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  1. since everyone else is msging u then I may aswell squeker

    1. Sanders
    2. 7 | Zico

      7 | Zico

      no bruv man gets bare init

  2. 7 | Zico

    Frag movie khalid

    1:23 oooos that top fregger?
  3. Time Submitted: 05:01:18 PM | 05/30/18 Submitted By: 7 | Zico (2551) In-Game Name: zico Steam / Player ID: 76561198354437324 Administrator who issued ban: Yorkie Date of ban: 05/28/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned cos I messaged someone "P****y Fa**ot. idk exactly why I did it and I instantly regretted it after, hense why I said sorry. i think i said it because i was just really angry because he came to the channel i was in and said i didn't know what i was talking about and called me an idiot infront of everyone What reason was given for your ban? "[TB] Toxic | Michael | Appeal at PhoenixRP.co.uk" Why should you be unbanned? i should be unbanned because i am very sorry for my actions, and i regret doing what i did, i also feel like if i was given another chance i would not let the staff team down because i have matured a lot recently and i think i can really show myself to be a good person. although i have been banned and warned a lot i believe i can turn my reputation around by being a nicer person who follows the rules much better. i take full responsibility for my actions and i am willing to apologize formally to the person that i messaged if i have an oportunity What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  4. 7 | Zico

    Adapt [DISBANDED]

    ok sir
  5. 7 | Zico

    Adapt [DISBANDED]

    : Name: zico How many hours do you have: https://gyazo.com/75e1d5ad3a23318b07e206ded38b38ef Previous Gangs: Siesmic Syndicate Sanction Oddity Anarchy Seven Steam ID:76561198354437324 Why do you want to join the gang [50 words+]: I want to join so I can have some fun on the server like I used to and be able to play with some mats, also for rp and frags. and I need a good gang and people good to play with so this is the best chance I tink What skills do you have: combat flying driving rp Who in the gang can vouch for you: Khalifa JackPoulter Jake Shacky J O S H probs more
  6. 7 | Zico

    s | Sanction | OPEN

    +1 big time myyyyyyyyyyyyy g
  7. 7 | Zico

    J O S H | Fragz Montage

    bruv mans happy now good tage g and I hear my voice at end 😉 and Versus clip btwwwwwwwwwwww
  8. 7 | Zico

    oi bruv cuz fam in abit yehhhhhhh

    only some people will get the joke dw
  9. So basics, I don't play the server much, and don't find it fun anymore, I have found other places. it was fun in cops and rebel was sick too (apart from when I got cried at 24/7) thx for all those who made my time fun and gave me chances... you know who u are 😉 I will probs come back and might talk on ts but bye 4 now.
  10. 7 | Zico

    Oddity | Open

    thts if I'm not kicked yet (will be active soon)
  11. 7 | Zico

    Oddity | Open

    cheeeeeers sir
  12. 7 | Zico

    Oddity | Open

    shit didn't see tht
  13. 7 | Zico

    Oddity | Open

    In Game Name: zico. Age:14 ArmA 3 hours *screenshot*:https://gyazo.com/4a3da5b3ca8359556247da28016f00c7 Previous gangs: Seven Siesmic Syndicate Why would you like to join:need a good gang I have spoken and played with members and leaders of the gang and I feel as if this I the best chance for me to enjoy the server and its combat, along with the roleplay of course. What current member could vouch for you?: JOSH Harley Jake (Ivy) maybe might be more but idk whose in
  14. 7 | Zico

    [DGN] Fox_Eagle - frag movie

    0:47 nice I recommend u turn adaptive crosshair off but apart from that nice
  15. 7 | Zico


    If u can find the class name on the wiki post it here cos Zyn needs the classs name to add it