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  1. Fox_Eagle

    i guess this is it

    my g
  2. Fox_Eagle

    i guess this is it

    sorry babes
  3. Fox_Eagle

    i guess this is it

    So, i have enjoyed my time on this community. being banned is no fun. but i wont go into that here. I have had my ups and downs on this server but most ups. But my time has ended and its my time to sign out. I have had loads of fun and made loads of mates. I joined the server and played as a hobo for a few weeks. Then joined rusty. There i met @Moh Lester, and boy we have had a lot of fun. @Moh Lester @Kr4ken @Cobra★ @Stefan ° @Lucanova @J O S H @TeddyBear @Ciaran @Jackk and everyone else. I love u fam, we have had allot of fun together and we will continue to. You made the experience on this community peng asssssssssssss hell. I would also like to thank everyone i havnt mentioned but know we have had loughs together. I am leaving for now. if i come back ill let you know boys. and last of all. support sgt. @Moh Lester s/sgt support @Kr4ken pvt support @Jackk if your not admins by the time i get back then i swear ill be one foot out the door before i even get close xD.
  4. Fox_Eagle

    Ban Appeal - Fox_Eagle - 07/08/18 - Altis Life

    If i was guilty i Would have allready admitted to IT AS i Cant be arsed to Lie AND snake My Way out of things. It wastes eveyones time. Especially If i have to make new ban appeals And so on. I have played on this community for a long time now And If you dont believe me When i say i have been wrongfully accused then there is nothing i can do. I have loads of mates here And tbf ITS just embaressing for me to Even be accused of this AS i carry myself AS a legitemate player. Now i will leave you to tour desicion But If you deside to believe me then i Thank you. I have played games all My life And allways tried to perfect My gameplay And be AS Good AS possible. Controlling recoil is one of Them. Playing on this community is one of the things i enjoy doing When Im on My computer And IT Would be sad If that was deprived of me because of this.
  5. Fox_Eagle

    Ban Appeal - Fox_Eagle - 07/08/18 - Altis Life

    Because i have never used the scripts or Hacks you Are acusing me of. So i shouldnt Even be banned And Get these quistions And acusations in My opinion. AS for My other bans has been resolved. I never break any rules on purpos And If i do i allways try to resolve Them in support. If you want a promise then sure ill promise i wont breaky any rules on purpos ,And i will never USE any of these scripts that you Are saying Im using because i never have used Them. There is nothing wrong with My frag movie AS i did nothing wrong, IT caused confusion And i Am Sorry for that And for wasting you time on this.
  6. Fox_Eagle

    Crazed montage 4

  7. Time Submitted: 03:25:25 PM | 07/08/18 Submitted By: Fox_Eagle (2599) In-Game Name: Fox_Eagle Steam / Player ID: 76561198129372009 Administrator who issued ban: Yorkie Date of ban: 07/05/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: why were you banned i was banned for my 4th frag montage and in this you can see me on single auto and pull down on my mouse, I can see by me watching this that it looks like i have a pulldown on but I do not. All i was trying to do was control the recoil and I pulled down thinking I was on full auto. I have no pulldown on my PC nore would i ever install something like that type of hacks as I would never want to be Ifastar banned. What reason was given for your ban? -yorkie "Hacking" [GB] Why should you be unbanned? I would never ever install something like that that could harm my PC with any sort of virus and I would never use it as i know that it is scummy and it is easy to see. All I can say is im not guilty of what i have been accused off and i have proof, if any management members want to search my PC through teamviewer, you can, as i have nothing to hide as I have done nothing wrong. The only thing I have done wrong is pull down on my mouse thinking i was in full auto just like anyone else would. You can even see at 2:40 you can see that i am not using one as i am trying hard to pull down on my mouse but i can't as it is a mk14 you can see me trying to control it but i mess up abit. You can also see at 0:55 that i pull down when i shoot now i do this out of instinct as i am used to controlling my mouse when i shoot you can even see me pull it back up with no problems but if i did have a pull down you would see me looking at my feet and not the floor, all i am trying to say is when i decamped i was in single fire mode not full auto so ofcourse it looks like a pull down but i promise you it is not at all you can see by every other clip i am pulling down on my mouse. Like i said you can even check my PC i have nothing to hide as i have done nothing wrong. Plus i would never use one when i take a piss out of people who use it themselves. This is just sad, come back from vacation and i see ive been banned for this. I will admit it does look dodgy but i explained it to Tom pea in teamspeak and he seems to understand it. If anyone else would like a proper talk so i could explain my self in depht then i am happy to. Also JOSH has helped me with this while i was away on my vacation so if you have any questions just ask him aswell if i am not here. I play with allot of admins on here and they know i dont "hack" What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  8. Fox_Eagle


    nice pulldown
  9. rented a hippie last night, pretty good. very fast. if you would like to know more email me

    1. Stefan °

      Stefan °

      you're a hippie yourself 

    2. Will'o Boston

      Will'o Boston

      Bad add btw, ask people to send you an email with questions. But dont put your email in the add. YIKES <3

    3. Stefan °

      Stefan °

      if you need his email ask dombo

  10. Fox_Eagle

    1 HAVOC Member vs 5 Cops | PhoenixRP

    wow ur like, THE best I've seen
  11. Fox_Eagle

    Meet the [TEC]

    I'm pretty scared ngl
  12. Fox_Eagle

    Havoc Tag

    same @Alexander
  13. Fox_Eagle

    Will'o Boston's Event Ideas

    admin jack
  14. Fox_Eagle

    Havoc's 80k mk1

    HSOS have restrictions on weapons. 1 7.62 when you are 1-3, when there is 4-6 hsos you can use 2 and then from 7-10 you can use 3. this is if there are enough members online. Then there is high command. its just like police, they have ctsfo. And you need to be in HSOS fora bit until they trust u with these weapons. Its balanced in my opinion. HSS are only allowed to have type and AK12. and you need to be captain to even use the ak12.
  15. Fox_Eagle


    yes pls