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  1. Hello @HooD After looking into your ban I see what you're talking about but in the same time I see why you got the ban because we simply can't confirm your story however I will be nice and "THIS TIME" especially after looking into your history that is your first time getting accused of something like that but keep in mind it is your responsiblity so next time try to message one of the staff team from your phone or anything. and remember we won't always be lenient like that. therefore I will lower your ban From [DSC] 3 Days to [DSC] 1 Day And since you have been banned for 1 day and 4 hours, you will be unbanned now. Ban Appeal Accepted.
  2. After looking into the evidence multiple times about this situation I don't think there are any rule breaks so "Detox" couldn't confirm that he is in danger or not because he didn't have night vision so he changed the seat and jumped out without any attempt to comply with the initiator's demand because he couldn't confirm so I'm not going to blame him for that but the driver can confirm his life is in danger after his friend got shot but he didn't comply and decided to run back towards the vehicle and hide but nick's reaction and fast enough and shot him, let me also mention the roleplay doesn't have to be prior especially in this situation it seemed like the vehicle was about to leave. Therefore I'm also going to decline this Because Roleplay has to come from both sides in a situation like this where you don't comply he simply had no other choice but to shot you because you didn't comply Especially that I noticed he took both of the guys in that Guilin to support for NVL he properly expected one of them to comply so he could rp with them? or maybe do hostage sit? Player Report Declined.
  3. So after looking into the evidence and reading the support cases regarding this situation I don't think there was any rule broken from both parties so looking into "Detox"'s video he couldn't confirm if it was a troll or someone with an actual gun I'm also not going to say it is rdm because simply it is not your fault he didn't have Night vision about the driver he had cover he also jumped out with a gun and you still gave him enough chance to comply and he did put his hands up as well but you asked him to walk towards you However, he did and then decided to run and hide behind the vehicle again which is completely fine since you shot his friend and he doesn't have any reason to trust you won't do the same to him and you shot his head while he was behind that vehicle which is also fine, Therefore I'm going to be declining this player report because in my opinion There is no rule breaks in it. Player Report Declined.
  4. After reading the support case and looking into the evidence I Don't think your evidence is even enough I can't see what happened after he initiated Also, I don't think you have attempted to resolve the situation the guy offered you compensation and tried his best to resolve it and according to the support case you just refused the compensation and took it to the forums therefore what is gonna happen is This will be declined without point revoked as the evidence isn't good enough. Player report Declined.
  5. After looking into the evidence and looking into the support case I can confirm that there was rule broken which is VDM not RDM therefore what is gonna happen is Driss Madson (76561198310413428) Will be recieving [DSC] 1 Day ban for VDM Player Report Actioned.
  6. Time Submitted: 09:24:42 PM | 10/12/19 Submitted By: Proxy Smoxy (2885) In-Game Name: Proxy Smoxy Steam / Player ID: 76561198091114099 Date of Event: 10/12/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Was seen by another staff member that was on duty at the time. Details of Event: Basically I went to cp I realized it is active gunfight area and as I was leaving I got shot and died and somehow I just bled to death straight away (Was seen by Charlie wong and he has footage of it) Compensation Amount: 723000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. According to the last time I checked I can see yes, anyway I asked for video not screenshot and since I wasn't provided with that I will decline this for lack of evidence. Compensation Request Declined.
  8. Hello @Lukec1008004, Can you provide video also make sure it shows your full screen including food & water bar.
  9. Proxy Smoxy


    Even if your fishing profession level is 500/500 it doesn't go any faster I don't know if it is meant to be like that or Just a bug.
  10. Proxy Smoxy

    Virtual Items

    you can't rob vitems anymore tried shift t tried pressing t on someone that is restrained I also looked into the action menu and there is no option to do it anymore
  11. Hello @Tyler Joelsky, I will put this on hold Until I see what is going to be the outcome of your report.
  12. The accused got 24 hours to respond before I review the evidence.
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