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  1. This is rare, like really rare xD



    1. Stefan °

      Stefan °

      at this time of the day, ye but thats because there was a restart @Ace Boyden

  2. Ace Boyden

    Gave away 2.5mil o.O

    same as me
  3. Ace Boyden

    Steam coupons

  4. I lost my medic tags on the forum again?


    1. Rhys Gee
    2. HappyHour



  5. Ace Boyden

    Weapons in inventory.

    why does this happend? i know they do in containers so i always take of the attachments when i store the gun. but it happened in the inventory?
  6. Ace Boyden

    Weapons in inventory.

    So apparently if you put your wepon in your backpack, and just have it their for 20 mins or so all of your attachments disappear.
  7. For all the Norwegian people here. enjoy.



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    2. Ace Boyden

      Ace Boyden

      han er jo kul han?

    3. Ninj


      O dear, o dear, o dear I dont even speak Norwegian but from what I understand OH DEAR

    4. Alibaba
  8. Ace Boyden

    S Ace

    i asked him "can you follow me?" he said "i recommended you since i can't find you" so yh xD
  9. Ace Boyden

    Original's lit giveaway

    Cause i passed your AMS interview aswell been a long time follower on your twitch, aswell we did play r6s togheter. and i cba to buy one myself cause im a hobo for ever 😕
  10. Ace Boyden


    wasn't planned and i suck at combat so haha
  11. Ace Boyden


    can't really do much with a ak47-u 5.56 😕 but gg, bad the hacking was bugged so we couldn't really do much xD
  12. Ace Boyden

    ts | (connection lost)

    Why did almost everyone besides me or proxy and some more lost connection? about 00:32?
  13. Ace Boyden

    PhoenixRP | Something? low editing

    Im sorry its not much editing, but i made it in 5 minutes so people can stop asking on ts for a new one xD x ❤️
  14. Ace Boyden

    PhoenixRP | The lollipop and lead's

    i am new to this kinda editing, any feedback would be appriciated. i hope this isn't offensive, but people are different.  Done: Zinner Alexander Jord Kiran Madd Matty James Dex Shaun Johnson Tommy Jakobsen Charlie Farrow Matt Black Quinn Blackstone Wants to be in one none ideas: Charlie Knight - APC vs Havoc - infinity war trailer.