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  1. @Inka☑️ Who let you back here. 😐 😡
  2. @Gill I have - and as stated by others it's been used before but works really well, not too buggy, detailed, extensive. I think it'd totally be a possibiility, but it still wouldn't work as an out at sea major because their just two ladder based accesses other than by heli so 😐 it's ded
  3. @Timing I think it's like initation reasons - so it's easier to figure out who is and isn't whatever they are, think it comes from the days when gang's had to wear somewhat similar clothes to be recognisabley together.
  4. @Ted When placed the carrier's top and interior is a little buggy but fine when preset - but the only interior if i remember right is at the same level at the runway - which is a little ded and defeats the point really.
  5. @Salty☑️ Isn't that good? Better than a not upwards one wheel bike that's fallen over. Also, it's called a unicycle biggun
  6. Communist! The go to, as I've explained I've discussed no communist ideologies.
  7. @Liam Johnson Not particularly looking to chat bollocks about stuff most people don't care about.. or imaginary duties. Caring about people isnt a Communist. Afterall, 'Benefits', Social Services and the very existance of the emergency services are about us looking after those around us to one extent or another. I offer something genuine, human ... and researched, Incomparable when considering the title of the ANP is a paradox in it's self - as Altis isn't a nation of it's own.
  8. Hello There. For a while now, Altis has lacked livelyhood, entertainment, development. Services have fallen to a subpar standard and the people of Altis are bored, too rich or too poor and frustrated. Allow me to help - I'm running for Governor, not only with the intent of listening to the citizens of Altis and helping to ensure taxation and such are appropriate, but also to ensure that the people of Altis are entertained. You may have noticed that I've not used any gimics and tried to make this post unneccassarily bright and colourful or full of pictures. No, instead I've come with only realism and honesty. I want to help Altis rebuild to it's former glory - help re-establish the police force and NHS to a point where everyone can see that they do still exist.. not just occassionaly but often and to where everyone including themselves are entertained.. not bored. I will work with representatives from groups across Altis as i already have been doing to ensure people are heard and represented across all appropriate channels, no longer will the people of Altis feel ignored (this isn't a comment on whether they are or arn't). I will arrange exciting occurances to bring tourism and excitment to the streets of Altis. Events both individual and events which are part of larger tournaments so that citizen always have something to look forward to here, on Altis and not elsewhere. I will apply experience, understanding, mediation and cooperation to all of my duties should I become Governor. If you want to see Altis alive and breathing again - give me this chance and i swear to you, you will always be not only heard but truely listened too. Help me bring back the Altis we all knew and loved Vote for Sean Boyden. P.S. If You've seen my work, please feel free to comment - good or bad, people deserve to have a full understanding of a person should they choose to vote for them.
  9. not contact as yet, been on TS for the last 48 hours
  10. Thanks @TeddyBear Still happy to discuss it - on TS as [INS] Jakob Boyden most the evening and in game for a while now too if you decide to resolve it @jerone
  11. @jerone Hi There! As mentioned in my report, my input simply didn't work - it wasn't edited it's just that my mic has been reset since i set up my recording software so it doesn't have the input device. You didn't intiate at any point, so you had no reason to fire on me and broke the rule. I've not threatened to report anyone else in my report, however there are other related reports which is what i was talking about. Regardless of if there was taser initation (there may well of been, but i can't recall) this isn't relevant. I was able to communicate - there was nothing to stop me doing so when i sent the message so I'm not sure what you mean.
  12. @Skinnyboi I don't appreciate the name calling - I'm only irritated because you broke two rules, made money off of it and made no attempt the resolve the issue. You were killed sure, but unless you went to support and got permission to return, NLR applies - which i would guess is why you were asked to leave the area. Being asked to leave the area doesn't allow you to knowingly break the blue zone rule then proceed to crush the helicopter you took. I amended your name in the report. Your heli had been crushed due to it's use in attempted murder, in a situation where you had died in - just so that you are aware.
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