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  1. JackPoulter

    Move HM again

    I do think domes are the best place to have it, but it ain’t to bad where it is now tbf.
  2. JackPoulter

    Ban Appeal - Muhammed - 04/16/19 - Altis Life

    As we said, we was just going mazi cartel so we went to land at the air garage where we was shot. I don’t have a video because I don’t usually record every time I get shot at in a red zone. I feel as if it was more of a mistake as for most of us this is our first time getting banned. None of us profited from this nor new that they was involved in our previous situation before hand. Also air garage is a place where a lot of people go and it is a very reasonable distance from the processor. We go there on a daily basis as it is a place where we can pull out vehicles.
  3. Time Submitted: 02:44:47 PM | 04/16/19 Submitted By: JackPoulter (2561) In-Game Name: Muhammed Steam / Player ID: 76561198385641216 Administrator who issued ban: Zinner Date of ban: 04/15/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: NLR, as I was going to Mazi Bay Cartel after HAVOC killed me during my moonshine run and they started shooting at me at the garage so instead of letting them kill me I shot them and they got upset and reported me. (The HEMMT Box they had was not mine) What reason was given for your ban? NLR, returning to retrieve my HEMMT Box Why should you be unbanned? I didn’t mean to break NLR, I maintained the radius and did not go within my NLR however when pulling a ground vehicle me and my friend got shot therefore instead of letting them kill us we shot them and got banned, I can see why I was banned from the admins perspective but I do think it was fair as I did not mean to encounter them again and I did not even benefit from it as it was not a HEMMT Box I owned. I’ve been playing the server for over a year and never been banned or even warned and have been part of all the factions. I would appreciate if I was to get unbanned and will make sure it don’t happen again. We just wanted to do a run without getting banned and I feel we should get given another chance What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/24324-player-report-epicjoshh-muhammed-yamaws-aslepper-ab-cozza-041319-altis-life/
  4. JackPoulter

    Form Rep

    Add a -1
  5. JackPoulter

    Forms emojis

    Yeah there is no why to express your feelings towards something, I mean I just think a -1 needs to be added
  6. JackPoulter

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    +1, I don’t think people understand, what is the benefits of playing rebel over a faction? Not only will it benefit rebel life however people will be using their gear better
  7. JackPoulter

    Police and Cartels

    There is plenty of ways of making money alternatively, Drug Cartels are illegal therefore cops must do their job by stopping it. I feel without it there will be barely any fights and people will be doing worse things like initiating on hobos in kavala and ruining the experience for them new players. If you die to them just dont go and find something else to do. I mean without the it would be high reward with 0 risk, -1,
  8. JackPoulter

    James | Phoenix 1

  9. JackPoulter

    Trident - Recruiting

  10. JackPoulter

    Remove impound lot

    Yeah +1 just causes mor of a hassle for everyone no need for it
  11. JackPoulter

    Ban Appeal - Billy Something - 10/06/18 - GTA FiveM

    I don't hack I just put my time as medic do you no how much longer?
  12. JackPoulter


  13. Time Submitted: 02:19:49 PM | 10/06/18 Submitted By: JackPoulter (2561) In-Game Name: Billy Something Steam / Player ID: 76561198385641216 Administrator who issued ban: Auto Ban Date of ban: 10/06/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was on my dirt bike then I pulled in lost santos customs and I got banned by an autoban for cheating What reason was given for your ban? I think it was a ban which should not have happened. I think it was a mistake by an auto ban as I was driving my bike and done nothing wrong. Why should you be unbanned? Because I put a lot of time into the server and I done nothing to deserve the ban. I don't think there was an admin on either as I asked for paramedic whitelisting and no one answered What platform / server were you banned on?: GTA FiveM Link to initial report (if applicable):
  14. JackPoulter

    Player Report - AK. - 08/21/18 - Altis Life

    As we said in the support case, when a group of people are shouting at once I am going to turn around to look at you, and when a gang member initiates "Hands up or not die" it can get confusing. Besides you did not lose anything due to getting revived and I don't need to comp items that you should've had. I understand where your coming from but next time just organise it before robbing people, and it make it clear.