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  1. If the rule were to come back when resize the red zone so moonshine dosn't become a useless run
  2. jonasmn26

    In a while

    wheres my hat ?
  3. Wow sir, have you skiped the check point, thats a very serious crime.
  4. Sorry sir at this point its already to late i am getting my rook now
  5. Wow our qulins don't need to be bigger 😉
  6. Hell yeah it is, but if you don't follow our laws when you better get ready to get deported back to police side.
  7. Yes, but i would kind of kill it, if lock picking became super fast, i would said the speed should remain the same but they should up the succesrate.
  8. I serious don't understand why you guys have a hard time initiating on trucks and ifirts, and don't really think tyre initiation is going to help the problem its just about waiting for the right moment.
  9. I can see where you coming from, But what about the low level when. Do you think that add a faster lock pick speed would increase fun.
  10. -1 I believe its balanced where it is right now and because lock picking shouldn't be a thing you get done super fast.
  11. Guys if you unhappy with the governor, when just move to havoc side 😉 we have no problems there.
  12. Yes i would agreed, but i think all the runs need to be balanced. In order to make the profit better
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