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  1. I dont know if Im happy that you are back :)

  2. @Jack Knight Do we understand jokes? 

    1. Jack Knight

      Jack Knight

      @Sanjib Punjabi Fair enough in your ts channel, putting it public on forums and pointing out something he can't help ain't a joke. 

    2. Sanjib Punjabi

      Sanjib Punjabi

      It is... He took it as a joke as well as I was on TS at the time with him, though primarily the point was that the ban was unjustified 

    3. Matt Obama

      Matt Obama

      classic jack 

  3. 754dd5554d23d35d28ba8d1112a05b74.png

    What does "tage abouse" mean? :) @Mike Brooks 


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    2. Ninj


      I have never seen a group of ppl that have such a large a majority of their population riddled with dyslexia such as arma 3 gamers

    3. Jack Knight

      Jack Knight

      @Tom Pea +1. Your not stupid @Sanjib Punjabi you know what i means, my 3 year old cousin would be able to tell. Don't be such a cunt. 

    4. Scarso


      @Jack Knight Yikes, Even Graham took the joke better than you

  4. With the state of the servers desync atm I dont think it would be viable to implement
  5. Time Submitted: 08:22:08 PM | 01/20/20 Submitted By: Sanjib Punjabi (2701) Your In-Game Name: Sanjib Punjabi [RS2701] Who are you reporting?: Mr Chode Time/Date of event: 19:55 Rule's Broken: 1.2 Explain what happened: I arrived on seen of a robbery and just got RDM's Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/kHfgQR7avEA - DONT WANT HIM BANNED JUST SPOKEN TO ABOUT THE RULES AS HE DIDNT COME TO SUPPORT Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Lolyhase - case id 19983
  6. Finally something can get done! 

    Well done @Stephen @Zinner

  7. yo its blackstone, long time no see
  8. I could outline the level of inaccuracies in the statement though I would be wasting my time, as I have always been, I am on teamspeak. I have explained the reasoning for a multitude of issues that you have had before so can only go of that. Again if you have any problems contact us and we can try to explain it in a more simple manner that you may find easier to understand.
  10. You are very welcome, I am glad you appreciate what a privilege it is to be in 'the circle' xD Have fun @Theodore and keep in touch
  11. if there is a cop hostage I can understand the response may seem extreme though neccessary.
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