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  1. # JUSTINSMITHYFORADMIN hopefully u can keep it 🤣

    1. Justin Smithy

      Justin Smithy

      Eventually haha. 

  2. Your just mad u didn't get a tag
  4. I'm sure @Stephen can continue that legacy on
  5. TG_Boothy


    Well i will treasure it as i have lost everything else on here 🤣 Maybe i qualify for verified moron with @Sig
  6. Well as most of you may have already seen i have been removed from staff as well as game banned, Although the chapter of this part of my life didn't end exactly how i may have wanted it but it's done now and it can't be changed. I would like to say a massive thank you to the staff lead's who gave me the roles and welcomed me with open arms. @Max - Absolute star always there when i messaged and my early morning buddy. @Kiran - Carry on doing u, sorry for letting you down senpai. @Proxy Smoxy - Don't let vel any higher GEEZE. @Sam Applefield - My best friend your too good for the server, never getting admin. @Peter. - Exploiting and still a moderator.... , love you ❤️ @Nelson @raaid @Rohan - SCREAM would have ruled the server but now the best has been banned. @Nizwald - Honestly don't know how you haven't been given management yet, hopefully zinners spots got your name on it. @SpawnTheDeath @Roy - Still possibly the same person ❤️ @ropemonkey - CALM DOWN! @Justin Smithy - ROLEPLAY Hopefully most have enjoyed meeting me as i have you all, until next time phoenix ❤️
  7. You also tried accusing me of a ton of bullshit as well as saying it didn't matter as i was staff and should know better because its quite clear ur friends with johan and trying to witch hunt, It wouldn't surprise me if i was to be banned for this as it seems to be getting more and more petty every minute.
  8. Fun whilst it lasted aye 

    1. Justin Smithy

      Justin Smithy

      what happened bruv

  9. YOUR LIFE IS A MEME I've already been removed from admin and you want to continue to push for a ban.... FUCKING SAD
  10. You were in an active situation and screamed for him to stop shooting you as u were not involved you can't then say you shot me so i shot you. Your really gonna start being a child in a report on the forums? With reported's lack of decency and the clear rule break i will be issuing a 2 day ban for RDM. LOCKED & MOVED
  11. As long as you promise to keep your maggot your in your pants. Unbanned
  12. Time Submitted: 01:58:46 PM | 04/11/20 Submitted By: TG_Boothy (257) Your In-Game Name: Boothy Who are you reporting?: Renegade Time/Date of event: 10/04/20 21:45 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: Was trying to help get my friends after there he'll blew and get driven up on by a qualin with a ton of people in it all who jump out screaming and shooting all the same time. I disputed and asked if they was coming to support with a response "I have a video so don't need to come" Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrVx45qmekE Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: N/A
  13. Continuing the report due to failure to resolve, i will be issuing a 2 day ban for RDM to steven as i believe there was more then enough time for you to resolve this but you decided not too. LOCKED AND MOVED
  14. If you can't follow the unban rules what makes u think we trust you to follow in game rules? DECLINED LOCKED & MOVED For reference ; Do not under any circumstances try to contact a member of staff to review appeal. This will result in the appeal being delayed or in serious cases being denied. Any attempt to bump your appeal will result in the appeal being delayed or denied.
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