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  1. Luckii

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    Make xayans chop for more
  2. Luckii

    Gang Wars Live

    @Theo Wright i did get a team but is it too late too join?
  3. Luckii

    Gang Wars Live

    I'm here btw :3
  4. Luckii

    Gang Wars Live

    Shite my flight is tomorrow, do u know what time it is??
  5. Luckii

    Gang Wars Live

    Shit does this mean I need a team, I come back from holiday tmr. when is it cuz I will be washed asf
  6. Luckii

    Origin | Recruitment | Open

    Name: Luckii Hours: 2.3k https://gyazo.com/b495ceaa94a771533dd2715f903caebe Previous Gangs: DGN (OG One), vM, *, BIA and iN Why do you want to join: cuz im a great roleplayer and i like being in a gang with good players, i would also like to join as i would like to get to know some more people within this community and make new friends. Finally i would like to join because i think i could bring fun to the gang, i can also be active if needed Bank Balance: 42.8 Mil https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198358026501 Rebel / Adv / Blackmarket: Blackmarket https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198358026501
  7. Luckii

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 5

    Wait is this the reai TI luker?
  8. Luckii

    I'm still confused...

    Taz is a fucking offriad mate
  9. Luckii

    💛Phoenix #3💛

    He was to your right btw
  10. Luckii

    💛Phoenix #3💛

    Apart from all the singles and missing 21 bullets on max sat still in a dmt with his back towards you i like it ps my favourite part is when aiden chose not to die at the end xD
  11. Luckii

    Injustice | Open

    no it isnt 😛
  12. Luckii

    Injustice | Open

  13. Time Submitted: 08:41:23 PM | 12/15/18 Submitted By: Luckii (2735) In-Game Name: Luckii Steam / Player ID: 76561198358026501 Administrator who issued ban: David B Date of ban: 12/15/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Because i died in a situation and i returned What reason was given for your ban? Breaking NLR Why should you be unbanned? I think i should be unbanned because i know i was in the wrong in this situation however it was not intentional, the rule break was not intentional because it was a big misunderstanding, i accept that in the end i broke a rule but i asked sean if i could return as in my eyes he broke the NVL rule and sean replied with as long as you have a video of a clear rule break, now i assumed that NVL was a clear rule break therefore i returned and soon after i was called to support. I accept what i done was wrong and i should read more carefully and take more precautions next time but i think that the 5 day ban was a bit too much as it was unintentional and i have never been banned for something like this before, i would have happily taken a warning or note as i did break a rule. (P.S. I go on holiday in 5 days so if i do wait the ban period i wont have been on for a long time :() What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/20541-player-report-luckii-121518-altis-life/