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  1. Proxy Smoxy

    Ban Appeal - I cant remember - 11/13/18 - Altis Life

    I don't think you have ever played on our server, it doesn't say you are banned or even played here before.
  2. Proxy Smoxy

    Ban Appeal - * yeah same x - 11/07/18 - Altis Life

    I can see that you have been banned 2 times before for breaking the same rule.... and you just broke it again and everytime you say sorry on your ban appeal and you still break the same rule again after 1 month? I think you need more time to think about it and to make sure nothing like this happens again. You can re-appeal in 48Hours Declined.
  3. Proxy Smoxy

    Compensation Request - [MDC] Sisso - 11/07/18 (Altis Life)

    That is a client-side issue we don't give comp if it was a client-side issue, you can see the kick reason at the end of the video and it only happened to you so it is clearly a client-side issue. Declined.
  4. I can't comp you without evidence. Declined.
  5. Proxy Smoxy

    Ban Appeal - =A= Ligma Balls - 11/05/18 - Altis Life

    I can see that you have been warned about it before and you still broke it a few days after and on your last appeal you said you will change but you never changed and you still got ban again after few days from your last ban. I think you need more time to think about it and to read the server rules and understand them. You can re-appeal in 48 hours. Declined.
  6. Reply to this otherwise, it will timeout after 24Hour.
  7. Proxy Smoxy

    Compensation Request - Jack Black - 11/04/18 (Altis Life)

    Staff team doesn't have access to the death log, however, I still need video evidence that shows you dying by the hacker and shows your gear. but since you don't have one Unfortunately there is nothing I can do. Declined.
  8. Can you provide evidence that shows you dying by the hacker?
  9. Proxy Smoxy

    Compensation Request - *C R Z D - 11/03/18 (Altis Life)

    Unfortunately, It is arma bug so I can't really comp you for it. Declined.
  10. Happy Birthday ❤️

  11. Proxy Smoxy

    Player Report - gummzi - 11/03/18 - Altis Life

    why didn't you try to resolve this in support first? and you never disputed him. try to resolve it on support first don't go straight away to the forums. Declined.
  12. Proxy Smoxy

    Player Report - .k.crypticlegend - 10/31/18 - Altis Life

    since the 24 hours have passed without any response from the accused I will act on this now. so after reviewing the evidence, it is clearly a breach of green zone rules and I have read the support case and spoke with the support member who dealt with it he told me that the accused didn't really care about it and said that he has done nothing wrong and since the accused didn't get any ban before I will be giving him 7 days ban so he can read the rules this time before he starts playing again. 1 Week ban Issued to .k.crypticlegend Actioned.
  13. Proxy Smoxy

    Compensation Request - Roy Lester - 11/01/18 (Altis Life)

    Since I have spoken with other staff members that were in the game and they confirmed that was a mass kick, not a client-side problem I will be accepting this. 1x hacking device = 300k20x lockpick = 30k2x boltcuters = 15k1 havoc Entry Visa = 25ktotal = 370k Compensation Request Accepted.
  14. Proxy Smoxy

    Player Report - .k.crypticlegend - 10/31/18 - Altis Life

    I will give the accused 24 hours to respond.