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  1. Badger

    Blackie Cockburn

    We can work together anytime mummy.
  2. it's been 1 hour already I want to discuss the topic again 


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    2. Matt


      @Potter if I was on my computer you’d have about 1/2 warning points slapped on your dumb ass right about now. Keep it up!

    3. Potter


      13 mins ago you joined my ts channel on a windows phone i guess?

    4. Matt


      LMAO i don't own a windows phone

  3. ur signature is pretty xo

    1. Badger


      thanks babaes

    2. Kazz


      u shud make mine for being king shitposter c;

      also I'm just lazy

  4. Badger

    Friendship Circles and various Issues!!!

    I've locked the topic for an hour as people would rather shitpost then talk about the original post.
  5. Badger

    Ban Appeal - Ross Clarke - 09/05/18 - TeamSpeak

    To be unbanned, I need to see your Discord ID and current nickname; I will accept this ban once you have provided this.
  6. Featured Streams/Phoenix RP Twitch Community So over the last few days, I have received some messages about Featured Streams, The Twitch Tag, and the Streaming Team. To be featured on the website there are some simple steps you need to follow: Tag the PhoenixRP Twitch community in your stream communities. (This is how we find you, don't ask to be featured) Play on a PhoenixRP official server (FiveM/Altis Life) Reasonable production quality - Low latency, good bit-rate, no obnoxiously large overlays, reasonable game quality and frame-rate. Follow PhoenixRP rules at all times. Stay within Twitch guidelines and Terms / Conditions. No derogatory comments about PhoenixRP or ANY other server, community or individual. Remember that you are representing the community. We put trust in you to maintain a high standard of roleplay and ethics when featured. Notify a member of Management (can be reached through staff if you can't reach us) if you plan on ending the stream so we can remove the stream when not live. Remember, when streaming people will be watching how you play with a microscope. If you break the rules, you'll be treated as anyone else and will be punished as such. To be part of the Stream Team (Tags etc.) there are some additional steps: Private Message me your twitch channel and what time you will be live over the period of 7 days so I can watch. Include some sort of Phoenix RP branding in your title or description. Tag the PhoenixRP Twitch community in your stream communities. Closing Note, anyone who currently has the twitch tag will have it removed and will have to follow these steps to gain it again. Thanks, Badger Community Manager
  7. Badger

    Ban Appeal - Matty - 08/26/18 - Altis Life

    At this time your ban appeal has been Denied, after been given previous evidence of cheating in GTA, and Arma III. If you wish to take this further, please email at [email protected] Kind Regards, Badger Community Manager
  8. Badger

    Ban Appeal - Hayden smith - 08/29/18 - Altis Life

    After reviewing your ban I have decided to lift it, please do not do anything like this again or you will most likely not be unbanned. Appeal Accepted
  9. Badger

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    I've locked this post because it's getting out of hand, and people are being toxic. If you have a problem with an element of a faction, please feel free to message me, a member of that factions command, or keep your opinion to yourself. I would suggest doing this without making a fuss on the website and making yourself look like a pelican.
  10. Any events coming soon? @Badger

    1. Badger


      They are, something will be announced this weekend.

  11. Badger

    Compensation Request - [SFG] Col. Evo - 08/16/18

    The logs show that the money was deducted from his account, but his cash on hand did not change. The Compensation Request has been Accepted. Compensation Amount: 1.5 Million. The money should be in your account by next restart (00:00 GMT).
  12. Accepted, as there was no initial player report on the matter and with speaking with Luker about this, it has been approved. In the future I suggest not engaging in this sort of behaviour or the ban will most likely not be lifted.