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We have just migrated our server to a new machine, DNS has been updated however if you are still having trouble connecting feel free to contact a member of staff.


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  1. More clothing

  2. Balanced runs

  3. Raymond Reddington

  4. Dont get in a car with conner merlin

    shouldve cut out the first bit
  5. Body Dragging Extended

    +1 cool idea
  6. For PugsNotDrugs

    i agree
  7. SNAKE

    dont think so, i did it to save your life from a venomous snake....
  8. SNAKE

    haha, im scared of snakes in arma
  9. How It Feels To Be A Medic

    soviet womble = best
  10. Add Tow script / Exile store script

    it would be op
  11. Diamonds

    +1 make diamonds worth it
  12. Staff Team - Feedback

    I think that the staff team are doing a wonderful job and i think you could be a little bit harsher on some people but i like how youre doing your job, keep it up
  13. Gang initiation

    Okay well if it was done to only show gang name so only used to stop killing random hobos