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  1. Lewis Mackinnon

    Beret (Gendarmerie) [SOLD]

    Sold to @Jetan Holo for £1,150,000.
  2. Lewis Mackinnon

    Carrier Rig (Black) [SOLD]

    Sold to @Kazz for £450,000.
  3. Lewis Mackinnon

    Huron Cargo Container

    I mean, you just got scammed. You can sling a HEMTT Transport with a Huron, allowing for 1400 storage space xD I do it all the time. Hope you haven't paid yet @ClemeX
  4. Lewis Mackinnon

    Huron Cargo Container

    Why would I, or anyone else for that matter, buy a item for 8m whenever I could literally just get a HEMTT for about 5% of that and store 100 more items?
  5. Lewis Mackinnon


    Fog will automatically be removed once it gets to a certain amount. There's no real problem with it really in my mind. It adds atmosphere and reduces lag. Win win xD
  6. Lewis Mackinnon

    Huron Cargo Container

    How much does it store?
  7. Lewis Mackinnon

    Cartel bonuses

    1. No, you get £1,500 per player on the server whenever there's less than 60 on, otherwise it's £3,000 per player every 15 minutes. This money will go directly into your gang's bank. 2. Yes, 10% per owned drug cartel. Yes, again, if you use a drug dealer in police territory and there are less than 10 officers currently active, you will receive 10% less. In HAVOC territory, if there are less than 10 HAVOC members, you will receive 10% less. 3. I don't believe so. However, I am aware that it provides a bonus when selling weapon parts. Not 100% sure how much, but it does. 4. It is affected by the number of players on the server yes, but they will not spawn unless there are more than 30 players active. 5. No problem. 6. You're welcome!
  8. Lewis Mackinnon

    Lack of roleplay by police

    I lived xD
  9. Lewis Mackinnon

    Lack of roleplay by police

    🤔 I'm not holding anything over any one person's head. I don't really care. But it's relevant and so's a running trend.
  10. Lewis Mackinnon

    Lack of roleplay by police

    🤔I have a video of TFU shooting a hummingbird randomly over a town yesterday as they were going to Northern xD
  11. Lewis Mackinnon

    Faction Commands

    Good, strong and very valuable input from Mr. Knuckle there. xD
  12. Lewis Mackinnon

    Faction Commands

    I completely agree with this actually. For example, there was always the rule in place that you could not be both silver command and a member of specialised unit command. I don't quite understand how it's acceptable then to be both the command of an entire faction a the same in another...
  13. Lewis Mackinnon

    Beret (Gendarmerie) [SOLD]

    Look at you trying to defend yourself xD
  14. Lewis Mackinnon

    RDM = One way Gang Initiation

  15. Lewis Mackinnon

    Drug dealer unless this is already a thing

    I like the system. Maybe something similar.