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  1. Time Submitted: 12:06:56 PM | 03/18/18 Submitted By: Robins (2594) In-Game Name: Robins Steam / Player ID: 76561198115810188 Date of Event: 03/18/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmh6l15czWw Details of Event: Truck Blew up randomly Compensation Amount: Type loadout worth 500k Hemmt Uranium =1600000 -+ 2100000 comp in total Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. Robins Comp Req 18-03-2018

    Truck spazzed out then blew up Type loadout worth 500k Hemmt Uranium =1600000 -+ 2100000 comp in total
  3. Tazing being initiation

    Common sense btw
  4. Tazing being initiation

    I’ve already brought this up, and the police always come up with the bullshit reason off, we only want to fight and want to rp, I’ll say it again. Rp without the need for putting people in handcuffs, if you need to put them in cuffs then you initiate like anyone else on the server. If you need to cuff them, then initiate, it should have to be a last resort if you REALLY want to RP. And anyway all of the RP tazing I have ever seen always result in the police being initiated on anyway, so obviously there is lots of RP there.
  5. Rust server

    yesh please
  6. Full Composure

  7. HAVOC bank

    i aint a developer or nothing, but what the fuck? Funding?
  8. Rule Changes

    Ok, so what about making them an expensive item to buy? i.e 100k a piece?
  9. Rule Changes

    Crosshair, Cartels, 7.62’s 3 different rebel tiers, a whitelisted ‘rebel’ faction, and a specialised combat dept on the cops. Roleplay server btw. Robbing is apart of the server. Rules such as shooting tyres is needed as I’m sure at @Proxy will agree we was being chased by 2 cop sports hatchbacks for a minimum of 10 minutes only reason why we stopped is because we got bored and killed the cops.l, there was lots of role play involved during the 10 minute chase. The rules introduced benefit rebels, purely because there is a call for it, from what I’ve seen is mainly, not all, people from Havoc and Police complaint or -1ing it, the rest are just being useless and saying -1 bad rules. So to the people who are saying this, Please be constructive and describe why the rule changes might be a bad idea, and perhaps a compromise.
  10. Give blood perk/option

  11. Rule Changes

    So what would you do, or suggest?
  12. Rule Changes

    As if they don’t already, I got called into support last night, after a long term experienced player called me out for, RDM, Fail Rp, and also cop baiting, only for it to be shut down quicker than he put the report up. The rules as they are, are not perfect. And IMO for the server to develop they need to be adapted/ changed.
  13. Thats not what i heard him say, ay, there was a lot of BS in the channel, bit embarrassing that the staff dragged people that wast involved in the situation and could not control them. I might have misheard him.
  14. Illusion | Gang Recruitment

    Got a fraggy?

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