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  1. PugsNotDrugs

    Suicide Vests?

    wouldn't this go against the value of life rule? there would be a lot of rule breaks from this and it wouldn't work well. doesn't work on other servers and wont on this
  2. PugsNotDrugs

    For Honor Free

  3. PugsNotDrugs

    BIA | Recruiting [Disbanded]

  4. PugsNotDrugs

    Altis Freedom Force

    Your application was Accepted. Join the teamspeak and wait in the AFF lobby for your interview
  5. PugsNotDrugs

    The return

    welcome back
  6. PugsNotDrugs

    Altis Freedom Force

    Denied, lack of effort
  7. PugsNotDrugs

    Altis Freedom Force

  8. PugsNotDrugs

    Altis Freedom Force

    Accepted, come to ts for your interview Accepted, come to ts for your interview
  9. PugsNotDrugs

    Altis Freedom Force

    Accepted need more detail in the roleplay story
  10. PugsNotDrugs

    prison if you die by police

    the reason people prefer to die than get sent to prison is because prison sucks and you cant escape it currently and no one wants to sit somewhere for 15 mins doing nothing with no rp. and increase it to half an hour stuck there doing nothing? you serious? would you enjoy sitting in prison with no rp for half an hour? police wouldn't have to bother with rubbers anymore as if they kill you then you go to prison anyways. i think this is a bad idea with there being no possible escape from prison currently
  11. PugsNotDrugs

    Altis Freedom Force

  12. PugsNotDrugs

    Altis Freedom Force

  13. PugsNotDrugs

    Prison escape

    could be a pretty cool breakout system where there might be a blasting charge that blows up the door or a portion of the wall for a certain amount of time and there would be a notification to all players saying something about prisoners escaping the jail? 380k for my last bail.....
  14. PugsNotDrugs

    Prison escape

    so why would i wanna go to prison? i may as well make sure i die in a gunfight instead of going to prison because id rather die and loose a bit of money than sit somewhere for 15 minutes doing nothing at all with no roleplay. maybe make it so cops are always at the prison so you can roleplay with them and even try to convince them to let you out early or there could be a store in there where you can buy a makeshift ladder or a shovel and escape prison that way
  15. PugsNotDrugs

    Prison escape

    1.14 Prison - You must never fly into the prison in an attempt to break someone out. I believe players should be able to land in the prison using a helicopter to break out their friends or other people in prison as it can make for some very fun role play situations and doesn't make going to jail so boring as most of the time if you are unlucky enough to go there you will be spending 15 minutes doing nothing with no people to role play with. so i suggest that this rule should be removed as i don't see any benefits of having it there and i don't understand how it helps. well thats my opinion and id like to hear yours.