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  1. Comp Amount: £140.000 Accepted.
  2. Max

    Player Report - Kazz - 03/05/19 - Altis Life

    I fully understand how sucks it is, To get a lot of people breaking rules with you such as VDM or RDM etc .. We are here in the report section to stop that and judge them for it. But @Kazz You have been in the server long enough to know, If people are breaking rules that doesn't give you the right to break the rules as well, To be honest i fully like and appreciate that you admitted and said what have you done without any evidence has been proofed from the reporter, And that's why i'll not be issuing perm ban in here. 1 Day banned has been issued to Kazz for Combat Logging. *And about the VDM'ers that you talked about @Kazz Please make new report of that and put the evidence that you have and make it a video it'll much better GIF's not really helpful. Accepted.
  3. Max

    Player Report - StarWars - 03/05/19 - Altis Life

    @WhiteGhost Thank you for reporting this, And i like that you tried to put all the videos in one video that you edited, But it made it a bit messy, Next time just put all the video's separately or just put you're on video and we can check the rest in the support case, Anyway let's get down to business Okay since Zeno already been comp'ed i'll ignore that, And about StarWars it's really clear that you meant to do what have you done, Cause in your friend video you said " If he has the money i'll bomb him" And after that your friend told you don't do it and you said " I don't care " It's really clear that you don't really care about the server rules at all, This type of things are not acceptable at all in out community. Game Banned has been issued to StarWars for VDM. Accepted.
  4. @Justin Smithy I'll deal with it this time, But next time please make sure to go to support first and make sure that one of our support members log it as case. 5 Days banned has been issued to Ben Kinch for Combat Logging. Accepted.
  5. Max

    Fleur Knight | Closed

    I need money , Maybe if you give me some we'll make a deal . Good luck to you bud .
  6. Game Banned has been issued to olavy for RDM. @Hunt3r Thank you for reporting this, Please make sure to post compensation request for the gear that you lost, Here. Accepted.
  7. @Justin Smithy Why you didn't try to resolve it in support, And why you didn't make one of our support team log the case. As i can't find any forum account for Ben Kinch, I'll give him 24 hours to respond to this.
  8. I take 12 hours to eat food!
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    2. Max


      wait what is this, I didn't post that :(, Okay i guess i'm getting bullied again by stinky P :61_sob:

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      Roy Lester

      haha if you are not eating you are sleeping..

  9. Max

    Buying AMS Scope

    I used to have one and like 6 DMS's, But my box's disappeared like 4 months ago, And i don't really care about them i have never used them. I don't know why did i bought them to be honest 🚶‍♂️, It was waste of money .
  10. Accused side have 24 hours to respond to this.
  11. They were clearly trying to initiate on you and the first shot from them you didn't got hit from it, So it wasn't really an RDM, And after that they made the initiation on you which you clearly didn't value your own life, Then the last guy killed you cause you just killed his friends in front of him. Game Banned has been issued to Yamaws Aslapper for No Value of life. Accepted.
  12. Max

    Resigning as PM

    It was a good run buddy <3
  13. Comp Amount: £700.000 Accepted.
  14. Max

    Ban Appeal - [ENG] Kingston - 02/12/19 - Altis Life

    Spamming appeals. Locked & Moved. Declined.