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    I am a Volunteer Firefighter and I am also in Marine JROTC I love soccer

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  1. Lamarcus Smith

    Where did @Ninj Go?

    Come back
  2. Lamarcus Smith

    Where did @Ninj Go?

    Where has he gone??? @Ninj
  3. Time Submitted: 01:26:06 AM | 12/02/18 Submitted By: Lamarcus Smith (2685) Your In-Game Name: [APC]Lamarcus Smith Who are you reporting?: legs long skinny, no spin today Time/Date of event: 7:30ish est 12/1/18 Rule's Broken: 3.1,3.5 Explain what happened: Was having a wonderful roleplay situation when this gang rolled up and ruined it they started by instigating us asking for police gear then stole someone's car in front of us then stole a police car and when we tried to leave we were gunned down without proper initiation and threat on our life. We legitimately tried to resolve this case and all we asked was for a note to be made of it and I was then disrespected by legs long skinny and he became belligerent when we were going to let him go. Due to his ridiculous behavior in the support room we decided to continue with the report as the issue could not be resolved. We attempted to resolve it with a note and they did not like it very much. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): I have over 15 minutes of footage I cut it down to the main parts to save time if you want the full footage just ask and you will see what they do from start to finish. https://youtu.be/vlUp_y7Rp84 https://youtu.be/hp7PLVjNEr4 prior to their arrival Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Roy Lester
  4. Lamarcus Smith

    Stretchers, Bloodbags and Defibrillators

    If a system could be made to where defibs only work with no medic online then id +1
  5. Lamarcus Smith


    +1 could have lawyers ,judges, prosecutors a new faction
  6. Lamarcus Smith

    Stretchers, Bloodbags and Defibrillators

    I agree with all of this except for defibs because medics dont get enough revives as it is since people mostly execute each other defibs would render medics obsolete
  7. Lamarcus Smith

    DELTA Dedication

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1377296249 1:40 AM out here securing cartels and keeping those in DELTA lands safe
  8. Lamarcus Smith

    No cops on

  9. We dont get paid enough to deal with this
  10. Lamarcus Smith

    Suggest some civilian clothing / car skins

    I feel like suits would be a good idea
  11. Lamarcus Smith

    new toy for the rich

  12. Lamarcus Smith

    Delta visa's

    a phat +1
  13. Lamarcus Smith

    factions in redzones

  14. Lamarcus Smith

    DELTA reggistration