime and adjusting its structure to allow for better progression. Recent months also saw the following Gold Command Promotions: @John O'Connor became Assistant Commissioner of Specialised Units @Jakob Boyden became Deputy Commissioner of Specialised Units @Mike Brooks became Assistant Commissioner of Stations and Policing @Sanjib Punjabi became Assistant Commissioner of Intelligence Phoenix V2 Brought two new Specialised Units to the Police, TPU - which focuses on narcotics, organised crime and first response and CTU - Which focuses on terrorism and maximum and swift last resort response. This of course meant the disbanding of TST as it evolved into the new units. We also recently made some slight adjustments to the structure of Gold Command, meaning that DC’s Cheeki Breeki and Jakob Boyden became more generalised in their role rather than focusing on a specific branch of the APC. This week has also seen the resignation of a Gold Command member and the notice of resignation from another, Assistant Commissioner of Intelligence @Sanjib Punjabi, who worked tirelessly to overhaul the APC resigned at our meeting yesterday and Deputy Commissioner Cheeki Breeki (who is our second longest serving officer after the Commissioner) posted his notice of resignation and we will sadly see him depart from the APC in the coming days. Both will be missed and have made their mark in their respective fields that the APC will be forever better with. Today also saw the release of a Handbook Update dubbed ‘V2.0’ in reference to PhoenixV2. It details the new specialised units and sees a number of other adjustments to the APC. Changed to the handbook will be detailed on the Handbook Revisions section of the APC Public Information forum. Updates: Handbook 2.0 If you have any improvements which you want to suggest to the APC command, please contact any member of police command or fill out this suggestion form: Here. Thanks for reading. Many Regards, Gold Command. Oh yeah, we changed back to Gold Command.
  10. The border is very strong already, i don't think it needs any more advantages.
  11. An additional associated case ID: 17915 accused would like to try to resolve the dispute properly in support. Complicated case, contact me for any clarifications.
  12. +1 I think Project Lead and Community Rep/Manager are important positions that keep the community feeling heard and keeps the progress.
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