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  1. Congratulations on admin! ❤️

  2. i am very proud of you habibi. love you ❤️

  3. did pummel get a update

  4. you could always re-log to see if that fixes it 🙊
  5. just don't break any rules, simple as that
  6. so thats what you ment with that ok xD
  7. can i have 10 million ❤️

    1. Proxy Smoxy

      Proxy Smoxy

      I think you are mistaken between me and @Max He is the current manager of The Altis bank he can give loans if you apply for one xD

    2. Ace Boyden

      Ace Boyden

      but i love you aswell :(

  8. This user has set a profile song, however is not a Sponsor/Patron/Lifetime Donator... Donating will unlock this feature.
    Oh :O

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    2. Max


      You're such a snake XD,

      Just come back already!

    3. Ace Boyden

      Ace Boyden

      @Max ❤️ maybe one day i will

    4. My irish goat

      My irish goat

      Yea Ace. Go back

  9. i want verified :( @Kevin @Matt

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    2. SpawnTheDeath
    3. Cobra★


      Don't think tagging Matt will do anything mate

    4. Max


      You're not good enough XD

  10. I know i made another post the same time like a year ago, but this time i won't return to the community. The reason for me leaving the community has been building up for the last 2 month's. my life is in a weird and bad position, i don't have that much time anymore to play video games or just do basic admin stuff anymore. i'm gonna miss a lot of people from Phoenix (not everyone <3) and a few keep talking to, the ones i know. it is a tough decision to leave phoenix again, I've been thinking about it for about 2 weeks, and i finally made that decision. since everyone likes to tag some good people i'm gonna tag someone as well. sad part is that i can't tag everyone that is special to me but here we go @Jakob Boyden - my good friend for over a year now ❤️ @Maxand @Proxy Smoxy - my two favorite medic and popo guys. love you both ❤️ (you guys are kids) @Kiran - for liking feet ❤️ @Scarso - not so smart and does dum shit. good lad @Sanjib Punjabi - surprisingly thought me about brexit shit @Odd - most annoying Norwegian ever @My irish goat - jack daniels out his nose ❤️ @Callam - playing weird games and fuck about with @Death Spawn and @Roy - thanks for keep telling me i am depressed so i could start fixing my life @Inka - most annoying and lovable Boyden. @Kevin and @Matt - thanks for starting the community @Zyn and @Alexander - thanks for bringing me in the staff team ❤️ @Simmo Sparrow - miss the old days @Aynsleey - keep on with puberty @support and @admin team - gonna miss you all @tyler.b - dick cheese is blue @JasperChan - totally forgot about you, you stinker ❤️ there is a lot more people to tag but i am getting tired at this point. so if your not here but know you should be there, remember i think of you ❤️ goodbye and i might see you at another time
  11. anyone got any wierd subreddits?

  12. Good Luck

  13. Hello @Tim Melborn After reviewing the player report and the support case i think you got banned fairly. It's not a permanent ban but a discretionary ban that last's for 3 days. you will be unbanned 2019-06-07 16:24:40 Ban appeal declined.
  14. Ace Boyden


    you are mean, i read it as Au/Ra so i thought it was her
  15. @Proxy Smoxy haha

    1. Proxy Smoxy

      Proxy Smoxy

      Hmmm? did you tag me just for "Haha" xD

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