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  1. Frags#9 (holiday) Zico

    cos a type 115 is 7.62 k
  2. Frags#9 (holiday) Zico

    i do wat I want on my holiday +not many rebels do anything tbh
  3. Frags#9 (holiday) Zico

    pls keep beefing I love it
  4. Frags#9 (holiday) Zico

    couldn't care less who uses tht song. hes not who I heard it from so idc tbh
  5. Frags#9 (holiday) Zico

    Fuck off hahau had to expose me but I blame my i3
  6. Roleplay4us (Police Hoilday Gang)

    Gang NOW on holiday feel free to come play if u put intrest form!!! if I accept it
  7. Nx | Noxious

    Why u no appeaaaaaaal?
  8. Illusion?

    what do u render as?
  9. Police Checkpoints.

  10. Roleplay4us (Police Hoilday Gang)

    yay lets go boys gonna get sum nice tans on this holiday
  11. HAVOC - Rozzer Peace Treaty

    +1 this would add more reasoning behind the spec units in both factions would mean great role play situations like u stated and also ctsfo nca ect could do joint operations by sneaking into havoc lands same for havoc into our lands
  12. Police - ability to remove drivers license

    +1 would give us another way of realistically punishing dangerous drivers
  13. spawnthedeath

    So proud of my trainee @spawnthedeath

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