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  1. imagine getting buthurt over a funny video, now thats a yikes oh and nice editing btw ❤️
  2. i mean it is a bit over the top but it aint like your going to run out of money anytime soon if your able to afford a jet
  3. if you have the money to buy these things then you have enough to pull them out at their current prices
  4. who even are you mate? your clearly snorting something if you thought that was good.
  5. this video editing is shit, the gameplay is shit as you are a complete bot, your pc is shit. WHY DO YOU UPLOAD?
  6. OMG GUYS! there is a girl in the community! we must all whiteknight her now! dont anyone make jokes or you might get banned!

    1. PugsNotDrugs


      (waits for ban)


    2. Roy


      (issues ban)

  7. If i keep spraying, one of these bullets have to hit
  8. PugsNotDrugs


    yes, please ban all vile furries
  9. lol titans back for the tenth time
  10. hi swizz, since when did you hand over your gang?
  11. These documents must've taken you a long time to make
  12. All clips from one night
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