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  1. +1 would be nice to add a bit of competition again
  2. Time Submitted: 06:03:10 PM | 06/14/19 Submitted By: Sanjib Punjabi (2701) Your In-Game Name: Sanjib Punjabi [KV2701] Who are you reporting?: Rasta (76561198296187960) Time/Date of event: 14/06/2019 - 18:31:30 Rule's Broken: 1.14 Discrimination Explain what happened: I attended the scene of an officer taken hostage, attempted to negotiate and got a refusal from one man and then the person I am reporting comes from behind a car and begins to be rude and says he doesn't want to negotiate with a "3 and a half year old". At this point I took him to support and found he was putting on an accent to avoid being identifiable before it slipped at the end of the case where he began to be rude to me. The case id is 16295 Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/4_boNDn9wm0 the main interaction is at Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Lewis
  3. You're leaving us Will miss you ace
  4. "The common man" not exactly so common when you are starting a revolution against a democratically elected government...
  5. Then you have clearly misinterpreted the event
  6. THE APC NEVER TRIED COMMIT AN ASSASSINATION, I dont know where you heard this!
  7. Congratulations @Ben Sewell for becoming governor! I look forward to working with you to help reform the island.

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    2. Sanjib Punjabi

      Sanjib Punjabi

      @Niko. In support of the APC the majority of protection will be done by the police service

    3. Niko.


      Yeah, good luck with that 

    4. Sanjib Punjabi

      Sanjib Punjabi

      We dont need luck, we have the Commissioner... 

  8. If terrorism is the way then the law and the British people will not stand for it, as you say a reckoning will come and I advise you are on the right side of history
  9. When did this happen? I am not aware of such actions!
  10. You collaborate with those who commit acts of terror and threaten it yourself @Finchuk if you dont win. If a government consists of those who want to harm civilians, how can we support you??
  11. I am not confident that is the reason, surely it is to do with the fact that HAVOC are rebels so oppose the government with violence so shouldn't be allowed to take part in our elections.
  12. There is nothing wrong with a little bias to keep morals up!
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