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  1. Thanks for reporting this. I totally understand that, rwill have broke NLR, But that doesn't mean you can break the rules to tell him to read the rules, If you just left it like that and just reported it, It'll be much better, But now i can not ignore the fact that you did broke the RP as well, If someone broke the rules that doesn't mean you're allowed to break them as well, Therefore : 1 Day Banned has been issued to Majed for Breaking RP. Game Banned has been issued to rwill for NLR. Accepted.
  2. cleaning_keyboard_x.jpg

    ^ Max

    1. Ace Boyden
    2. Max


      Finally now i can type i got new keyboard, I hate you sanders 🚶‍♂️:61_sob:.

      It feels like alive again :10_wink:XD

  3. Game Banned has been issued to .JOE for VDM. Accepted.
  4. Okay, I'll be dealing with this, This time next time you gonna have to go to support and make sure that one of our support members log the case before you post a player report. Accused side have 24 hours to respond to this.
  5. Hello. Why didn't you try and resolve it, In support first ?
  6. Thank you for reporting this. Game Banned has been issued to Rick for VDM & Breaking RP. Game Banned has been issued to Negan for VDM. Accepted.
  7. Hello. This video's isn't working for me can you please upload it to youtube or something.
  8. Support members are there to help all the new players and to help anyone who have any questions, They are the best they are giving all of their time to just help out. And the main reason of the support case is to resolve problems before it get worst and go to the forum, And about comp request they are there to tell you if what you want are a something that you can be comp'ed for or not, and to guide you to the right path. Support members are so helpful and their support cases are so useful for us as staff when we are dealing with anyone.
  9. Reporter wanted to drop the report. Declined.
  10. DE-

    sorry but I don't know what I've been reported for I haven't long joined this server

    1. Stefan♦


      If you wan't to be unbanned you can appeal it through here:


      the reason why you are banned:


  11. Thanks for reporting this. Game Banned has been issued to DE- for RDM & Combat Logging. Accepted.
  12. I'm gonna need 3 mins video to deal with this. You have 48 hours to respond to this, Otherwise this report will be declined.
  13. The accused side have 24 hours to respond to this.
  14. Hmmm, It doesn't even looks good on your fellow officer as well, But fair enough. Accused side have 24 hours to respond to this.
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