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  1. I'm a god

    @InfinityGB The best driver... (he was the other hatchback sport)
  2. TITAN>Rusty

    oh hell nooo....you guys won
  3. TITAN>Rusty

    We will smash you're camera.
  4. Hello my name is Mazi im new to the community but that doens't care right now.. i got reported of rdm.... My friend was getting followed by a hummingbird whith rebels on it so my friend drive down to rebel and my friend gave them warnings shots then there started landing at Rebel hill so then me and my friend start spraying them because there didnt leave the area... and why would you land if you just got tracers.. its make no sense if you dont see more people still... my friend warning shot you and you guys didnt leave the area.. me and my friend just followed the rules . i apologize im sorry what happend somebody have to say sorry and maybe we did something wrong from both sides but come on we can resolve this like normal people. 4.2 Air Vehicle Initiation Civilian: Three unsuppressed tracer warning shots must be fired to the front and back of the air vehicle. Failure to leave the air space means you can open fire on the air vehicle TITAN was trying to resolve it but Rusty was straight gettings us to reported kind regards, Mazi my evidence : https://plays.tv/video/5a59400c198ee5417a/vid-evidence?from=user

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