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    Line of sniff then a fat old spliff

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  1. Will Gearon

    Night vis mask

  2. Will Gearon

    Community Events

    Maybe we could have an event where we go to the bowl not far from zaros and have a demolition derby so there will be different classes of vehicles not mraps all the time because that will just get boring af maybe have a round of off roads or sports hatchbacks it will be a good way to get all of the community involved maybe add a round for the spec units of the factions and some other little bonus rounds medics could he on stand by ready to provide medical assistance and potentially some great rp some gang members who are recruiting can spot for new members. its just a good way to get the community back together again relations between factions are on strings atm and it will be a way for everyone to let there hair down and de-stress and just enjoy some great rp and some fun times as a community
  3. Will Gearon

    Night vis mask

  4. Will Gearon

    Night vis mask

  5. HTA spend most of there time at the training grounds and it would be nice of they could spawn there i know its not much of a drive from pygros base but HTU have the FOB and HSF have there base i would be nice if we could have an area where we could spawn in
  6. Will Gearon

    Jasper Chan for PM

    +100000000000000000 jasper ftw long live the king
  7. Time Submitted: 11:25:14 PM | 01/25/19 Submitted By: Will Gearon (2648) In-Game Name: E-Bone Steam / Player ID: 76561198205546313 Date of Event: 01/25/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Logs Details of Event: i stored my meth in my house there was 233 so a full large crate and when i came on later it was all gone but i could access all the other stuff that was stored via the t inventory alexander had witnessed this and has a video you can ask him bout the t inventory bug Compensation Amount: 233 meth Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. Will Gearon

    Need loan if someone can.

  9. Will Gearon

    Selling Stuff

    ams for 2 mil
  10. Will Gearon

    Tags In Names

    Bring back the tags in the names it looks really scruffy atm with people not having them in and its just frankly annoying
  11. Will Gearon

    AMS for sale

    hes not online atm
  12. Will Gearon

    AMS for sale

    hes slod it already
  13. Will Gearon

    MARKA | Open

    DRUGwS are for inners and not sinners rasta you should know better
  14. Will Gearon

    MARKA | Open

    have you ever smoked weed ??????
  15. Will Gearon

    House Selling

    I cant sell my own personal house it says i need my gang leader to do it