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  1. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    Thankyou so much @Tim and @Adam and I promise you it will not happen again.
  2. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    2.2 RDM - Random Deathmatch is not permitted. RDM is shooting and/or killing another player without the prior engagement of Roleplay. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your initiation. You must provide at 10 seconds as a minimum. 3.2 Metagaming - Metagaming is using any out-of-character knowledge to your advantage in a Roleplay/Combat situation. I broke both of these and it was pretty stupid too as they are very simplistic but in the 5 days that I have been off the server I have read the rules inside and out and understand them and if you break them, that it makes the server non-enjoyable, I promise it will never happen again, and I understand every nook and cranny to go along with them , also I was rather new to the server when these occurred, so I did not fully understand what metagaming was, and the RDM was purely me too quick on the trigger and I now know that I must wait 10 seconds before shooting. I am sorry for the actions I did, all I can say is I promise not to RDM and Metagame again, and that I would highly appreciate being given a 2nd chance but that is up to you guys.
  3. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    I don't know what happens if an admin doesn't respond do I put the ban appeal up again if it times out?
  4. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    Ok that is no worry I understand privacy and all but let me tell you this I would NOT jeopardise this ban because in the days following my ban of course I tried other RP servers and none of them are as good as PhoenixRP, pardon the language but I am not kissing arse I generally mean this server is the best out of all the others, and I promise you this was not me logging in and trying to ban evade.
  5. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    Alexe was banned because of the same IP we use? so can you give me the ip that logged in please.
  6. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    If I can because I have work tomorrow 8-4, can I respond to whatever you say then, I may be able to access this on my phone on break.
  7. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    I do not have a different account under the pseudonym "The Plane" this is my one and only account. How did they even manage to get on the server?
  8. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    I would never do anything to jeopardise my account, because a 14 day ban is quite long and I also would not risk getting a I assume T2 ban for ban evading? or T3? I do really like to play on this server and would not increase my ban by any means as that just means less play time for me.
  9. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    I am not aware of any ban evading, as you know I have a brother (Alexe) and I have a father who also plays Arma, we are all connected via the same router I think his name is (Kad Pleb, Kad Plebarankski) something like that but he has not told me about any bans, he does not usually play Arma as of course he works and doesn't usually have time.
  10. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    Another thing just to add, me commentating on my last ban appeal that Im ok with serving 14 days, im not, I retract those statements completely as I didn't know how long this would really be, im sorry for all statements said.
  11. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/12/18

    Time Submitted: 08:11:13 PM | 01/12/18 Submitted By: MashAr (2649) In-Game Name: golds Steam / Player ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MasharrAR Administrator who issued ban: Tim Date of ban: 01/05/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for RDM and metagame, the RDM I saw the video posted by Sponge I think his name was and his view it looked like I shot very quickly, on my screen it showed that he was reversing and I thought he was trying to get away so I shot, I have been killed before because of reversing to get my car into place, so I did not think this was fair however I have no proof of me being killed because I don't record. The metagame I did not know about on the rules because I thought that the name is visible so my thinking was I can call him by his name, but in the same situation sponge did say "What's my name?" which could be considered a form of baiting but that is up to you to decide. What reason was given for your ban? The reason was RDM and Metagame. Why should you be unbanned? I feel I like I should be unbanned because originally I thought I could sit out a 14 day ban and it is only been 5 days since the ban and I really regret saying that I am ok with the ban for 14 days. I have learned that I must wait for people if they are parking their car after I have initiated as it is not fair on the other players. The metagame I also regret and I will now know what to say when I have interaction with players. I don't know how many hours specifically I have put into the server, however I can see it is a fair few like 40-50 hours I think? Also I do like to help people out in the chat if they have any questions I just was not clear on the metagame and thought it was ok to say their names, which I am sorry for. The RDM, I now know that I should wait before I shoot, and not do what people have done to me in the past as I can be a better player. I also realised after I said his name that I had done something wrong and I did try to keep in roleplay but as you can see from the video "Louie" says "Your names sponge bud" and therefore roleplay could not carry on efficiently. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/8719-player-report-golds-louie-and-friends-010618/?tab=comments#comment-46909
  12. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/07/18

    After 14 days anything my ingame character will recieve? such as money wipe, character wipe etc....
  13. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/07/18

    Nvm I saw it 14 days, lol I don't care I can wait 14 days it was prob due with this sponge guy who got toxic from us killing him
  14. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/07/18

    Ok, so can another staff member tell me how long the ban is?
  15. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/07/18

    *also how long is the ban? is it perma or for a time limit?

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