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  1. You admitted you were wrong but were in no way willing to resolve the situation and told me to "fuck off" then go "cry to my mum".
  2. Time Submitted: 09:02:18 PM | 08/03/20 Submitted By: Sanjib Punjabi (2701) Your In-Game Name: Sanjib Punjabi [TPU-14] Who are you reporting?: Fyji Time/Date of event: 21:15 03/08/2020 Rule's Broken: 1.2 6.1 Explain what happened: We stopped the individual in kavala square and then ended up giving chase, by fleeing he broke the law and fled in the green zone before shooting me without saying anything in the greenzone then rdming another officer later on. I took it to support and he was nothing but rude and abusive showing no willingness to apologise Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/3t509h6bSq8 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Sharkbait 23608
  3. Rule Britannia

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    2. Curly


      +1 Sista!

    3. Price


      Comeback to Gmod! 

    4. Sanjib Punjabi

      Sanjib Punjabi

      Indeed, God Save The Queen!!!! @Matt Obama

  4. God Save The Queen!!! 

    1. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      Oppose Maoism 

    2. Ben Sewell

      Ben Sewell

      God Save The Queen!!! 

  5. @Firestriking Aviation Rule breaks can be dealt with in support, we shall be focussing on the potential that there is police misconduct.
  6. How to boost player pop: https://www.epal.gg/

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    2. Sanjib Punjabi

      Sanjib Punjabi

      I am being gender inclusive @Scarso #2020

    3. Scarso


      You're sub human



      yup thats getting removed off me search history

  7. You recieve a paycheck... from the government
  8. Seems rather odd considering they pay you and protect you
  9. So are you against the British Government?
  10. There is a god :)

    1. Ben Sewell

      Ben Sewell

      God Save The Queen

    2. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Is this what you say to an atheist 🤔

    3. Ace Boyden

      Ace Boyden


  11. As long as you meet the requirements you stated and the vehicle is stationary there isnt an issue
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