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  1. Water chopshop

    Oh yeah, but would the perk to possibly keep it work?
  2. Water chopshop

    what if you manage to nick the mpu speedboat minigun?
  3. Water chopshop

    well what about if you dont have helicopters dlc?
  4. Gamers.

    What the fuck did I just watch
  5. christian police channels

    +1 this is a christian channel, no swearing please
  6. What textures would you like to see?

    I love that Mohawk design
  7. Martial law

    -1 we are a role play community not a combat community, we don't need bigger guns and we have got quite a few more members. I think this idea would be abused and would not benefit the community at all. We have free gear for a reason so it lets us try to role play at all times instead or shooting.

    +1 for havoc vehicles too
  9. Havoc Anti-Camp

    should only be able to camp for 15mins of every hour or two. lets them watch it but gives players time to earn money off of it
  10. Okay to start with your application was not to a good enough standard and it was clear Thomas white did not read it and just accepted it based on word count, second off you are known as a rule breaker so i personally do not want someone who doesn't know the rules very well or at all in the police and we have had a problem with you in your applications before. you break rules, constantly spam and are not currently fit to be a police officer. I gave you a chance to read the rules thoroughly, read the handbook again and make a better application but instead you messaged me consistently that you are both upset and crying that you did not get in. also how was it meta????? also you filled it out wrong, my ingame name is connor bailey not yours remember
  11. Player Report - Lindo - 10/06/17

    initated on you aand then you ran into greenzone...? look at the 3rd part 8.1 Green Zone - No players are allowed to engage in combat, initiate, rob including taking vehicles, lock picking vehicles or kidnap anyone located in a green zone. This is considered to be a safe-zone. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: If a player attempts to RDM you inside a green zone you are allowed to return fire to defend yourself. If a situation which took place outside of the green zone carries on within the green zone, the situation still stands and combat is permitted however those attempting to run into a green zone during combat will be banned/warned. Police may use non-lethal force (taser & rubber bullets) if people are breaking the law.
  12. what u think

    its not textured or anything yet
  13. what u think

    start of my low poly town which has too many polys

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