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  1. Chang


    worst nca member, see you!
  2. Chang

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    really nice guy, see you officer max max
  3. @Jensonn thought you're from uk where english is your main language, lets try and speak normal english bruv fam m8 innit
  4. Chang

    Bye bye

    not like you are known to be someone who people like on this server, rather be a nonamer than have the reputation that you have here
  5. Chang

    Server Pop

    Didn't seem like it, looked like you enjoyed your good command team that clearly did a good job. You knew we wanted to come back and help and you could've always tried speaking to us and atleast offer us something logical, us joining back at private, yeah no thanks. But oh well to late...
  6. big ego for someone that posts this
  7. ahahhahaha sorry who are you, there is a reason why we are a small gang
  8. HAVOC was probably one of the best times i've had on this server, also being in HSS with you was fun. That last picture with all the command members was probably the best command team havoc ever had. Good luck!
  9. Not Dylann, had some good fun with you aswell. In abit
  10. Chang

    in a bit phx

    Always had fun when playing with you, make sure to come and play with us sometimes bruv m8 fam The great havoc squad will stay together!
  11. sidechat at 3:04 looks interesting
  12. 1:38 we do be creating that towerlag by running up and down
  13. The faction is currently in a difficult spot. But i've worked with @F L E M I N G O in many spots and im sure he will do great.
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