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  1. JackPoulter

    Ban Appeal - Billy Something - 10/06/18 - GTA FiveM

    I don't hack I just put my time as medic do you no how much longer?
  2. JackPoulter


  3. Time Submitted: 02:19:49 PM | 10/06/18 Submitted By: JackPoulter (2561) In-Game Name: Billy Something Steam / Player ID: 76561198385641216 Administrator who issued ban: Auto Ban Date of ban: 10/06/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was on my dirt bike then I pulled in lost santos customs and I got banned by an autoban for cheating What reason was given for your ban? I think it was a ban which should not have happened. I think it was a mistake by an auto ban as I was driving my bike and done nothing wrong. Why should you be unbanned? Because I put a lot of time into the server and I done nothing to deserve the ban. I don't think there was an admin on either as I asked for paramedic whitelisting and no one answered What platform / server were you banned on?: GTA FiveM Link to initial report (if applicable):
  4. JackPoulter

    Player Report - AK. - 08/21/18 - Altis Life

    As we said in the support case, when a group of people are shouting at once I am going to turn around to look at you, and when a gang member initiates "Hands up or not die" it can get confusing. Besides you did not lose anything due to getting revived and I don't need to comp items that you should've had. I understand where your coming from but next time just organise it before robbing people, and it make it clear.
  5. Some old clips in it.
  6. JackPoulter

    Just a small giveaway

    I need money
  7. JackPoulter

    Andy Frag Montage #4

  8. JackPoulter

    Jack | PhoenixRP | Frags 2

    not 5 minutes
  9. JackPoulter

    vM - VENOM

    Name - JackPoulter Age - 14 Hours on Arma 3 (Minimum 300 hours +) - 1,900 hours Steam ID - 76561198385641216 Previous Experience - Anarchy, Police, R4U What you Can bring to the group (Min 5 points) - Good Comms, Combat, RP, flying, Active member Why Should we accept you (Min 100 words) - I am very experienced at Arma and at the server in general, I have reached INS in the cop force and have a stable amount of money. Along with 10 mil I have Advanced Rebel, I will be very active. I can both provide very good RP and if necessary I can use a gun. I have played RP servers for a very long time and can show this. I enjoy making money, and can give very good comms and know basic things to do during gunfights. I hope you can give me a opportunity as I am a very good team player Can Anyone Vouch for you? - Sammy and standup47
  10. JackPoulter

    Jack | PhoenixRP | Frags 1

    ok sorry sir ty
  11. JackPoulter

    Anarchy | Recruiting

  12. JackPoulter

    Player Report - JackPoulter - 03/14/18 - Altis Life

    My mum had been calling for me to come off for a while, and she turned off my PC. Later on, I then looked for you on TS but I couldn't find you, I have also looked for you earlier today and you wasn't on I am sorry for this but I couldn't really help it, also I lost my gear so I didn't really gain anything by doing this. I understand why you reported me for this, but I hope you understand that I could not help this
  13. JackPoulter

    Player Report - [AP2561] Jack Poulter - 02/04/18

    Yes, I greatly apologise as I just logged off as a cop with no clue a bank was underway. I was logging off after being AFK in game for about 2 minutes. Once again I greatly apoligise however I had no clue that it was underway.