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  1. Its a game. Grow up and be a man. Who really cares if someone insults them over the internet just brush it off. Its not as if some guy has just come up to you in a street a one banged you. If you cant take insults what you even doing on the internet.
  2. Recruitment Closed for now
  3. Accepted on trial
  4. Any previous gangs?
  5. Yh another server just gives there opfor faction a 25% discount so it isn't hugely op being in it.
  6. Sammy


    Yh like a different server has it where if you go ban free for 6 months your slate gets wiped
  7. +1 to all of this there needs to be more benefits to prestiging
  8. Sammy

    Form Rep

    I like the idea of having a -1 option as it will helps devs see if a suggestion is wanted or not but I donโ€™t think it should make your rep go down. Also I think it should say your rep below you name instead of having to look at someone profile to see it
  9. Sammy


    Sounds good but imo not nearly worth the money. Maybe if they added some extra perks or do like you suggested where you get 2.5% price reduction each prestige?
  10. Sammy


    Gonna be honest idk massive amounts about prestiging. Do you get anything other than perks ?
  11. Sammy


    Maybe the rewards need to be better for prestiging then because perks like the grave robber perk require prestige 5 which correct me if Iโ€™m wrong is around 80m which seems a little expensive
  12. Sammy


    In my opinion it shouldnโ€™t take money to prestige but instead the number of hours you have played the server . e.g Prestige 1 - 50 hours prestige 2 - 100 hours prestige 3 - 150 hours etc let me know what you think
  13. You canโ€™t deny tho that something positive needs to be done to rebel life. 1) During peak times there is almost as many rebels as there are havoc and police on the server 2) For someone like me who enjoys combat but also rp what benefit is there for me playing rebel when I could just join cops and get free gear or havoc and 100k loadouts (not saying either of them should be nerfed just rebels buffed)
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