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  1. It is hard for me to write this as I love this place a lot it has been a part of my day for almost 3 years now but I think it is the time for me to go now and it is due to some issues I had lately, I would like to thank all of you for the nice time and the fun time I had with ya all and obv I will be on from time to time ❤️ @MaxIf I kept thanking you till the next 20 years it wouldn't be enough for all the fun and the help you gave me @D7o0oM We had a lot of good moments together here even you are the one told me about Phoenix thank ya so much ❤️ @Harry I would never forget your magic words **** dead xD ❤️ @Vel I want you to remember always that I'm the one that fail your NHS interview 3 - 4 times xD (Sorry can't stop bullying you, love ya) @Roy Can't forget those days in the APC @SpawnTheDeath Don't tell roy your secrets because then it won't be a secret anymore and stay funny ❤️ @TeddyBear Stay funny and supportive, someday you will be a great staff lead! @Mike Brooks My CSI and godfather I would never forget ya and hope everything gets better with ya ❤️ @Ricardo now you won't be able to stalk me anymore @Ace Boyden don't ever get drunk again @R Finch my fellow CMO ❤️ @Peter. you stinks xD ❤️ @Daniel Lincon you were a great SI, don't listen to the haters @Proffessor I think you deserve something better than CSI @JasperChan the best roleplayer we ever had @Cyber Freak Can't forget those days we used to snipe support cases xD ❤️ @Fulton I will still bully you from time to time xD ❤️ @Nizwald best streamer someday you will be famous tho and I'm pretty sure you are a great staff lead ❤️ @Jesse Johnson you were the best Commissioner that APC ever had @Hector fk you I'm not a terrorist @Tyler.B one of the stinkest CMOs we ever had xD JK, thank you for all the fun and all that you have done to help NHS @Montgomery Piftiffin 2nd you are a great CMO Keep up the good job and hopefully, soon you will be alright too from that corona shit. ❤️ @Alexander & @Zinner you guys taught me a lot of things thank you for everything @Alfie King I met ya lately, but I had fun killing ya xD ❤️ (Jk Luv ya) @JeminaRiot Stay Tough! 😛 (Obviously you are not tough but I thought I'd be nice for once ) @Staff team Thank you all guys for all the fun and the nice time we all had together! There are other people that we all should thank, to be honest. @Conner [email protected]@[email protected] Sorry If I forget any of ya, remind me if I did ! Love ya all, PROXY IS OUT!
  2. If you felt that the admin that was dealing with the case is biased or abusive , you could have sent staff feedback about it, instead of disrespecting him also looking at your ingame chat I think that ban is completely justified I can even see that you were calling the accused twat. when you realise what you did was wrong, you may appeal your ban again. Ban Appeal Declined.
  3. Sadly without evidence in a case like this, nope. Compensation Request Declined.
  4. @Loaf Your video doesn't work, can you provide your evidence?
  5. Lying isn't going to help you, when you are ready, to be honest, and admit what you did and when you take things seriously, you may appeal your ban again. Ban Appeal Declined.
  6. I think it was a server lag, therefore, I will be compensating you, however. Keep in mind I will compensate you as you were going to sell the gold bars straight away as you had unmarked gold bars. so that is two steps, first one is getting the gold bars, the second one going to the trader. So that is going to be 16.2mil divided by 2 = 8.1 Mil Compensation Request Accepted.
  7. Proxy Smoxy

    Ban Appeal - salty - 05/03/20 - TeamSpeak

    Should be fixed now. Ban Appeal Accepted.
  8. After reviewing a few things I have decided to unban you, however, make sure to record all the time. If at any time a staff member asked you to provide a video because he is suspecting you of hacking, and you haven't, the ban will be reissued. Ban Appeal Accepted.
  9. Sorry for inconvenience, the money will be added back to your account next restart. Compensation Request Accepted.
  10. First of all appeal your forum ban and then we can talk about your TeamSpeak ban. Ban Appeal Declined.
  11. Proxy Smoxy

    Ban Appeal - reidy - 05/02/20 - TeamSpeak

    I will give you another chance, however if you do anything like this again then do not expect another chance. Ban Appeal Accepted.
  12. I see that both of your loadouts worth 1.1Mil that is the amount I will be compensating you for. Compensation Request Accepted.
  13. Compensation Request Accepted.
  14. Compensation Request Accepted.
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