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We have completed a Mass Unban, find more information here.


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  1. yes guys watch out this strong armed gamer is epic a&d dev watch out! only meme
  2. Chang

    Mass unban??

    I think start of by mass unbanning people that got banned by RDM'ing, VDM, NLR and other rules similar to that.
  3. @Jesse Johnson I remember the good old days, NCA was the thing, we had so fun back then in police when we joined, even though me and you kinda left on bad terms (you removeing me from my thing) you were a great guy when we used to play, good luck.
  4. Honestly stop complaining on the forums and just play the game. "Havoc this" "Havoc that" come on...
  5. Did you even read what i said about the hotdrop? Did you see any ground vehicles? smh
  6. So whats the point of this topic, i see it as a one of these "im going to complain because i got killed" post. Yes maybe you got roached but you're in a DMT and what do you want us to do just push infront of you in the open field so you can just spray? You had high ground advantage. We would have hotdropped if our pilots keyboard did not mess up.
  7. What's up m9? 

  8. Chang

    Does this mean no soundboard fridays with the boys nomore? 😕 @Peter.

    @Alexander big mistake sir,

    jk good job boys


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Peter.


      Chang who?

    3. Chang


      The best nca cheif sir, mr fake peter

    4. Alexander


      Pfff BEST NCA CHIEF hahaha you joking

  9. Yeah let's remove the most active faction in the server, i mean sometimes when there is like 30-40 people on the majority is havoc, so yeah let's kill the server even more.
  10. A perk that gives higher chances lockpicking a vehicle, exampel Lockpick 1 =20% higher chance, lockpick 2 40% higher chance etc
  11. +1 epic fragmontage stefan
  12. Chang

    Bye, again.

    @Sean one of the most chill admins, take care my guy❤️
  13. See you my guy Vladimir Putin❤️ sry for not accepting you to nca men
  14. You're profile banner seriously made me miss the NCA xD Bring it back. Now.

    1. ÑiḴØŠ


      Too bad he will join HAVOC

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