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  1. Apologies to those waiting for auction items, I’m going on holiday from tomorrow for a week (didn’t find out till today) once I get back I’ll get your items, I’ll reduce the buy price slightly as compensation for the wait! Thanks.

  2. f1adae4bcb892ecdd6da7adfdd950ca1.png

    1. 「︎JB⌝


      Imagine telling someone to speak to u but never being alive

  3. Phoenix RP Community Auction Are you ready to obtain exotic items? Willing to spend some hard earned cash? Well, Phoenix RP is about to provide! A rich weapons contractor recently passed away on the island, with no contactable relatives, his estate became the property of the Democratic Republic of Altis (DRA). His estate included a weapons vault and, an expensive exotic vehicle collection. The DRA has decided to sell the estate off piece by piece to the public domain over the next few months, who knows whats in the vault... This is how it will work: This event will be hosted by Community Board members at their desecration to sell the exotic items. Items will require bids for them; the highest bidder will walk away with the item on sale. You can only bid for the money you have; if you offer for more than you have, you will be removed for the auction and further auctions of this kind. Items that will be sold will range from weapons and items that cannot be obtained on the server to custom coloured vehicles. How to join?: You will attend the event on time, any later than five minutes past the start time and you will be turned away. The event will be held at Kavala Castle, anyone can attend, but you must participate un-armed. Anyone caught killing, robbing, or generally being disrespectful in the auction area, will be removed from the auction. I hope we are ready to spend some cash and get some new exotic items! This will be conducted on Saturday 10th of August at the 16:00 GMT (4PM GMT) server restart! Credit for the event idea goes to @kyle_ Thanks, Badger
  4. From what I understand, doing this will break our T&C on our licences from Bohemia, so this most likely won’t happen.
  5. You were informed you would have to wait 14 days to re-appeal. You still have 7 left. Declined.
  6. At this time your appeal has been Declined, I feel that you should remained banned to learn from your mistakes, you may re-appeal in 14 days. Kind Regards, Badger
  7. At this time your appeal is being Declined due t the fact that you are now Infistar Global Banned. If you successful appeal this with Infistar, you are more than welcome to appeal at a later date. Kind Regards, Badger
  8. I believe at this time, you need time to reflect on what you have done and the punishment you have been given. You may submit an appeal in 7 days. Ban appeal Declined. Locked & Moved.
  9. @Kyro Before I start any appeal process, you have an extensive ban history. is there any reason why you haven't learnt from your past mistakes? Why should we unban you even though it is quite evident that you haven't either read the rules, or are blatantly choosing to ignore them? You have 24-hours to reply before the appeal will be closed. Kind Regards, Badger
  10. Hi, At this time I will Accept your appeal on the basis that if like this happens again, you will be permanently banned from the Altis Life server. P.S. It was January when you were banned. Kind Regards, Badger
  11. Accepted. Money will be in your account on the 12PM GMT Restart.
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