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  1. i can find this believable

    "FIREND" "OC"
  2. Altis Reconnaissance Regiment | Recruiting

    @Rocketpig Your application has been ACCEPTED!, Join the open room for your interview.
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    We welcome you!
  4. Altis Reconnaissance Regiment | Recruiting

    @Eastham Your application has been ACCEPTED!, Join the open room for an interview.
  5. Altis Reconnaissance Regiment | Recruiting

    Altis Reconnaissance Regiment ARR Hierarchy: General - General Vonklinkerhoffen Colonel - Chief Keef Major - Ace Captain - Little T Lt / Lieutenant- AdrianRomek 2Lt / Second Lieutenant - TBA SSgt / Staff Sergeant - TBA Sgt / Sergeant -TBA Cpl / Corporal - Cee, James Reddington LCpl / Lance Corporal - Simmo Pvt / Private - Who we are: It all began back in Britain as a lack in the ground force put the Queens thrown at risk due to the rising tension across the globe. Due to this rising tension throughout the globe, Britain didn’t want to send military forces into countries which could be seen as an invasion. This meant that, Her Majesty's only option was to hire and reward private militaries, due to the fact that the regiments established there won’t be considered a threat as they are already stationed there and what they needed was intelligence, thus the [ARR] or Altis Reconnaissance Regiment was born. Here is where our founders Brooke Butler and General Vonklinkerhoffen saw a great opportunity in making their own private military after being veterans in the military. After a while the [ARR] decided to make an elite squadron which branched off from the main Regiment. It was named [FORECON], it contained only the most elite members of the main Regiment and is lead by Chief Keef. [FORECON] adopts the US Special Force skill set, which is quite different from British Special Forces. This gives the Regiment a better advantage over the enemy, as the skill sets combined are made to dominate and allow us to come out on top. However it isn't easy to gain a spot on the [FORECON] team, as it is for elite members. Members will undergo a set amount of gruesome tasks in order to gain their spot. If they fail or give up, then they are simply not fit for the job and another member will have their chance to join the team. If the member does pass, it doesn't end there as they will be trained even harder, so that they are truly ready for the battle ground. _ Rules _ Our Regiment is an RP orientated clan and should be treated as such, gunfights will only occur in extreme circumstances or when we are capturing a redzone. Robbing in general is taboo for our regiment as what we seek is intelligence, however gaining intelligence from interrogation is fine and can take captives. Following orders from higher ups is crucial to success in the ARR, although orders can be questioned if deemed not beneficial for the situation. Whatever the General says goes, no disputing these orders. FORECON is a branch under the ARR and is seen as the elite squadron, these soldiers can only be ordered from Major+ Disrespect towards other members is strictly prohibited, everyone can have banter but don't take it too far. Any type of racism is not tolerable, which consists of, what race they may be, what religion they believe in and their culture. General messing about in serious situations such as combat or RP situations will be dealt with our C system, the C system ranges from C1 - C4, these can be given out by Major+ and will be marked against your name for others to see. Out of roleplay arguments and profanity isn't needed and no one wants to listen to it, so suck it up and get along or the C system will be involved. When in chat only speak english, unless you are translating for us. Keep ingame group chat clear, unless there is something important to say. Do not mic SPAM! We highly suggest that you read all of the PhoenixRP rules, so that you have a good idea on what not to do. As consistently breaking the server rules will end with a kick from the gang. Read and fully understand the rules outlined within our handbook https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bDprhHiPmpWc5rc0rncS6QJ7YzVTmg9LXnrtwqhTuYk/edit?usp=sharing Application Form: What is your ingame name?: Your Steam64ID: Age (15+): Arma 3 Playtime - PhoenixRP Playtime: 2 Strengths (Can provide more): 2 Weaknesses (Doesn't change the outcome): Previous PhoenixRP gangs?: Have you been banned? If yes then why?: Why would you like to join the [ARR]? (25+ words): What can you bring to the [ARR]? Additional Information: Before applying please read everything carefully, so that you don't make any mistakes in your application and so that you have a better chance of getting accepted.
  6. Drones

  7. Great night with the HAVOC folk

    I ,on behalf of me and Nathan, would like to commend the HAVOC team last night as they have provided a very enjoyable experience for both us and for them, them being [Sgt.] R.Reddington, [Pvt.] Ace, [Lcpl.] Simmo Reddington, [Lcpl.] Bill Penguino and [Lcpl] Ninj. The RP consisted of us, the medic team, conducting medical tests on HAVOC members and finding an abnormality in one of the members and decided that immediate action needed to be taken in terms of a surgery operation. VIDEO OF THE ORDEAL IS IN PROGRESS (Will be uploaded soon )
  8. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders

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