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  1. A GB has been issued to the reported player for RDM. Player report accepted. Locked and moved.
  2. The reported player has 24-hours to respond to this report.
  3. You must use a 'Auction House Template' otherwise your auction may be moved to the archive Locked and moved.
  4. There are no NPAS flight regulations relating to the AR-2 Darter.
  5. Gang have it... So why wouldn't factions? +1
  6. It's a simple feature and a decent amount of people want it - I don't see why not.
  7. I like the idea of them - At least people get more of an award from having an extended playtime.
  8. The content of the house and the value of said contents holds no relevance. Nor does the potential of success. This is not a compensation request. @Jhonn, your own gang admitted to RDM and that was resolved in support. Whether you want to believe it or not, you took advantage of this RDM and refused to accept a fair resolution. Now you're getting my resolution. Your statement "there is no guarantee that they would get in" works both ways. There is no guarantee they wouldn't get in. You refused to allow them this chance after an admitted rule break prohibited them from carrying out the action. Due to this, I'm going to be issuing you with a GB for Exploiting. Player report accepted. Locked and moved.
  9. Alright, @Hondo In the last several months you've been involved in support cases relating to RDM a total of 12 times. Each of these times it's in relation to some aspect of the initiation rules. I do find it hard to believe, given this and the amount of time you've spent on this community, that you were unaware that knocking someone out within a blue zone, without prior, valid initiation, is RDM and wrong. If there was lethal initiation, I could maybe understand this to some degree - But there wasn't. Additionally, your attitude in support is unacceptable. If you are in the wrong, that's fair enough and we all make mistakes. But "I'm done here I'm going back to play." - Actually you're not. Due to this report, I'm going to be issuing a 7-day discretionary ban on Mike Hunt (76561198246385922) for RDM. Player report accepted. Locked and moved.
  10. There is a large possibility that the shots were not heard by the time the aircraft was stored. Additionally, compensation for the Huron is simply out of the question. There is no guarantee that you could have secured the aircraft and successfully chop shopped it @Speedy. Nevertheless, there was a rule break here and due to this, I will be issuing a warning to @Captain Price for Combat Storing. He has no previous warnings or bans relating to this and I do believe that it was a genuine mistake at the end of the day. Player report Accepted. Locked and moved.
  11. The reported player has 24-hours to respond to the report. @Mike Hunt
  12. Just become an admin and you get unlimited for free xD
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