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  1. Sanjib Punjabi

    RDMing Hobos, taxis

  2. Sanjib Punjabi


    He was shot out then you all died...
  3. Sanjib Punjabi


    No, i was just talking to him at the time
  4. Sanjib Punjabi


  5. Sanjib Punjabi

    APC Most Wanted

  6. Sanjib Punjabi

    Sanders (Alexa)

    I have spent a lot of time on this server and at times have lost the will to live with the amount of poor roleplay that I have encountered, however just when I was about to log off sanders makes decides to operate as Alexa, the Amazon assistant. After going along with it and experiencing updates (some includes to the ability to drive and/or hijack a car) I felt it was one of the funniest experiences from this server as a cop and would recommend Sanders to any player I meet. Thanks, Sanders that was the most enjoyable traffic stop ever!
  7. Sanjib Punjabi

    The Altian Front - The Party Of The True Altian!

    Your party seems to finally show the police as the incompetent pigs they are, you have Serenity's full support.
  8. Sanjib Punjabi

    Panic Button Sound

  9. Time Submitted: 09:10:32 PM | 05/30/18 Submitted By: Sanjib Punjabi (2701) In-Game Name: Sanjib Punjabi [AT2701] Steam / Player ID: 76561198173004713 Administrator who issued ban: Foxhound Date of ban: 05/30/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I arrested foxhound after 4x verbal assault, possible involvement in several murders, possession of 10 spike strips. Once I was told about the possible theft of spike strips I spent 5 minutes trying to persuade fox to place his hands on his head a PCSO tased him. After roleplaying for a while I took him to the prison and sent him to jail theirfore "abusing my power" What reason was given for your ban? Powergaming- sending him to jail Why should you be unbanned? I feel after misinterpreting the rules (an honest mistake) and having such an extreme punishment, I have learnt my lesson and from now on will not deviate from the definition of the said rule. This will not occur again and after speaking to other members, they can vouch for me in saying I never intentionally/unintentionally break rules. I think this ban is a mistake on my part and I shall not make the same error again as the amount of time and effort I have put in on the server prooves I am willing to dedicate my time to improve others experience as well as follow the rules. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. Sanjib Punjabi

    Just a small giveaway

    As a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I am entitled to this prize
  11. Sanjib Punjabi

    Potential Police Reforms

    If I could refer you to the quote below this will help you as it clearly outlines how staff should get involved in rule breaks and player punishment.
  12. Sanjib Punjabi

    Potential Police Reforms

    Thanks for clearing that up, also I do believe that is the point being made, too many resources are diverted to the bank unnecessarily, allowing other crimes to spike. ( referring to Alex kings post)
  13. Sanjib Punjabi

    Potential Police Reforms

    Well a lot of information from above is given by experience in the force, each and every time we have been around for a bank robbery there is an expectation for us to attend however little help we offer. From what we have been told by our higher ranked patrol we have to stop the situation and attend. If this is incorrect this is a separate misconception that needs to be addressed. Also thanks for reading it and giving feedback
  14. Sanjib Punjabi

    Ban Appeal - Ser | Lewis Mackinnon - 01/04/18

    Apologies CraftyCake, Admins I have spoken to have said otherwise
  15. Sanjib Punjabi

    Ban Appeal - Ser | Lewis Mackinnon - 01/04/18

    At the time of this event, I was present and directly involved in this situation so have an understanding of this affair as my character being run over resulted in official verbal initiation. The events proceeded as follows; My self and my gang were at the rebel outpost when I was struck by |ACF| Boss.CraftyCake's car, accident or not my gang then initiated on the vehicle as he drove away by shouting "come back, or you're fucking" dead when the car failed to stop Lewis shot the driver. I do not believe that Lewis should be held accountable for somebody not hearing initiation despite the recording that was shown as evidence allowing us to listen to a quiet "come back, or you're fucking dead". It is by no fault of the Lewis that the driver didn't hear as they were in range but the noise of what I presume is Teamspeak overpowered the typically quiet in-game chat. While I have no quarrels with the admin involved in the initial situation, I do believe another opinion is required to listen to the audio of the event and judge for themselves whether they deem lewis guilty. As I state again, Lewis was under the impression we were initiated, and he can not account for the driver having Teamspeak overpowering the in-game chat. I do admit it is difficult to hear the "or" in the "come back, or you're fucking dead" initiation however if initiation doesn't count if the direct message doesn't pick up a word like "or" I fail to see why admins cannot believe that a person doesn't say "come back ... fucking dead" and the situation was merely a technical error. I do not blame anyone involved, and I think the situation is just a misunderstanding that is not helped by an exaggeration of the discussion inside chat, describing Lewis as being toxic when he refused to join the Teamspeak after being falsy accused of RDM. lewis was under the impression he was initiated, and in the video, Teamspeak was talking over the initiation, and it would be stupid not to give Lewis the benefit of the doubt that he was initiated.