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  1. _Lewis

    APC Command

    Is that why we didn't remove one of them until it was discovered that they had lied. Is that while one of them was let off. One of them was given his second warning point, but instead of a 7-day PCSO lock, he got it for 3-days... We do let people off. But there's only so much we can do. It wasn't "nitpicked" - It was read.
  2. _Lewis

    APC Command

    "Rebel Activities" - It's a huge rule xD But again, we don't make the rules. But we literally have to enforce them. If we don't, we ourselves can receive punishments.
  3. _Lewis

    APC Command

    You do understand joining a faction that entail rules to follow.. IF you fail to follow them, you can't exactly complain about receiving punishments.
  4. _Lewis

    APC Command

    You mean the 2-weeks we've been pushing development on V2, starting school and I've had issues with my family? Yet still managed to carry on my Silver Command duties. We attempt to speak to everyone privately if there's an issue. It's others that tend to spread it
  5. _Lewis

    APC Command

    and I do talk to them Blitz. I do suggest rule changes. But I have to enforce the rules as they stand. I do play, hence leading to this situation. Given, I'm not as active as I have things going on IRL, with school, V2 and generally being burnt out. But I continue to keep up the administrative side of things. Yet you took me hostage today. Who???
  6. _Lewis

    APC Command

    https://gyazo.com/4ce8ac8077e2e8c390957320162a27fc "Public" Don't break the rules. Simple. We don't make the rules. We enforce them.
  7. _Lewis

    APC Command

    I mean, as a whole, this is such an opinionated and biassed statement lmao PM????
  8. _Lewis

    APC Command

    Literally your friend had admitted to breaking the rule... He literally agreed to his punishment xD
  9. _Lewis

    server BTW

    I mean................ You did break rule 2.4 yourself @Stefan♦
  10. Maybe if more people left the way you did they would stop giving him and the rest of us such shit - especially given the fact we spend a great deal of our own free time to make others time better... many of which are simply ungrateful and fail to recognise that.
  11. _Lewis


    Implemented for V2
  12. _Lewis

    Make a plane run

    Unfortunately, although this would be nice to have, it would simply be awkward. There's not really anywhere on the map that a run could be complete solely with a plane and nothing else. Additionally, it simply wouldn't be very fitting as a whole due to this fact and almost impossible to counteract, meaning very little risk. Locked and Moved.
  13. _Lewis

    Oil rig cap

    Right, there's multiple issues with building an oil rig. Firstly, if you want it to both look nice and function well in terms of a fighting area, you would need to use a stupid amount of map objects, increasing performance as a whole. However, in terms of receiving higher end rewards, we are looking into various options. Regardless, V2 won't see any manner of oil rig unless we find a specific use for it and manner of building it. Locked and Moved.
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