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  1. Hello Mike, I have reviewed the reporter that was submitted against you and I have reviewed everything else that is related to this ban appeal I noticed that some steps were forgotten about However, that doesn't mean what you did was right? calling people the R-word and breaking roleplay also combat logged, so after stating what rules you have broken, it doesn't make feel It will be the right decision to unban you however I still like to give the people second chance, especially in this case I noticed that you got desync rammed and you might have got angry and said it at the heat of the moment, we are humans we make mistakes but we should learn from our mistakes otherwise we don't deserve a second chance, therefore I will change your GB to DSC Ban It will be 7 days ban and I noticed that you have been banned for 11 days already so you will be unbanned right now however there is one thing you need to do, apologise to the person that you offended and you will have to Pm screenshot of it also If I noticed you received any bans after this one and it is similar to this I might end up adding staff discretion ban on top of it on our platforms because in that case, you are not the type of players we are looking for, - @Kiran Ban Appeal Accepted.
  2. no one noticed it shush 😂
  3. I would like to thank each one of you guys, specially ( @Scarso & @Zyn & @L̷e̷w̷i̷s̷. & @SKY ) I have seen how much effort and work you guys are putting into the V2 and see how hard it is even you are not getting any money or anything out of it but you guys still putting a lot of effort into it, I'm making this post now so you know that there is a lot of people appreciate what you are doing for this community if not all of them.
  4. Hello @jonasmn26, Unfortunately, we do not accept compensation requests that are related to perks or ranks or perk points however we will still try to reset them for you @Zyn Compensation Request Declined.
  5. For the future this is your correct steamID: 76561198316537537 Compensation Request Accepted.
  6. Hello @niknes, Without video showing you selling the uranium and then shows you getting kicked there is not much that we can do about it. Compensation request Declined.
  7. 😂 @Max I didn't expect that I would have never invited him into medics in that case but I didn't know he will be something big..... Kidding ❤️ Vel is one of the people that I love so much in this community he is too innocent and That makes me laugh, it came to point where he gives 3.7Mil away to a random person for no reason xD <------ @vel But for real he deserves more then that very friendly and I believe he can make anyone smile with his weird laugh +1 ❤️
  8. Since 24 hours has passed without getting any response from the accused I will start taking an action. So after reviewing the evidence it is clear to me that the accused did VDM and I will take into considration that he is new player therefore DSC 2 Days Issued to Tjaz von Reddington Player report Actioned.
  9. Alright, so I have asked another staff member that was on the server at the time and confirmed that the server went down, therefore I will accept your compensation request. Compensation Request Accepted.
  10. the accused has 24 hours to respond while I review the evidence.
  11. Hello @Jack Knight, are you able to provide video just to make sure it wasn't client side?
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