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  1. check the impound lot you should find it, if you do or you do not just reply back to this compensation request, you have 24 hours to check.
  2. Hello @lalac Are you able to provide me with a screenshot of the vehicles you have on your garage?
  3. My bad. also I will comp you only for your truck about the meth I don't see any evidence of it also for the future this is your correct steamid 76561198145434962 Compensation Request Accepted.
  4. First of all, I just checked, you should find your vehicle on your garage also I need to see a video shows that you had that amount of meth on you Otherwise, there isn't much that I can really do.
  5. Well, so after reading all the comments and reading the support case and reviewing the evidence, I can tell that J1S did break rule however I can see that he did understand what he did was wrong and he gave the compensation to zyn also I noticed that you have a clean history in the server, therefore, I'm not going to be harsh and I will leave it only to a warning for rdm this since you have compensated the reporters, take it as lesson to you to learn from it that next time if you broke rule try your best to resolve it don't wait till it goes to report and decide to compensation them, because I believe If it was another staff member you would have got a harsher punishment and lastly make sure that you go read the rules before you start playing again because next time it happens we are not going to be lenient. Player Report Actioned.
  6. I have decided to accept your compensation request Keep in mind you will get your money on the 12AM Restart also the amount you will get is 1.5 Mil as there was much of risk that you might have got robbed or arrested and for the future this is your correct steamid 76561198148492519 Compensation Request Accepted.
  7. @Tuzz can you provide your correct SteamID ?
  8. Hello @Josh Valentine, are you able to provide any evidence shows how much meth you had on your vehicle?
  9. @Zyn & @Nick Coca is it resolved?
  10. The accused has 24 hours to respond.
  11. Hello @Nixon, If someone has vdm'ed you and you lost your things due to that then you would need to make player report againest them first and then you can make compensation request therefore I will have to decline this for now Compensation Request Declined.
  12. Since the reporter decided to drop the report I'm going to close however take that report as a verbal warning to all of the players involved in it, verbal abuse & bullying & toxicity Isn't something that we are going to be easy with, as it ruins everyone is fun and experience in the Community, and punishments from what I have seen could go up to Community bans. so simply enjoy yourself and let others enjoy themselves at the end of the day it is game and everyone is there to have fun. Player Report Declined.
  13. Hello @SCOUSE-MOUSE-UK, First of all, we require our players to try and solve the issue in support first before they take it to the forums, so dispute the accused and try to speak with him first in support.
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