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  1. I do agree, Currently HAVOC is being much better faction. CP is a place that you automatically go to this days for the amount of the roleplay that you'll get there. Big shout out to the whole faction from the lovely privates till the cutey general.❤️
  2. Nahhhh, He is such a stinker 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
  3. WTF!! Mate we all know you're inactive as fuck, What have changed now. Why would you do that :"(, If you don't show your a** in ts from time to time i'll ....................... Much love mate, Hope you the best of luck in your life <3.
  4. Okay first of all @British When a case have been resolved in support and you agreed with that and you didn't even ask for second opinion, Don't go around handing your video to multiple staff member till you get the opinion you wanted, And again i accepted this report and dealt with it because i saw tons of confusion on it from both sides. Anyway with that being said let's get down to business. At the beginning of the video you got initiated on by " I | TST btw " he gave you 3 secs and shot you immediately while your car wasn't moving and standing still, Which is not giving enough time to comply. Afterwards you spawned 1528 m away from your death place, And spawned at pyrgos HQ, And we all saw the havoc helicopter that was above you guys, And as the video got proven by Nick in support back then approves the helicopter was going to pygros HQ and as you confirmed yourself: therefore the fight continues on the blue zone because they had a reason to go to the blue zone they didn't go there to kill havoc in there for the sake of it, If the helicopter wasn't there and they did go to the blue zone that 1528 m away from the fight place just to kill people in there who wasn't involved it'll be RDM/Common sense, but because of the havoc helicopter that went in there and guided them to there, There is no issue with it. Warning point has been issued to TST btw for RDM(Not giving enough time). Accepted.
  5. Hello guys! I see this is going to far, @British Have the full right to take it to player report if he didn't agree with the opinion he took on the support case, Don't get me wrong he should have asked for admins opinion on the support case itself and not just go to player report like that, So next time please just ask for other opinion in support, And i kinda see why did this go to player report as it's not that clear and there is a lot of confusion on it. Anyway i'll be taking care of this report today, All what i want currently is having a word with the support member who dealt with this, And i'll be finishing this report afterwords. For the time being this report will be locked.
  6. You need to follow player report process/steps: 1- Dispute the accused side (*Home key* in game). 2- Go to support in TS (TS IP: ts.phoenixrp.co.uk) and let one of our support members make a case about it. 3- If the situation haven't been resolved in support, At this point you can make player report. Declined. No attempt to resolve was made.
  7. Hello @Mystic, Sorry for making you wait for like 10 hours as i can see. But look at it, I don't see it as your mistake/rule break or the other sides mistake/rule break, It's clearly server lag as it specifically yesterday the server was so laggy. So i would suggest to make a compensation request [Here]. Declined.
  8. You're not running for management right?

    1. Max


      I'm good mate ❤️

    2. Calum


      Thank fuck!!!

  9. You need to make support case first, Attempted to resolve should be made before making player report. Declined.
  10. Our problem in here that they didn't have gang tags on (By in game gang system), That's why it got turned to RDM case for nick, And Arsalan was pretty much baiting which is not acceptable, Therefore: 1 Day banned has been issued to nick for RDM. Warning point has been issued to Aralan for Roleplay Standard(Baiting). @Dmitriy Petranko Feel free to make compensation request [Here], Accepted.
  11. As much as i hated you on a lot of things and as much as i disagreed with a lot of things that you were doing, But i really really can't picture phoenixrp without you, You're a really really huge part of this community. And all what i have for you is a respect and appreciation for making phoenixrp better place. Thank you for everything, And i hope you best of luck on your life. And you better jump in TS and say hi from time to time or i'll ................ ;))
  12. Accused have 24 hours to respond to this. @Dmitriy Petranko They were both in the same gang at the time, But they didn't have gang tags, Which turn our case in here to RDM case, So 3 mins video are required can you get me that ?
  13. Compensated: £91,156 You'll receive your money after the next restart. Accepted.
  14. As far as i can see in the video i don't see any sign of active combat going on, For your friend to get shot, And about you, You were unarmed and you didn't had any sign that shows you wanted to fight, So i'll be judging this based on the video that have been proved to me in this player report. 5 Days banned has been issued to "a d a m j o h n s o n" for RDM. @Frizor/Sam Murray Feel free to post compensation request for yourself & Your friend can post one as well [Here]. Accepted.
  15. @Frizor/Sam Murray Can you get me 3 mins video. While you doing that, Accused have 24 hours to respond to this. @AlTeR
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