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  1. Sammy

    vM - VENOM

    Name - Sam Shelby / Omarr Age - 16 Hours on Arma 3 (Minimum 300 hours +) - 2241 Steam ID - 76561198072519232 Previous Experience - Police , Adapt What you Can bring to the group (Min 5 points) - Good CQC, Good Long range, Good Comms, Good RP, Can have a good laugh Why Should we accept you (Min 100 words) - You should accept me because i have a good game sense and have been playing arma for well over 2 years now and i think that i could be of great help to your gang Can Anyone Vouch for you? - Pierce, if he can remember me from a different server and maybe Sammy ( Played with him once in hunting + bigged up Joe white/Aspect)
  2. Sammy

    Luis Hernandez / Gucci Bucket Hat #1

    Good Tage Omar
  3. Sammy


  4. Sammy

    Remove sliencers from all factions

    +1 sliencers just drag out gunfights and stop the spread of sexy times.
  5. Time Submitted: 04:48:54 PM | 05/29/18 Submitted By: Sammy (2840) In-Game Name: Adapt l Sammy Steam / Player ID: 76561198072519232 Date of Event: 05/28/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): http://plays.tv/video/5b0c2b429bbb701495/1st-comp-clip http://plays.tv/video/5b0d7e73efc6144ba5/comp-2-1 Details of Event: A hacker got onto the server and blew up my truck full of weapons parts. My previous request got denied due to lack of evidence so i added some more, if you need to see anymore video just ask. Thank you. Compensation Amount: 188 weapons parts - 2,820,000 at the time of the exlposion before the nerf Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. Time Submitted: 04:23:07 PM | 05/28/18 Submitted By: Sammy (2840) In-Game Name: Adapt l Sammy Steam / Player ID: 76561198072519232 Date of Event: 05/28/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://plays.tv/video/5b0c2b429bbb701495/1st-comp-clip http://plays.tv/video/5b0c2bb27a4352bfa0/comp-clip-2 Details of Event: A hacker got on the server and destroyed any vehicles anyone was driving. Compensation Amount: 188 completed weapons parts - 2,820,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. Sammy

    AV | Anima Vesta

    Gl Sir
  8. Time Submitted: 09:53:58 AM | 05/26/18 Submitted By: Sammy (2840) In-Game Name: Adapt l Sammy Steam / Player ID: 76561198072519232 Administrator who issued ban: Teddy Bear Date of ban: 05/26/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for connecting and entering a bank after negotiations/hacking had started. What reason was given for your ban? 7.4 Backup - Nobody other than the players involved (once the hacking begins) at the treasury are to join in (Including spotting) until the gold transport vehicle(s) have left the compound. At this point backup from either side may join the situation. Why should you be unbanned? Firstly i would like to apologize to anyone who's experience i ruined at the bank today. Im very sorry I should have known better than to break this rule due to being a cop in the past and having a couple dozen hours here. However during that time this is only the second or third bank i have ever attended as a rebel or a cop. Also i have only just returned to the community a couple days ago after being absent for a few months playing on other servers that haven't got this rule. I know that this isnt a valid excuse though as i should have read the rules before returning here. I have enjoyed this community for the couple days i have been back immensely and have met a whole new group of people i never chatted to before. Again i am sorry. Im going to go and give the rules and long hard read now to make sure i am 100% clear on them next time if whichever admin is reading this chose to give me one more chance. Kind Regards Sammy. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  9. Sammy

    -Abyss- Recruitment Page

    Gl boys Gl boys
  10. Sammy

    Envious Recruitment [Open]

    Good Luck again
  11. Sammy

    s | Sanction | OPEN

    How many hours do you have - 2054 Who in the gang can vouch for you - Luis Hernandez, Poults, Jazz Previous gangs - None How much bank roll do you have - 4 mill steam Id - 76561198072519232