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  1. Jakob Boyden

    Conner says yes to HAVOC vs. APC war

    What would happen if Conner Merlin approved a war between HAVOC and the Altis Police? This. Not intended to offend, any problems let me know. Just for a laugh - there is another version with subtitles to help tell the story but they got lost in transit somehow 😕 Sorry for any editing mistakes I'm bad when it comes to this stuff but I tried. Will post if I get the chance. Enjoy! If you like it, leave a comment and let me know - I'll get to work on part 2 if people enjoy this.
  2. Time Submitted: 02:31:49 PM | 01/15/19 Submitted By: Jakob Boyden (2904) In-Game Name: Jakob Boyden / Shadow Steam / Player ID: 76561198279405701 Date of Event: 01/13/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198872991093 His stats page Details of Event: So, few days ago there was a glitch on the server than allowed anyone to remove money from the gang funds. A new member of my gang used the fact that the glitch existed to withdraw around £20million from the gang funds, then left the gang. Well, Atleast we suspect him of doing so, since he got quite a bit richer when our gang funds got poorer. The date is an approximation, since it's taken some time to decide what to do about the issue and where to go. Any investigation would be massively appreciated, the loss of this money has caused distress throughout the gang as it's a bit of a trophy for us. For Clarification i am refering to the APPA gang funds which untill recently stood at over £40million. The individual now uses the name SF Jenson Compensation Amount: £20million approx Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  3. Jakob Boyden

    Groups - Add and Remove Ranks

    Yeah.. Oh, i just realised you meant because it's been requested not when it's requested.... 😕 Lock n move ? xD
  4. Jakob Boyden

    Groups - Add and Remove Ranks

    So, we need to request this to get it added apparently. Please Add the ability to Order, Add and Remove ranks of groups Idk x
  5. Jakob Boyden

    Add a hotkey for putting your weapons in your car.

    Ya but we both know that doesn't always happen.. 5 second at u get gatted, not necessarily because they wanna kill ya, sometimes out of fear your up to somethin, i just think it'd solve problems.. but if you think it's uneccessary fair enough 😉
  6. Jakob Boyden

    Gang Perks

    This idea would have potential and give something more to spend gang funds on, and increase teamwork as you'd have to work together to earn them (I'd hope) +1!
  7. Jakob Boyden


    +1 has lots of potential, and I've seen lots of furniture in arma that's never used, might take some of the emptiness from the world that we have to suffer from in arma.. I suggested this a while ago but just got the mission file and lag complaints as a response, glad to see someone really looking into our suggestions, thanks @Scarso !
  8. Jakob Boyden


    I think that taseing has been an issue for a long time but for good reason. Counter initiation is the way, tasers are there to encourage RP between the cops and the criminals they deal with, it is however overused, and I will be asking that people use their tasers less. But taser initation should never be full initation.
  9. Jakob Boyden

    Location Of Message

    +1 - A little late.. lol
  10. An issue for a long time has been the whole "Get out of the car without a weapon or be shot" initiation happening and then people struggling to find the time to put all their guns in the car before they get a bullet in the side of their skull. Perhaps it would be a good idea to add a hotkey which throws all your guns into the car straight away. This would solve quite a few problems and hopefully take one more excuse from dem frag hungry fiends 😉 Just a little idea, let me know what you think
  11. I've been looking into some scripts out there and I've seen one or two that allow the player to move while their hands are up, maybe - for the purposes of more RP and more smooth, realistic and cool RP at that the Shift+B Script should be adjusted to allow players to walk, in addition, I think it could be make a little smoother, perhaps with the player actually putting their hands up instead of on their head. I know this could be complicated but would be worth it for the authenticity. I just think it'd be cool to have that heart racing element of "Walk towards me with your hands up!". It'd also force that extra level of thought with initiation, because initiation would often need that clarification of "Don't move" and such... If it is possible as I've come to believe (I could be wrong) I think this would be a cool feature. One thing I will say is that freezing while restrained should definitely stay the same.. for obvious reasons. Let me know what you think thanks!
  12. Jakob Boyden

    Gang Garage

    very +1
  13. Jakob Boyden

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    Would deffo buy a slik Phoenix rp hoodie with logo on! in addition if that Dexter hoodie is priced at less than a million £'s it's underpriced.
  14. Jakob Boyden

    Open Doors on ghost hawk

    +1 Would result in some cool moments and nice views.
  15. Jakob Boyden

    Player Report - Jakob Boyden - 12/04/18 - Altis Life

    Uh, I didn't RDM anyone, I never even fired a shot, in fact, my only involvement is as you can hear, a negotiation attempt and trying to avoid a fight by keeping control of the ready to go officers. following the negotiation failure you can hear my voice quieten as I head down the DMT. My name never pops up as you'll see in the logs on the bottom left (for this review the following link and watch the log box: In Addition, I'm not so sure it's as spiteful as you make out, it most likely just a lot of confusion. There was a guaranteed mutual expectation, established through words and weaponry, of a violent outcome which is while not enough to be considered initiation, could be the explanation for the RDM in the first place. The threat, Nerves, Ect. -INS Jakob Boyden @Kiran @Daniel Woodland