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  1. Sanjib Punjabi

    Driver/Pilot Hexagons

  2. Sanjib Punjabi

    In a bit

    Cya kiddo
  3. Sanjib Punjabi

    Fleur Knight | Independent | Election Day Update

    Last time I checked HAVOC are not even citizens of the UK so shouldn't be allowed to vote anyway 😕
  4. Sanjib Punjabi

    Magic lorry suddenly appears

    Very Frequently xD
  5. Sanjib Punjabi

    Magic lorry suddenly appears

    Gotta love Kendal and Windermere
  6. Sanjib Punjabi

    Citizens of Altis | Update!

    I find this appointment disgusting, democracy is being truly held to the test. To allow a terrorist, operating in direct opposition with the British Crown, to be allowed in office as appalling and gives me a reason to completely denounce the Governors Office on this island. My support for democracy remains, but to have you in office is an outrage. God Save the Queen SI Sanjib Punjabi
  7. Sanjib Punjabi

    Justice For Jakob

    +1 #justice4jakob
  8. Sanjib Punjabi

    Beret (Gendarmerie) [SOLD]

  9. Sanjib Punjabi

    RDM = One way Gang Initiation

  10. Sanjib Punjabi

    APC Border control

    As I said a border force is probably a better option
  11. Sanjib Punjabi

    APC Border control

    The server has an issue of people having way too much money at the moment, New players can make money legally or take a risk and do it illegally, it shouldnt be easy to do an illegal run, there should be a large element of risk
  12. Sanjib Punjabi

    APC Border control

    Its not the only thing HAVOC has, you have the same opportunity to enforce laws and conduct traffic stops as we do. Additionally, you are rebels, terrorists in fact and as I said if a physical checkpoint cant be built a Border Force would be good for us
  13. Sanjib Punjabi

    APC Border control

    I have raised this point within the police many times, as @Lewis Mackinnon says, it is completely illogical for a rebel terrorist group to have full control of an illegal border with the United Kingdom. They have little to no laws yet they control our border? Seems completely silly to think this would ever be allowed to happen. As for making another checkpoint, I don't think this would ever happen as the argument is that HAVOC will have nothing to do even though they have nearly similar opportunities to us but with an additional checkpoint. I would propose that if a physical border that the United Kingdom has some say in its control is denied, a sort of Border Force that the police control would be good. They could be direct monitoring for the border and offer as a line of protection from the unrecognized and illegitimate state know as HAVOC.
  14. Sanjib Punjabi

    Bring Back Music Selection!

  15. Sanjib Punjabi

    vM | VENOM (OPEN)

    The nostalgia this brings