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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders.
  2. Balaclavas

    +1 i need this, i want this
  3. Rebel Licenses

    making it harder to get guns and as big and as many would reduce the robbing as well
  4. Rebel Licenses

    +1 for upping all rebel licences except black market due to it not having much and you should be level 5 for rebel, 15 for advanced and 25 for black market. seeing as you can make money easy here and guns are cheap compared to what you earn and all you see is 7.62s everywhere as they are so easy to get. either this or you just earn a lot less from runs however people will not like that as much
  5. Rebel/Cop Imbalance

    i agree that when there are 4 cops or less on then you cannot rob them or take them hostage as its unfair however i do no agree with ramming cars as jord mentions what happens when the other car isn't moving and you tap it gently as the ramming would result in both parties dying and would count as vdm. its too risky and would get people killed.
  6. KOS if stealing cop car

    hey how bout no
  7. HUD

    too much on screen for me, dont wanna have to see this all the times
  8. Blackfish

    What ?
  9. Blackfish

    id buy one for 27mil
  10. I +1000 this one.

    so i was thinking of an idea where pistols were mainly used along with rebels having access to some 5.56 along with cops mainly using 5.56 too. i know im not making this sound good but instead of removing all weapons just have low cal weapons that are much harder to access and most cops could patrol with tazers only on them but 5.56 rifles in the car. this would also be more realistic and suppressors would be extremely high priced for rebels. also add a bunch more clothing options for rebels so they have more variety of what to wear. rebel-smgs and 5.56, advanced rebel - better 5.56 weapons and gives better attachments and access to suppressors. this would both reduce combat and keep people happy with guns. add a bunch more runs and have police doing more road stops and setting up checkpoints. make ifrits more expensive as well. make more things happen in water areas. make things like the Mohawk cheaper as its rare atm and is not worth the money, add more helmets for rebel and add the pilot helmet for people who want to be more of a pilot, combat areas stay, make quilins legal as they are essentially a role cage on wheels and offer very little protection. also black market could give access to a few 6.5 weapons but they would be extremely expensive. dunno what people think but thats what i thought of when i saw this
  11. Prismo

  12. Blackfish

    PM offers, dont mind what price you offer anymore
  13. Blackfish

    looking to buy a blackfish hoping for around 20mil
  14. Suppressors

    Or let people snipe if that's the way they like to fight as not everyone likes getting into close quarters there's 2 main combat styles on the server that I see currently, sniping and 3rd person spraying. i agree with removing suppressors for 7.62 as that's the main sniping weapon and removing silencers for this caliber would allow for snipers to have to make each shot count and would encourage them to move about a bit. i also agree with making suppressors more expensive.

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