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  1. I can agree if it was like a hunter they would do that but i doubt any big gang would go through all that effort for a fuggin hatchback its just not worth it.
  2. Bro the drive will be so far that people will not be bothered to do it. Would you be bothered taking a good 30mins out of your time driving waaaay out into the boonies just for a cop hatchback?
  3. Well i mean it's not like every civ is gonna have shit tonnes of cop/havoc vehicles. The place to do this would obviously out of the was like up near oreokastro or sofia so it gonna be a long drive which i doubt people will be bothered doing for the sake of a hatchback. And those that do will be a minority. It would be used more for specialist vehicles which are not gonna get pulled out on the regular lmao.
  4. ye i know someone already raised this, what i am proposing that instead of it just relying on luck, people should be able to 100% get the vehicles they've fought for in their own garage by paying for them instead of relying on chance.
  5. Roy Markus

    didn't know you was even there ngl lmao, cheers anyway
  6. The whole point of the suggestions section is to give opinions on suggestion and debate said opinions/ideas lmao
  7. With this logic people shouldn't be able to steal faction cars and use them because it will cause support cases, no being funny but if they're got those vehicles why can't they use it how they like? And i don't see how it would lead to support cases, rebels and police look quite different and not difficult to distinguish between. Also when factions see people with their cars and no GPS they're obviously going to its not them operating the vehicle. And Plus i don't think rebels who've managed to acquire these special vehicles will use them to just go round robbing hobos, they'd be more used to heavy combat situations or a bank.
  8. LF - Long Range Scopes

    dirty sniper poo head
  9. Madhead frag vid

    biftas haveth been span
  10. Why not lol, if they've stolen it why can't they keep it?
  11. Im saying you pay half of the vehicles price to put it in your garage
  12. It wouldn't really make anyone chop shop hungry at the end of the day people will still rob for vehicles but then there's the risk factor. If you're gonna attack someone for their ifrit then they're not gonna be a lil hobo are they they're likely to be a fully geared rebel with people. So the whole chop shop hungry argument is a bit weak, Realistically you think if a group of rebels killed a bunch of police they wouldn't steal their armoured vehicles and use for themselves? Of course they would. Plus this whole chop shop hungry argument is a bit dumb in that, it's not like people are just gonna go round chopping every police or HAVOC vehicle they see (most of the time) obviously you'll get people going crazy for the first week or so of it implementation but that's the case with any new feature is it not? But actual established high up rebels groups who i assume you're referring with the whole chopshop hunger argument would just see it as a waste of time and not worthwhile, it'd only be done for special vehicles such as Hunters, Striders (things rebels do not get access too). And these types of vehicles are brought out for combat so those pulling them are risking losing them, so why not let rebels keep them, they've risked their lives to get those vehicles so why not be able to reap the rewards and show off their victories rather than just get a bit of cash.
  13. But i'm not saying get rid of the current system just add this as well so that people who have the money are able to spend it and get vehicles they otherwise wouldn't be able to or have to rely on luck for. It makes sense as well like why can't someone nick a car and pay a fee to have all the documents forged so they own it? Also they can become sort of trophies for rebels, one thing i liked doing on reborn was collecting police vehicles it was actually kinda fun.
  14. Never heard of that, but wouldn't it be better to get the vehicle for certain if you pay for it?

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