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  1. MatthewMaverick

    Just a small giveaway

    to bring back the Ketamine gang
  2. MatthewMaverick


  3. MatthewMaverick


    cos we are absolute ket heads
  4. MatthewMaverick


    we back and are smoking the fathead spliffs boi
  5. MatthewMaverick

    Bring back sniper scopes

    Yea that would be good, I haven’t read the whole post but I was gunna say that in the original comment but I still think sniper scopes shouldn’t be on the server because you can snipe with an arco if you learn how to use it, a time least in that case you are using skill to snipe rather than pressing page up or page down and spraying at someone it takes the fun away from combat
  6. MatthewMaverick

    Bring back sniper scopes

    sniper scopes are aids, it means that you are getting railed from someone you cant even see most of the time they also use a suppressor it ruins the fun of the server
  7. Time Submitted: 08:37:19 PM | 02/22/18 Submitted By: MatthewMaverick (2788) In-Game Name: [ket] Havoc Who? Steam / Player ID: 76561198169890475 Date of Event: 12/02/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/10058-player-report-ket-kettysketty-021618/ Details of Event: Me and my friend madhead saw a huron sling loading a boxer truck headed to oil proc. so we decided we wanted to rob it. We pulled up to the processor and initiated saying "Stop or you will be shot" as soon as we jumped out of the car. By the time he got to the helicopter doors we shot him as he was about to jump in which is evident in the video. Once we killed him, we ran up to the helicopter and initiated again on the co-pilot. He didn't respond so we shot and killed him. After a short amount of time, their protection landed and began to fire towards us so we shot back and killed both of them. We pick locked the heli and boxer and sold the contents of both of them. We then took the Huron to the chop shop where our friend [ket] Smidget met with us. We chopped the helicopter for 17mil and ended up splitting the money between us for 5.6mil each between the 3 of us. Later we were reported by the person who owned the helicopter. In the report you can see his volume is very low and we proved the reason he could hardly hear us initiate was that the volume was too low and many of the staff agreed that that is why he couldnt hear. This conversation occurred late on the thursday night possibly on the friday morning. The person who owned the huron said he would speak to us after he slept so we agreed. Later that day we went on ts and began to look for him. We played throughout the day sitting in a channel which clearly displayed it was us and we received no messages. Later that day, they told Madhead that they were just going to put a report up without even speaking to us eventhough the staff involved said they wanted to speak about it in teamspeak. The report went up and we tried constantly to make contact with him but he chose not to make any back. The only staff we talked to during this time was Kazz who is our friend and we were playing other games with him. Once the report was accepted, we attempted to speak with the member of staff who accepted it, we were moved into a support channel but he basically refused to speak to us and another member of staff joined. We brought up the point that it doesn't take 3 seconds to take your finger off of W and the staff member said he wasnt going to argue with us. He then left the channel and 5.6mil was taken out of our bank accounts, Again, we tried to speak to the staff members involved and no one spoke to us. The evidence they used against us is very inconclusive and shouldn't even be accepted as valid evidence as his volume is so low. It is clear in the video he was aware of our presence but his volume was so low he could barely hear us. In the report we linked the gyazo of his volume which HE sent to the staff team. To add to having low volume in the first place, he was screaming in group chat at the people he was with which wouldve made it even harder to hear us. As I stated earlier, we told him to stop or he would be shot, multiple times in the time we got out the car as the second we got out we initiated. If we had've waited any longer than we did, he wouldve been in the huron and possibly taking off with his friends ready to shoot back. Even if it was RDM which i really dont believe it was, we still would've ended up chopping the heli, killing his friends and selling the oil if the situation was different. This doesnt make sense that the money would be taken from our accounts even if the outcome of the situation would be the same. We also believe we weren't treated fairly by the staff as the hardly spoke on the report or didn't come to ts when we asked for them along with Bill who kept delaying until he decided to report us. Compensation Amount: £5,600,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. MatthewMaverick

    Player Report - [ket] kettysketty - 02/16/18

    can we speak on teamspeak please? it feels unfair that you take action without even talking to us even though we have been waiting 2 days for a conversation with Bill...
  9. MatthewMaverick


    Oioi lads had some bifta with those havoc geezas, still had our massive spliffs though lad.
  10. MatthewMaverick

    Player Report - [ket] kettysketty - 02/16/18

    To add to that, we weren’t going to shoot him but for the fact he got right up to the door of the helicopter we had no other choice or he would’ve flew off. I we hadve waited 6.6 more seconds he would’ve been Long gone