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  1. Max

    Max's little event.

    Done .. We're good now .. That was so quick with just 23 hours . You can look in [Here] and you'll know who you're going to be fighting with. Anyway from now on .. Everyone who is going to sign he'll be in the reserve place .. As i said we still need 10 people as reserve. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Max

    Max's little event.

    We have reached 28 people .. [Sheet] .. Four people left .. And we'll be taking reserves.
  3. Max

    Max's little event.

    You need to put your really steam ID .. Not fake one .. To make sure that your a community member at least. I did deleted 5 people sign thing cause there wasn't any steam ID have been send. If there is no steam ID .. It'll be count as trolling.
  4. Max

    Max's little event.

    There is people asking me weird questions .. That can he sign for this event he is a faction high rank or he is a staff .. Everyone can sign for this event .. This event for the whole community not just for specific people .. Even if one of the community board would like to sign he's more then welcome too.
  5. Max

    Max's little event.

    Okay .. I have just come down to a number of people that i'll be taking for this event .. I'll be talking the first 32 people in the event .. And i'll be taking 10 more people as reserves. Just in case if someone signed for the event and he couldn't make it there .. Reserves people will take that place .. 100% in order who is the first who signed as reserve. And as you can see in the sheet i have updated it .. Now we got 17 people already signed and they are in the event .. We still need 15 more people .. And we still need 10 reserves. So you still have chance .. And i'll keep you guys updated .. If anything got changed .. Maybe i'll increase the number from 32 to 64 .. Who knows. Good luck to everyone ❤️.
  6. Max

    Ban Appeal - Brett - 11/12/18 - Altis Life

    Okay and i'll give you this chance .. Please don't make me regret that. And please double check the rules before you join back there is some changes there .. And go to support if you have any other questions. Take this as last chance. Accepted.
  7. Max

    Max's little event.

    I think i'm so stupid .. I was planning to make it 40 mill in total for all the win prices .. But looking at it now .. I think it's to much .. I'll be poor 🚶‍♂️. Anyway you guys deserve it .. Let's just have fun in that day .
  8. If you guys need a money .. Go sign for the sexy little event that i'll be doing :

    Good luck to everyone :) 

  9. Cowboy Showdown Event Why i'm i doing this event ? Cause i'm bored and i want to waste my money ;) What is Cowboy Showdown Event ? It's pretty much an event that .. I'll be taking care of by my own .. So don't expect anything really big .. But i'll try my best. So we'll be doing due's between every two of you guys with Cowboy way .. Which going to be both persons looking to the other direction .. While both of them have a gun that i'll be giving them .. And i'll count down and after that turn around and shoot the other person .. The winner of each due will be going to the next step fighting the other winner from the other due .. etc. As you can see in this sheet. This event will be in this Friday in 8:00 GMT .. After the restart. How is it going to work: I'll try to make it as simple as i can .. Which is going to be :- 1- Both sides will be having the same handgun which is Zubr. 2- I'll be counting down from 3 to 0 .. 0 means fire. 3- Survivor will be the winner in each duo. Event location : It's going to be in the football place next to Kavala. Winner Price : 1st : 35.000.000 2nd : 20.000.000 3rd : 5.000.000 How to sign in : Go to this form and sign. Feel free to ask any questions in reply .. Me and Proxy will be answering it as fast as we could. Proxy will be my assistant.
  10. Max

    Ban Appeal - Brett - 11/12/18 - Altis Life

    @Brett Why did you decided to appeal your banned today ..? As you know this banned was two months ago. And how do i trust you that you'll never be doing something like that again ?
  11. Max

    Armed offroad

    5 mill lets say ;)
  12. Max

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    As long as they not breaking any rules .. There is no point of talking about that.
  13. Max

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    There is no point of playing in a faction like police if you're going to pay for your own gear .. And police already does pay for virtual items correctly. And we keep saying that .. If you saw anyone that he didn't value he's life then report him .. Don't forget it's a rule at the end of the day.
  14. Okay .. Normally in any situation .. After the situation finished you dispute the person and try to resolve it in support .. If you guys couldn't resolve it then your good to go and make a player report .. So next time please try to resolve it in support. And unfortunately for RDM we need 3 mins video proof .. otherwise it'll be not enough evidence. Declined.
  15. Why not ? And do you have 3 mins video ?