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  1. Lewis Mackinnon

    More Rebel Outposts.

    I believe the purpose of the limited number and the positioning of the rebel/black markets are intentional. It should be easy and it shouldn't be convenient to access weaponry and rebel equipment. There should always be that risk.
  2. Lewis Mackinnon

    Stats Page Suggestions

    Hahaha, true xD But it still could be fun to look at. I mean, I know we track arrests, tickets, weapons and vehicles in NIU, that is what we issued and seized. But that's per patrol, not person. It may be nice just to see and maybe a some competition like thing.
  3. Lewis Mackinnon

    House Security/Levelling

    £10 PalPal.
  4. Lewis Mackinnon

    Stats Page Suggestions

    How about general statistics? For example, times killed, times arrested, times ticketed, tickets issued, arrests issued, impounds/scraps completed, revives carried out, patrol missions completed, etc etc. Even things like rank and preteige if not already shown.
  5. Lewis Mackinnon


    In all fairness, I would love to see a system like this, but it would need to be managed perfectly and have certain restrictions.
  6. Lewis Mackinnon

    Government System

    I'm aware that it was dead, so was a lot of the suggestions that I commented on last night... That's the point. I feel they deserve some attention, even if it's just to be closed. I am aware that there is another thread that is called "MAYOR", however, that is more specific, this suggestions a larger overall system, and I felt it deserved some attention, even if it's just to be closed.
  7. Lewis Mackinnon


    Alright, personally, I feel it's a great idea... On paper. Anything to do with a government system in Altis Life is great on paper, just never in actuality. Plus, why would a PMC protect the mayor??? It's a government role and therefore the government would protect them... But still, if done correctly and was provided clear moderation and restriction, I feel it could work, or at least enough to give it a shot.
  8. Lewis Mackinnon

    Spike strip hot key

    I feel just too many things could go wrong. Being a cop I know how often people misclick or press the wrong keys at the wrong time -, it would likely end up killing someone at some point or something. Plus, spikes shouldn't be the quickest thing to setup. They are an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. -1
  9. Lewis Mackinnon

    YouTube Thing

    Don't see a reason why not. YouTube is a great deal more popular than Twitch, so yeah, +1.
  10. Lewis Mackinnon

    Government System

    Personally, I feel very much the same way as Joshu - It's a great idea, however, I highly doubt it would work in actuality. At least not in the way intended. -1
  11. Lewis Mackinnon

    Gang Bases

    +1 But I don't feel a gangbase should be like a cartel. I feel there should be certain physical requirements in order to capture it. For example, the gang that currently owns it much have a minimum of 40% of its overall size. There should also be added perks to having it (Not literal perks) For example, while owned, a spawn point with access to garages and black market venders and a ATM. I feel things like this would offer a little more in terms of activities for larger gangs rather than just going around half naked in weird SUVs initiating on evdryone.
  12. Lewis Mackinnon

    sort out runs close to msr

    Honestly, why not? +1 Anything to increase interaction between players. I mean, to be honest, we don't really need the number of runs that there are on the server currently. I understand they give players more to do and that they populate the map further, but surely the main thing they do is separate players and limits RP interaction. I think the focus should be made more on actual jobs. It's something that isn't really gone to much into, but taking a little of the focus of just doing runs and maybe actually RPing as the likes of a lawyer might be fantastic for the community. In my opinion of course.
  13. Lewis Mackinnon

    Breaking into expensive vehicles

    +1 I think having a perk to lockpick higher classes of vehicles is a great idea. After all, lockpicking is talent and takes skill, having some new player able to lockpick a blackfish and make 30 odd mil straight off the bat doesn't seem quite right xD So yeah, maybe have a progression like system for lockpicking through the perks menu?
  14. Lewis Mackinnon

    Open Doors on ghost hawk

    +1 I think this should be added for basically every vehicle. For example, ghodthawk, yes, but also the hellcat, ifrit, hunter and strider. Things like that. It just adds a little more realism to the server overall and it's little things like that which build up the roleplay environment and improve the server as a whole.
  15. Lewis Mackinnon

    House Security/Levelling

    Can we show this suggestion some love? Personally I love the idea and think it would add a little more to work for, especially for those that have a absurd amount of money. +1