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  1. Bill Penguino

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo blackstone... gonna miss you and all the plans of patrolling in every faction ❤️
  2. Bill Penguino

    Leaving everything

    It's been a good 7 months my love, don't stop sending me dick pics on snapchat❤️
  3. Bill Penguino

    It has finally come.

    ❤️ will miss you mate, stay in contact
  4. Bill Penguino

    suicide vests

    Actually amazing
  5. Bill Penguino


    +1 Means I don't have to get him tea from medics
  6. Bill Penguino


    I see me and Leo need to have a word... Thank you for bringing this to my attention @Max
  7. Bill Penguino

    The Altian Front - Take To The Streets On The 18th!

    Ah right I get you now You are already dead so pipe down
  8. Bill Penguino

    The Altian Front - Take To The Streets On The 18th!

    @Alexander Who is Charlie Knight?
  9. Bill Penguino

    1 HAVOC Member vs 5 Cops | PhoenixRP

    Just lucky I was flanking to the heli so was too busy to kill you yeah Ethan ;D
  10. Bill Penguino

    Taking a step back

    I just did and you didn't reply you nonce
  11. Bill Penguino

    Taking a step back

  12. Bill Penguino


    Max has said pretty much everything needed but I will add in my points now: For any helicopter-related incidents please make sure to record it and then send it to me. I try to make sure our pilots are always operating in a safe and suitable fashion so if you believe they are not adhering to this, please do mention it to me with the relevant evidence. You can very easily reach via Teamspeak where I am usually sat in my office so just message me or via PMs here on the forums. About losing gear to a medic, as long as it was clearly the medics fault and you can provide evidence to our support team (me and Max included) will do everything we can to help you out and resolve the situation which will be compensation and such.
  13. Bill Penguino

    Open Sea Broadcast.

    You realise they don't just OAB anyone and everyone right? They have a set of procedures for it such as an aircraft coming too close to a fight... So they would have to do the same for the OWB, They would not just do it to everyone... Think about it like a siren which is what it supplements as the vehicles it is used against can't respond to them