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  1. MrTurdTastic

    Weed permit thing

    I mean, I'm not entirely sure a professional manufacturer would call Cannabis weed.
  2. MrTurdTastic


    Sorry I couldn't hear you over the sound all your free gear is making.
  3. MrTurdTastic

    Goodbye All <3

    See you around ya ginger prick!
  4. MrTurdTastic

    My leaving post.

    See you around Rose! Hate to say I told you so ;)
  5. MrTurdTastic

    ACF ting

    Khalid. Shut up.
  6. MrTurdTastic

    Compensation Request - |ACFZ Cap. B. Cucumber - 03/09/18

    I don't have a screenshot of it I'm afraid, I wasn't anticipating this to happen, @Jasper bought me the mk1 and ting tho
  7. Time Submitted: 09:31:41 PM | 03/09/18 Submitted By: MrTurdTastic (2763) In-Game Name: |ACF| Cap. B. Cucumber Steam / Player ID: 76561198022754995 Date of Event: 03/09/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): http://plays.tv/video/5aa2fa095624ebb5c4/comp-pls Details of Event: Was driving along, server D/C'd and I crashed, Was incapacitated as a result. I'm unsure if the crash was a result of the server coming down or not, however, I had no opportunity to get AMS to revive me. Kicked from server, gear had disappeared. Compensation Amount: £800,000 1x MK1-EMR with assorted attachments/mags (600k) 1x CTRG Plate Carrier Rig Mk.2 (Heavy) (£175k) Assorted Items (GPS, Helmet, Rangefinders, FAK's, Spike Strips, Lockpicks, Redgull etc.) (25k) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. MrTurdTastic

    FiveM on PC Gamer?!

    https://www.pcgamer.com/i-robbed-a-string-of-banks-unarmed-by-posing-as-a-journalist-in-a-gta-5-roleplaying-server/?utm_content=buffer814f5&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb So I stumbled upon this on my Facebool travels, I don't play FiveM so I'm unsure as to whether FiveM is the name of the mod or our server but thought it was an interesting article nonetheless
  9. MrTurdTastic


    You're both wrong. Altis Crime Family run this s**t. Welcome mate!
  10. MrTurdTastic


    Fucking Jasper. Banned from flying forever.
  11. @ACF KLW When I rock up to a gang fight :^)
  12. So we pointed guns at you, told you to stop and then you drive off, we shot you, then you call us "F***ing N***ers".... Really?!
  13. Time Submitted: 07:42:34 PM | 02/27/18 Submitted By: MrTurdTastic (2763) In-Game Name: B. Cucumber Steam / Player ID: 76561198022754995 Administrator who issued ban: Adam Date of ban: 02/27/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned because Adam didn't like the fact that I was annoyed. I was informed I couldn't be D/NCA and Academy, despite the fact the Thomas White is C/NCA and Academy, this decision was ludicrous. I was understandably annoyed and being forced to either go to SGT or resign from D/NCA, I swore once and said "Shitheads" What reason was given for your ban? Toxic Why should you be unbanned? Because one swear word is not toxic behaviour and therefore I feel this is a disproportionate ban. A Kick would've sufficed as I couldn't rejoin their channel. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  14. MrTurdTastic

    Gang initiation rule

    Who was the support member? That's wrong. @Charlie Knight I'm correct in thinking if there's nothing identifiable between gang members and one gets involved it's invalid initiation?