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  1. MashAr

    Atlis news

    Ill have a look today mate thanks!
  2. MashAr

    Atlis news

    Okay we need Altis News back
  3. MashAr

    Atlis news

    They used to have Altis news, i think it was discontinued though
  4. MashAr

    HAVOC recruitment on Hold?

    No problem
  5. MashAr

    HAVOC recruitment on Hold?

    Sorry to sound pushy, do you know when this will be or will I just have to wait patiently?
  6. MashAr

    HAVOC recruitment on Hold?

    No problem, I have applied was just wondering thanks for the reply!
  7. Hi Guys, just wanted to know when the HAVOC recruitment will be open again as I really want to join them, any info on this would be very much appreciated
  8. MashAr

    Player Report - Lil V - 01/23/18

    Sorry for late reply lads, 7/11 if you want to send me a message in game, names Lil V I will sort out your comp, Im on most days, so you will see me around, just txt me or add me as a steam friend Ill put the link http://steamcommunity.com/id/MasharrAR
  9. MashAr

    Player Report - Lil V - 01/23/18

    Yes, and just if im coming off wrong, im not being a dick haha, im happy to comp if Raymond decides not to ban me
  10. MashAr

    Player Report - Lil V - 01/23/18

    It is always that what if though, you know like what if you were there acting as a civ and then when we look away you take out our guns and shoot us, that was my thinking
  11. MashAr

    Player Report - Lil V - 01/23/18

    True that, well like I said I am happy to comp you, I just done an iron run so we should be good on that end just waiting to see what Raymond has to say.
  12. MashAr

    Player Report - Lil V - 01/23/18

    I see your point , just in that moment I don't know after the ATM your going to pull out a gun and start shooting and the reason why I said no was because we were still in the fight but if an admin looks at the chat logs they will see that I do say afterwards that I'll hop in I waited like 10 mins, I just don't know if like you took cover after the ATM and shot at us you get my point ? I'm happy to comp you 1.4 mill if Raymond comes to a verdict.
  13. MashAr

    Player Report - Lil V - 01/23/18

    Moreover, after that fact I said no to coming to TS, I did say what do you want me to come to TS, and I did, I started talking to these guys one of whom is called Brooke I can't remember the other one, I think he was called Tyrone, so please post what I said afterwards, or if the admins can look at the chatlogs, I was more then happy to go to TS, but I saw it as I killed you in an active firefight so there was no reason too, but admins can prove me wrong.
  14. MashAr

    Player Report - Lil V - 01/23/18

    Like I said to Tim, it was an active firefight between 3 of my friends and another guy called Aaron, and you running round with a massive weapon, I think your coming to kill us, and I have been told before if your in an active gunfight anyone that comes within the vicinity can be shot, and also this has happened to me on occasion, if the admins dispute this, I am happy to comp your gear, just leave me a message on how much it all was. -Lil V And although you just spawned in, I have no idea that you did, for all I know your start killing us, you see my problem?
  15. MashAr

    Ban Appeal - Nathan - 01/21/18

    This guy is a friend of mine and I can vouch that he did need to go out to his aunt's birthday, his mum came in while he was AFK, ticking the down minutes to respawn and she did not know that he would have to wait to respawn.