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  1. I believe at this time, you need time to reflect on what you have done and the punishment you have been given. You may submit an appeal in 7 days. Ban appeal Declined. Locked & Moved.
  2. @Kyro Before I start any appeal process, you have an extensive ban history. is there any reason why you haven't learnt from your past mistakes? Why should we unban you even though it is quite evident that you haven't either read the rules, or are blatantly choosing to ignore them? You have 24-hours to reply before the appeal will be closed. Kind Regards, Badger
  3. Hi, At this time I will Accept your appeal on the basis that if like this happens again, you will be permanently banned from the Altis Life server. P.S. It was January when you were banned. Kind Regards, Badger
  4. Accepted. Money will be in your account on the 12PM GMT Restart.
  5. @Conner Merlin 💊 🐍 🔫 Can you check this please.
  6. @Conner Merlin 💊 🐍 🔫 Can you check this please.
  7. @Conner Merlin 💊 🐍 🔫 @Zyn Anything you guys can look into?
  8. Fav Dev ❤️

  9. Welcome back :)

  10. Top geeza gl

  11. Was good Community Manager, Pretty sure you will be good Management. WD

  12. Ring your bell?

  13. People can report me to Badger again! Oh no! 

    1. Badger



    2. Frank Castle

      Frank Castle


    3. Roy


      just going to say this now, Alex you have been told that you are the best stafflead. aswell this time @Badger is even higher in the chain so you will be gone if you fuck up @Alexander so alex keep up your good work

  14. Grats pal. Much love. Make sure you keep your red lunch box with you at all times.

    1. Badger


      I’ve never let it leave my side Dad.

  15. Are  u managment now?

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