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  1. Proxy Smoxy

    mk1 loadout time you want to spend

    go to kavala and everytime you see someone tell him GIVE ME MONEY NOW OR I WILL KISS YA , they will give you money like that. "well if you are new to the server and don't have orca then you don't need mk1 which is more expensive than hummingbird"
  2. Proxy Smoxy

    mk1 loadout time you want to spend

    Well.. you can get mk1 Loadout by spending 7 minutes only, get orca and then make one xtc run and you get 700k , that is enough to get mk1 Loadout.
  3. Proxy Smoxy

    Withdraw <Amount>, Deposit all

    +1 "deposit all" would be good idea
  4. Proxy Smoxy

    Bringinf Matty P into the management team

    +1 hes nice guy and he always help when he can but sometimes bullying me.... xD
  5. Proxy Smoxy


    1.2 RDM - Random Deathmatch is not permitted. RDM is shooting and/or killing another player without the prior engagement of Roleplay. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your demands and consider their actions before you engage in a gunfight. Because Management said Initiation is not Roleplay
  6. Proxy Smoxy


    Well. RDM rule is the same but you just need to rp before initiating For Example: I went to someone hey nice vest Can I have it? "thank you. I can't really give it to you" But I want it? "I'm sorry" well then I will have to ask you to put your hands up or I'm going to shot you. ------------ Just make an Roleplay scenario where it ends up you Initiating on the person. However I don't like the new change because there is some situations where you have initiate first like someone is selling drugs or someone is running away with car you will have to follow him until he crash and maybe he won't roleplay with you
  7. Proxy Smoxy

    Leaving everything

    I love ya too ❤️ I hope you come back soon.
  8. Proxy Smoxy

    A possessed medic

    I think hes zombie just shot him .
  9. Proxy Smoxy

    Goodbye - Leaving Factions

    It's sad to see you leave the Medics .But I''m sure you will be back soon to the medics and I have learned a lot of stuff from you. and you have helped me every time I needed help. you are my besty ❤️
  10. Proxy Smoxy

    Proxy Smoxy

  11. Proxy Smoxy

    Proxy Smoxy

    Thank you. I'm trying my best ❤️
  12. Proxy Smoxy

    Cyber Freak

    +1 He is really a nice guy
  13. Happy Birthday ma boi ❤️

    1. JinX



  14. Proxy Smoxy


    Haha When you feel like you fked up xD