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We have completed a Mass Unban, find more information here.


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  1. Nice one lads! Glad to see people noticing the change in the force.
  2. Great to see old faces coming back, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting yet but i look forward to it, Welcome Back!
  3. TG_Boothy

    DMT's #2

    Don't have an issue a bit of dmt combat 🤷‍♂️
  4. This is the first video i have made on youtube, Normally just streaming on twitch obviously it would be greatly appreciated if you could like and sub and then were get making more.
  5. @Kiran Can we maybe just get rid of the email unban system and just get another bit for perm bans on the forums, Just so can people can see and also have the chance to react to the post.
  6. To the admin reviewing this case please refer to case id: 18342 with the extra information/notes i provided for this case
  7. TG_Boothy


    the leniency period is better then no leniency period
  8. TG_Boothy


    I believe it would be beneficial to have a mass unban, Unbanning all the players who haven't hacked or anything in line with that. I believe most deserve a second chance and would like to see how many have changed, The worst that happens is they get banned again, the best that happens they don't mess up again and are happy playing with friends.
  9. METRIC Metric is a very well known, secret and worldwide organisation that Have now moved into altis. We Ship Drugs, Sell Guns, take peoples lives within reason and do A LOT of the illegal things. We do try most of the time to stay out of people's way but anyone that doesn’t want to be quite as friendly as us were not too shy to shoot. Metric has gone through many stages from being a low life gang to now what is known as a secret service, or as some say special forces unit! We have the time, patience and skills to take on any task that is thrown in our way and we never back down. ONLY the best are accepted into Metric. What we look for: 750 hours on arma Good team working skills and good communications Application Template: Name: SteamID: Hours on Arma: License (Advanced/Rebel): Can anyone vouch for you: Roster
  10. happy Bday!🎈🎉

    1. TG_Boothy


      Thank you ☺️ it was great 🥳

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