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  1. greg.

    tiger #2

    Crazed: thought this was prime tiger when i found it it wasnt i cntrl w'd
  2. +1 to pretty much everything
  3. greg.

    Stella Luvers

    up the boys. greg here reporting for stella nights at the ole red lion pub and to secure our borders!!
  4. Time Submitted: 01:12:13 PM | 08/23/19 Submitted By: Sammy (2840) Your In-Game Name: Sammy Who are you reporting?: [Havoc] Snake Time/Date of event: 10:30pm 22/08/2019 Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM - RDM is shooting, using rubber bullets, knocking someone out and/or killing another player without adhering to Roleplay Standard and Valid Initiation. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your demands and consider their actions before you engage. You are not permitted to execute a person if you were not involved in the incapacitation of that person. Explain what happened: We initiated on cops and shortly after i was incapacitated by a member of cops. Since i had a mk200 loadout i decided to wait for medic instead of bleeding out. Whilst waiting for medic i was executed by snake despite havoc not being the group that had incapacitated me which breaks the part of 1.2 that says "You are not permitted to execute a person if you were not involved in the incapacitation of that person." Evidence (Video/Screenshot): The first part of the clip shows cops incapacitating me and the second part shows Snake executing me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC4wqFzye1c&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes - If this gets accepted ideally i don't want to get anyone banned or a warning point just want comp tbh Support Member Involved?:
  5. Most likely will only play friday night base bidding anyways so aslong as there is still a few idc
  6. IGN: Sammy Steam ID: 76561198072519232 Arma Hours: 4.5k Previous Gangs: Adapt, Rebound Can anyone in the gang vouch for you?: Josh. if that egg is in here, Peeta, and Dyln
  7. Oly released a tanoa life server months ago and that failed to reach 20 players a night despite there being no other tanoa life servers and them having a much larger player base than here with 3 altis life servers with 111 people on at the time. Truth be told is that no one really likes tanoa for a life map.
  8. If War points are not allowed i don't see why Roleplay points should be. Should be either they are both implemented or neither. Server needs to be 50% rp 50% combat at the end of the day if it wants to survive not skewed either way.
  9. Its a game. Grow up and be a man. Who really cares if someone insults them over the internet just brush it off. Its not as if some guy has just come up to you in a street a one banged you. If you cant take insults what you even doing on the internet.
  10. Recruitment Closed for now
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