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  1. Phoeinx died the moment havoc was disbanded for me. I mean personally i really have no reason to play here anymore other when now and then if some of my mates still play here.
  2. Damn man, i would like to buy this thing if it had the camouflage. ;(
  3. We had a good run and some funny moments, sadly it had to end this way. Best of luck Flemingo forward.
  4. I will agree with your points, i spent a long time in havoc and tired my best to make the faction itself a good place for everyone in it. Its just hard when the command team is useless and everyone is moaning over lost lands, and can't move on. I can't disagree with this, the command team wasn't that active plus they weren't fit for the job. They only complained about high command decisions. I wouldn't say high command was perfect either.
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFFICIAL HAVOC STATEMENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our bases may have fallen, but we will fight on until the very end if it so calls to that. We shall rise up once more and become the ruling power of Altis once more. We will make our reappearance when the time is right once more. Regards, Jonas HAVOC, Major
  6. HAHAH that's my boy Kevin Kevinson
  7. Yes i had a blast with those police officers they managed to keep me entertain, even though sadly only one good boy made it out there a live.
  8. Havoc backpacks used to be invisible, but after a recent update the backpacks became visible again.
  9. Thank you very much Montgomery, i have always enjoyed your roleplay and the roleplay you bring to the server and when i need some help to get up
  10. I will always remember the good times, we had together dmitry 07 major
  11. jonasmn26

    Just some venting

    I will agree on this as a fellow command member. I find it very important that management can come to agreement an on who the next general/high com will be ASAP. Do to new players seen faction as a faction that is in ruins. Which in turn makes them not want to try it out /put in an application.
  12. When i so that police uniform, i immediately sad faced.
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