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  1. Barbara

    House For Sale In Neochori!

    yeah, ive put through a transfer request for management but nobody has responded
  2. Barbara

    House For Sale In Neochori!

    I’ll sort the link out later today
  3. Barbara

    House For Sale In Neochori!

    Sellers In-Game Name: [TA] Barbara Item Name: Small Neochori House Description of Item: Small Neochori house in good area. Not far from Tobacco processing if you want to rob some folk, also good if you want to visit the naughty folk at the corrections facility. Proof of Ownership: (Screenshot/Video) Start Price: 900,000 Minimum Bid Increment: 50,000 End Date & Time: (DD/MM/YY) 01/05/18
  4. Barbara

    Limited edition red headset - worn by TeddyBear

    I'll take the 200k for the headset. I'm sorry, i cant really take Ninj in return.
  5. Whilst summoning the gods i was successful. I was lucky enough to be blessed with his red device. It is very rare and i will be willing to take any available offers.
  6. Wonderful house, good neighbour, You can always pop on down to the corrections to insult some prisoners. (Not reccomended) I will be selling the property for 1.5 million. If anyone is interested please let me know.
  7. Susan Smyth is an outstanding paramedic who has helped the community out a lot. He should be promoted to Doctor!