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  1. Time Submitted: 01:48:12 PM | 05/20/18 Submitted By: Aspect (2703) In-Game Name: Aspect Steam / Player ID: 76561198167312282 Administrator who issued ban: Zyn Date of ban: 05/20/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for exploiting. I was looking though walls to give me an unfair advantage What reason was given for your ban? I was looking through the walls Why should you be unbanned? I think you should unban me beucase i am very sorry about what i did and this is my first offence and can assure you that if you unban me this will be my last. I am very sorry for what i did and i know what i did wrong What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  2. Aspect

    s | Sanction | OPEN

    How many hours do you have - 2200 Who in the gang can vouch for you - Poults, Luis, Barry, Jack Previous gangs - None How much bank roll do you have - 6 mill steam Id - 76561198167312282
  3. Aspect

    Anarchy | Recruiting

    +1 poults copy of a gang somewhere else, even the logo ahahaha
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    Gang tags

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    Jump Script

    I think that a Jump Script would be nice to see in game. Leave your thoughts on this below
  8. Aspect

    Sniper Scopes

    I can see what you mean however the A’s these would be very expensive people would rarely use them. Also +1 with the jump script ?
  9. Aspect

    Sniper Scopes

    After the recent removal of all sniper scope i believe this is abit excessive. My point is that some of them are added back in, This is how I would like them to be added in. Rebels I believe that rebels should only have access to them at the most expensive rebel shop for a expensive price. Also I believe that only the DMS and the Kahlia should be available. ( Sorry if I have made any mistakes with the rebel licence however I have never really played as rebel so my knowledge isn’t so good ) Police I believe that sniper sights such as the DMS and Kahlia. I believe that NCA Specialized Agent should have the accessibility to be able to get the DMS sight as this is not as good at the Kahlia. Also I believe CTSFO shoUld get the accessibility to be able to get both the DMS and Kahlia. Havoc I believe that only havoc HSOS and havoc command should be able to have the accessibility to these sights however they have to still pay a slightly increased price. After stating the points I hope that I can get some good/bad point stating not just mine put the rest of the community’s opponion on this. I believe that it was abit uneeded to completely remove sniper scopes from the server despite how annoying it may be sometimes to always have people sniping. This is why the prices can be higher to make sure there won’t be as many people sniping. Thanks SGT Joe Spartan
  10. Aspect

    Bench Sniping

    Get good then ?
  11. Aspect

    Somalian Smurfs

    Good luck