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  1. Sanjib Punjabi

    Open Doors on ghost hawk

  2. Sanjib Punjabi

    Spike hotkey

    It took @Scarso 5 minutes...
  3. Sanjib Punjabi

    Spike hotkey

    +1 Nice idea
  4. Sanjib Punjabi

    Matt Black is boarding the 3:30 pm flight.

    Please no leave
  5. Sanjib Punjabi

    ACC Sanders, 1 Week Notice

    Now who will protect Jack and me from IPCC cases?????
  6. Sanjib Punjabi

    Leaving everything

    Its a shame your leaving mate, maybe you could fly your car on the server one last time. xD
  7. Sanjib Punjabi

    Ear Plugs

    Change the earplugs to have more options, the percentage method was better and there was no need to go ahead and remove options for the player. Thanks
  8. Sanjib Punjabi

    Lack of Roleplay

    You can put age restrictions in place all you want, sometimes its 16, 17, 18 year olds who are doing the annoying shit @Wynnr420
  9. Sanjib Punjabi

    RDMing Hobos, taxis

  10. Sanjib Punjabi


    He was shot out then you all died...
  11. Sanjib Punjabi


    No, i was just talking to him at the time
  12. Sanjib Punjabi


  13. Sanjib Punjabi

    APC | Most Wanted

  14. Sanjib Punjabi

    Sanders (Alexa)

    I have spent a lot of time on this server and at times have lost the will to live with the amount of poor roleplay that I have encountered, however just when I was about to log off sanders makes decides to operate as Alexa, the Amazon assistant. After going along with it and experiencing updates (some includes to the ability to drive and/or hijack a car) I felt it was one of the funniest experiences from this server as a cop and would recommend Sanders to any player I meet. Thanks, Sanders that was the most enjoyable traffic stop ever!
  15. Sanjib Punjabi

    The Altian Front - The Party Of The True Altian!

    Your party seems to finally show the police as the incompetent pigs they are, you have Serenity's full support.