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We have upgraded to IPS 4.3, if you notice any issues please PM @Kevin or @Conner Merlin with details.

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  1. Proxy Smoxy

    Long Range Scopes

    I got DMS scope
  2. Proxy Smoxy

    Time to say goodbye!

    It was nice to patrol with ya . wish to see you again.
  3. Proxy Smoxy

    Alex King

    +1 really nice guy he always help if he could
  4. Proxy Smoxy

    Cops using their cop tag as civ

    And maybe you just saw undercover Police officer or maybe because we got alot of staff team on APC so they may be shown as civ while they are on duty Admin
  5. Proxy Smoxy

    Suggestion - Highways Agency

    +1 it would be very fun
  6. Proxy Smoxy

    Harvey Price is back

    I'm not trying to make enemy as i said my job is helping everyone and i'm so friendly with everyone so if an officer do something wrong he deserve to be taken to IPCC and in that case i will be supporting you but if you just take him there to waste his time then that is called "Revenge" so i'm not enemy with you I'm just answering you as you mention all cops so i wish you dont get Proxy Smoxyed and Welcome back again <3
  7. Proxy Smoxy

    Harvey Price is back

    Lol yeah that is what you do? hearing? but you got something on me? hmmmm No I also hear alot of staff that days but hearing is not enough for me I don't belive until i see by myself :P
  8. Proxy Smoxy

    Harvey Price is back

    I don't break rules lol my job is helping people? . and since i been in police for 2 months and week i was only on IPCC once :P but i also wish you don't break rules so i don't take you to support
  9. Proxy Smoxy

    Cops pay for 7.62

    as alex said and even if i played civ and started doing oil defending myself with 9mm weapon ? vs guy has full armor and 7.5 weapon?
  10. Proxy Smoxy

    A | Shacky

    I'm happy you didnt get raped +1 for shacky he is funny boi
  11. Proxy Smoxy

    Harvey Price is back

    Haha looks like it gonna be fun . Welcome back
  12. Proxy Smoxy

    Cops pay for 7.62

    It wouldn't be fair for the cops we get 50 to 70k paycheck and we cant do runs like civ does.
  13. Proxy Smoxy

    Max - A great guy

    +1 he is really nice guy he always help you when he can
  14. Proxy Smoxy


    +1 it would be very nice
  15. Proxy Smoxy

    Delta what was you doing!

    I don't care about all what happened right there i just got question what was that hovac guy doing right there?

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