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We have upgraded to IPS 4.3, if you notice any issues please PM @Kevin or @Conner Merlin with details.


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  1. Max

    Time to say goodbye!

    it's really sad to hear someone great guy like going .. but nothing to say if you have important stuff in your life .. thanks for the mention .. and hope to see you back one day .. <\3 Best regards.
  2. Max

    Vehicles don't refuel in garage.

    you didn't talk about the money of the fuel .. your rich we are not .. :"( but still we need Casino to wast our money on it ..
  3. Max

    Altis Reconnaissance Regiment v2

    good luck boys ..
  4. Max

    New AMS Handbook

    i have edit all the AMS channels .. 3 days ago and it's have been updated .. Thanks mentioning that.
  5. Max

    Alex King

    +1 .. he's a nice guy
  6. Max

    Nick Batsbak

    i don't even know him that good .. but when someone got recommended by Tiger that means .. he's a legend .. so .. +1
  7. Max


    Bro .. i don't even have money to spend it in the casino .. @Jelle can you give me some ? :)) by the way that's mean +1
  8. Max

    Suggestion - Highways Agency

    good point .. we are AMS we can do it 100% *muscles* @Susan @Fozzy what do you think about it guys :))
  9. This post will be for all weekly Medic Meetings all Notes and Promotions will be post here so if you didn't/couldn't attend the meeting .. please check the links below Medic meeting - 15/4/2018 Medic meeting - 22/4/2018
  10. Max

    Max - A great guy

    @Jelle my buddy i appreciate that .. thank you <3 .. .. nahhh now i'm police (pig) so i can't do that anymore .. you'll find me in Oil now >_< ______________ thanks to you all guys .. i really appreciate that from you guys it means a lot <3
  11. Max

    Max - A great guy

    ohhh Susan himself say that about me .. you make me shy right now .. i don't know what should i say here .. we learn everything from you your the one who made us feel like Medics is our home .. and you support us a lot <3 i really appreciate that from you that A certificate that i'm really proud of from the Medical Director himself .. Thank you .. much love <3
  12. Max


    he doing a really good job there .. and he helped me with support as well .. so +1 <3
  13. Max

    EMS Application - Mr Havoc (04/12/18)

    @Bill Penguino are you working with FiveM .. as well
  14. Max


    .. when i joined the server he was trying to help me to get my truck out because it was stuck .. and he made it fly away .. i think i agree with that <\3
  15. Max

    Just a BIG thank you too you all!

    thanks for the mention and love you buddy <3

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