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  1. Sanjib Punjabi

    NHS Finds Marijuana causes brain damage

    Does the Prime Minister even care??????
  2. Sanjib Punjabi

    Cops to rebel outpost

    If you have been killed by police at rebel its not the cops fault, its yours. You will only be killed if you fail to comply and endanger officers. The risk you take to buy illegal weapons is high, you want the police to be inhibited from carrying out there duty because you haven't developed the tactics to evade us. There isn't the intent for officers to kill, but to stop you guys killing us in the future. If you are aware of the surroundings to rebel outpost you can clearly see when an MPU boat is arriving however, many times we are ignored so get the edge on rebels.
  3. Sanjib Punjabi

    bye kids

    thank god
  4. Sanjib Punjabi

    Jakob Boyden

    CID leaked
  5. Sanjib Punjabi


    As @Jack Williams said, it would add to the RP to allow rebels to steal and use police equipment properly. As for the claim it will ruin the police reputation, that is a risk however it adds for something for the police to deal with and prevent. It makes officers value their lives more as their gear could now be properly used and endanger others further in the future. I would be happy to see all police equipment work when it is stolen, from uniforms to tasers and the already implemented car sirens.
  6. Sanjib Punjabi

    Increase whitelisted faction slots

  7. Sanjib Punjabi


    Or maybe even push for the strict enforcement on specific laws and relaxation on others
  8. Sanjib Punjabi


    +1 obviously we would need some moderation on their abilities so every drug doesn't become illegal. Maybe this links with a suggestion to set up some form of local government and this would create lots of role play for civilians and cops alike. I would like to see formation of political parties to run for local government and having these make some decisions on the island. If done well this suggestion could be very nice to have.
  9. Sanjib Punjabi

    Rule Suggestion (Vehicle Initiation)

    yes but he would have been shot instantly and the rebel has the immediate upper hand
  10. Sanjib Punjabi

    Rule Suggestion (Vehicle Initiation)

    Yeah but as shown in the video there are ways it can be abused to ruin a situation, i think jacks suggestion would improve our time greatly
  11. Sanjib Punjabi

    Rule Suggestion (Vehicle Initiation)

    +1 Fully agree and prevents this
  12. Sanjib Punjabi

    Change the wanted list

    -1 whilst for convenience the other one was better, this is more realistic and I prefer it.
  13. Sanjib Punjabi

    Remove Airdrops = Better FPS

    It really inst difficult to understand, the developers are working on a fix so instead of complaining and making uneducated guesses allow developers to do their jobs in peace.
  14. Sanjib Punjabi

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year, well I hope it will be at least