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  1. -1 - This has been requested and suggested multiple times in the past and rejected just the same.
  2. Vote for Ben - the only logical candidate for this island's future!

  3. The accused player has come to support and has enquired over this report as they knew nothing about it. They are willing to attempt to resolve the situation. Case ID: 15669.
  4. Hi there! Firstly, welcome to the community mate and I hope that you enjoy your time! If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to contact me, or of course, any other member of the community's support team via the support rooms on TeamSpeak. To answer your immediate questions, yes - you are able to purchase both houses and garages. You will first require a homeowner's licences in-game and enough money in your bank account. In addition, you can store any vehicle at any garage site and retrieve it from their respective sites. For example, helicopters from the air garage. Nevertheless, pal, if you do have anything else you'd like to know, I'd recommend you contact the support team as we are always happy to help out with anything we can.
  5. Right, first of all - both factions require the highest level of their air unit's respective whitelisting to even access said aircraft. I'm not 100% certain with HAVOC, but I wrote the current NPAS handbook and it's more than fair to say there's a lot of regulation behind the use. It has been denied in the past, literally countless times as allowing civilians to access it means EVERYONE who plays on the server has the potential to access them. If you want them that badly, wait for the next auction event. Secondly, I'm not in any faction, so I'm speaking from a non-biased perspective. I've been in all factions and have a view from all sides. If you don't want to be shot at while being chased by an armed hellcat, one - fly better; two - land; three - fly over a populated area and the police can't shoot you (HAVOC can though). Also, I've personally piloted an armed hellcat and likely have about 100 hours in one on this server alone - get a bloke with an LMG on the side of a hummingbird, fly low and simply keep going and you'll be grand. Finally, there are countless defences from an armed hellcat. Hellcats are basically paper and a 6.5mm gun would easily deal with it. Nothing will come from unmoderated access to armed helicopters than chaos. Nothing at all. If you just want more combat, go to a wasteland server or something - but it's still a roleplay server at the end of the day.
  6. Mate, this has been requested and denied about 1000 times. This time is no different. Giving access to armed air vehicle without restriction or moderation is simply a bad idea. If you don't like factions using them so much, talk to faction leadership.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, civilians have access to marksman rifles, assault rifles, SMGs, pistols, LMGs, HMGs and a whole array of vehicles. About 20 people on the server have access to an armed hellcat. EVERYONE has access to an armed offorad. Use it. Stop bitching for being at a disadvantage whenever you can level the playing field quite easily. I don't think some people realise the amount of work that goes into accessing these assets and the number of rules and regulations behind them.
  8. I mean, I think we're all forgetting that you can literally just land... It's honestly that simple lmao
  9. Hi, there Price. Firstly, I'd like to apologise for your poor experiences. Unfortunately, unless said wrongdoing is witnessed by a member of staff or otherwise reported, there's not very much that can be done. Nevertheless, I'd simply like to refer you to this rule: 1.7 Baiting - Baiting other players into a situation with the intention to just kill them is not permitted. If it is a clear violation of this rule, it will be actioned upon following a fair dispute and resolution. Of course, you can access the full rules page here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/altisliferules/. I hope this has helped with your question even a little. Otherwise, always feel free to contact me directly, respond to this post, ask in our Discord or, of course, join our support channels on TeamSpeak and myself, or any other member of the support team would be more than happy to assist yourself or gangmates.
  10. Second language also btw I mean, I mean, it didn't take much time at all actually and I could really care less, just fun to comment on when people are going on about being better than others but can barely type the sentences explaining how so and why.
  11. I also don't see how one engagement definitively proves that one group is better than another lmao Some days, HAVOC beats police, other days police beats HAVOC xD Both sides have good and shit players alike. More specifically, sometimes TFU wins, other times HSF xD It's simply arrogant and childish to say with 100% conviction that one is better than another lmao
  12. 1 i dont think you know exactly what I ment 2 ill happily play for some fun mate lmao i have no doubt that id be completely destroyed 3 im shit and your cocky for someone that drives a prowler around in an open field doing circles during an active gunfight just to get shot haha PS. I love using no form of punctuation and/or grammar lmao I genuinely had to change my autocorrect settings to type as you have xD Also, I fucking love Game of Thrones lmao Of course I understand the context.
  13. I know lmao But it's funny as fuck because I'm so shit at combat. Difference is, I'm not trying to be good nod do I ever say I am xD And yes xD Please. I was the pilot there and Comms were fucking mad lmao
  14. I do always find it cute how the police have to use clips from everything else other than ArmA lmao
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