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  1. Luckii

    Ridge | Recruiting!

    - In Game Name - Luckii - Bank Balance - 21mil - Any Prior Gangs/experience - dgn vm bia in star etc - How Many Hours do you Have on Arma 3 - 3000 - Why do you Want to Join - cuz im good - Can any Members Vouch for you - me
  2. Luckii

    Good old days

    Why did you shoot @Embers at the end??
  3. Luckii

    All Streamers on This Server...

    https://prnt.sc/lqpzv0 All there is ^
  4. Luckii

    Luckii is to funny

    Wait does this mean i get my dick sucked????
  5. Luckii

    ROE 1 [Liam copied my idea]

    relax my guy, just some friendly criticism innit
  6. Luckii

    ROE 1 [Liam copied my idea]

    +1 Too many singles tho...
  7. Luckii

    CroX Frags #4

  8. Luckii

    HSOS btw

    Who the fuck was that hahahaha And how do you know it was hsos? btw hsos is fucked because there is only two tier 2s +1 to this, hilarious xD
  9. Luckii

    Majed Frags #2

  10. Luckii

    When Luckii is in the pilot seat

  11. Luckii

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    no, i'm not btw xD