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  1. Gregory

    Cap Point (East Arms)

    "The Legend27"
  2. Gregory

    Cap Point (East Arms)

    Lance corporal btw
  3. Gregory

    Cap Point (East Arms)

  4. Gregory

    S K E N G [OPEN]

    Good luck lads
  5. Gregory

    S K E N G [OPEN]

    @S K E N G M A N
  6. Gregory

    187 | Open

  7. Gregory

    187 | Open

    What did AFM even stand for ?
  8. Gregory

    187 | Open

    No worries I’m also on holiday for the next 2 weeks
  9. Gregory

    187 | Open

    Name Sammy  - Steam ID 76561198072519232 - What are you best at being goth - What are you not so good at wanking - Why do you want to join 187 seems like a chinese knock off of 183  - Can anyone vouch for you- Mike raft
  10. Gregory

    *Pirus | Recruitment OPEN

    Ingame name: sammy Age: 16  Bank account balance: 8m Do you have Rebel/Advanced/Black Market license: advanced Previous gangs: Adapt, Sanction Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): 2.5k Why do you want to join pirus: To play with old Mates  Can any members vouch for you? Serafin, Lickz, Barry, Aaron and Maybe Adam and Natan. Also azzi where have you been all this bloody time.
  11. Gregory

    Make Rebel Life Cheaper

    +1 Runs need to give more or guns need to be cheaper as at the moment a new player who cant afford a weapon will do a run taking 30mins + only to be robbed by a larger group that has the money to spend on mk1's and other things.
  12. Gregory

    -I- | Invicta

    Name: Sammy Age[16+] unless we know you : 16 How many hours do you have[1200+] Exceptions can be made: 2349 Previous Gangs: Sanction, Adapt Steam ID: 76561198072519232 Why do you want to join the gang: To play with old friends and meet new people What makes you right for Invicta?: I am an experienced player who has been playing arma for a little over a year now What skills do you have[Be Specific]: CQC and Mid Range combat most importantly who can vouch for you +2 members not trials: Josh
  13. Gregory

    cy | Cypher

  14. Gregory

    vM - VENOM

    Name - Sam Shelby / Omarr Age - 16 Hours on Arma 3 (Minimum 300 hours +) - 2241 Steam ID - 76561198072519232 Previous Experience - Police , Adapt What you Can bring to the group (Min 5 points) - Good CQC, Good Long range, Good Comms, Good RP, Can have a good laugh Why Should we accept you (Min 100 words) - You should accept me because i have a good game sense and have been playing arma for well over 2 years now and i think that i could be of great help to your gang Can Anyone Vouch for you? - Pierce, if he can remember me from a different server and maybe Sammy ( Played with him once in hunting + bigged up Joe white/Aspect)
  15. Gregory

    Luis Hernandez / Gucci Bucket Hat #1

    Good Tage Omar