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  1. Max

    To-201 Shikra Jet

    76 mill
  2. Max

    To-201 Shikra Jet

    73 mill
  3. Max

    Snoop doggy dog

    Use this: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/7-appeal-a-ban/ Declined.
  4. Max

    Player Report - Sina - 04/06/20 - Altis Life

    @T. Malteser I'm not going to lie here, I can't really tell if it was his or your mistake by break checking, Or not even yours and not even his the server's, The other sides point of view is needed to confirm who's fault it was. Anyway i'll be declining this player report, But feel free to go to compensation request. Declined.
  5. Server rules comes first so saying i was following orders doesn't really help here, Factions rules is a secondary rules, But It's kinda understandable, And that is why we always say make sure you faction/gang mate initiated correctly before shooting, It's the risk that you're taking by believing that your mate validly initiated. 4 Days banned has been issued to Lullaby for RDM. 1 Day banned has been issued to Taurine for RDM. Accepted.
  6. Max

    Marshall Clothes

    This cloth can not be sold it's against our rules, If you have them you better get rid of them, Otherwise you'll be punished for breaking clothing rule. Auction closed.
  7. Max

    Player Report - WHW Lucifer - 04/04/20 - Altis Life

    Not enough evidence. Declined.
  8. Max

    Player Report - Daymo - 04/06/20 - Altis Life

    You need to go to support first in the TeamSpeak, TS IP: ts.phoenixrp.co.uk Join it and our support members will help you our, We have a procedures that needs to be followed before making player report. Declined.
  9. Max

    Player Report - marti - 04/06/20 - Altis Life

    There was no attempted to resolve the case. Declined.
  10. Accused has 24 hours to respond to this and defend himself @Lullaby Also @TomWaes has 24 hours to respond to this and defend himself
  11. Max

    Player Report - Sina - 04/06/20 - Altis Life

    As i can't find any forum account for the accused, Accused have 24 hours to respond to this.
  12. Max

    Player Report - WHW Lucifer - 04/04/20 - Altis Life

    @Majazuri Can you confirm ? 12 hours to respond otherwise this player report will be declined.
  13. Max

    Player Report - WHW Lucifer - 04/04/20 - Altis Life

    Hello @Majazuri I going to need to see what happened after these initiations, You have gave me so far before and when you are getting initiated on, I can not see what happened after you got initiated on, So please upload at least 1 min after every single initiation above. And about this: Unfortunately you going to have to open another player report about that.
  14. Hello guys. I'll be dealing with this player report today, First of all thank you ryan for making this player report and taking the effort. Just to make things clear over here we are judging this player report as reporter and accused, Peter being one of our staff members is something else that we'll be taking care of as staff leads after finishing this player report. First of all accused showed up in front of athira PD and said that he have one of your officers as hostage and asked do you want to negotiate about it ?, And then he got asked who it was?, then he asked his friends and they told him who it was which was "TeddyB" as he said, Then Chang asked him what do you want for him, At this point the negotiations started and chang and the accused did the negotiate for around 31 seconds, And then the reporter jumped in and said we need prove of life which is fair enough, But then the reporter said till i see him there is no negotiations that was mid negotiations so it doesn't really help, And then didn't call the negotiations off but decided to taser initiate on the accused, Which is against the negotiator rules on two parts the first one not negotiating as faction member to the best of his ability, And taser initiate mid negotiations and not call it off. The next part where the accused said "If you tase me they'll shoot you", First of all not the best initiation saying they'll shoot you (Who? and where? and are they armed?), So if he said "you'll be shoot" or "lethal force will be used by HAVOC" etc.., Will be better, And the big problem is trying to initiate while not holding any firearm which make it clearly invalid initiation, And about the blue zone the accused wasn't inside of the zone and it was invalid initiation so it doesn't really matter. And then what happened in the support case that the accused tried the best of his ability to solve this, By apologizing and offered you a 2 mill compensation not for your gear but as an apology to you and to your fellow officers as he said (Which he would have lost reputation point for in the support case if it was resolved), But you refused to take the compensation because of the fact that compensation doesn't make up with what happened and decided to take it to player report which is fair enough. And adding to that what happened after this RDM from HAVOC etc.., Is something else can be taken to other player report, After following the procedures of making player report for sure. Okay after what have been said above, We decided to not ban anyone on this player report but warn both of you guys of the rules above. Warning point has been issued to Ryan for negotiator. Warning point has been issued to peter for invalid initiation. Accepted.
  15. Max

    Compensation Request - rhysh - 04/05/20 (Altis Life)

    If you listed it will be batter exactly what you want compensation for, But this time i'll help you out and compensate you the things that you listed, And don't make compensation request on your friends behalf if he made it himself it'll be better. Compensated: £320,000 Accepted.
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