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  1. -Pingu-

    Adapt [DISBANDED]

    I did but not enjoying any other games a lot right now
  2. -Pingu-

    Adapt [DISBANDED]

    Name: Pingu How many hours do you have[800+]: 4000 Previous Gangs: Illusion, Noxious, CTSFO Steam ID: 76561198080019279 Why do you want to join the gang [50 words+]: I would like to be a member of your gang as i have had a long break from arma and would like to come back to this server and join a gang with some people i know and have played with before. Also from what i have been told you guys sound pretty solid in both roleplay and combat which is exactly what i am looking for. You guys also like doing banks which i also like participating in. What skills do you have: Shooting, Heli Flying, Roleplay Who in the gang can vouch for you: AKO, J O S H, Peter, Benny, Alex Gavin, Sonny Asif, Woodzy
  3. -Pingu-

    sinna bit

    Quitting arma 3 for a while will probs come back in a few days months cba tagging heads my special people know who they are ;))))
  4. -Pingu-

    Hoggie - Introduction

    you do not have an appreciation for the skeng i can see
  5. -Pingu-

    Hoggie - Introduction

    lets just not use guns in this shooting video game and ROLEPLAY guys!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!!!
  6. -Pingu-

    Hoggie - Introduction

    smells like a bog
  7. -Pingu-

    Prime | Rabs - Montage

    NATO Rabs Stikes agaiN !!!!!1!!
  8. -Pingu-


    I don't see why the effect on roleplay needs to be a criteria that affects all suggestions. Repacking mags has no effect on roleplay whatsoever, what kind of cool roleplay scenario can you create from being able to repack your mags lmao. Suggestions shouldn't always have to be able to create cool roleplay, because shit such as repacking mags does nothing for roleplay but it makes the gameplay better. If anything it's more combat focused than roleplay, deffo plus one from me anyways
  9. nox btw

    1. Proxy


      Fk your so edgy with your btws, what a bookie melt

    2. Proxy
  10. I can agree if it was like a hunter they would do that but i doubt any big gang would go through all that effort for a fuggin hatchback its just not worth it.
  11. Now you're being dumb...
  12. Bro the drive will be so far that people will not be bothered to do it. Would you be bothered taking a good 30mins out of your time driving waaaay out into the boonies just for a cop hatchback?
  13. Well i mean it's not like every civ is gonna have shit tonnes of cop/havoc vehicles. The place to do this would obviously out of the was like up near oreokastro or sofia so it gonna be a long drive which i doubt people will be bothered doing for the sake of a hatchback. And those that do will be a minority. It would be used more for specialist vehicles which are not gonna get pulled out on the regular lmao.