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Everything posted by Niko.

  1. when is v2 out gamers, been so long since we got a proper update!

    1. 「︎JB⌝


      Whenever management start caring about the server which is approx never. Sorry sir but you’ve been jebaited 

  2. weeb profile pic, change it

    1. 「︎JB⌝


      Shutup thomas the tank engine driver

    2. 「︎JB⌝


      Is this better ? spacer.png

    3. Niko.
  3. what a great mxsw gamer
  4. Niko.

    PHXV2 Written Q&A

    An update to this please?
  5. eco mode cat is also amused
  6. ill just leave my pc running 24/7 with arma in the background, easy +1
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this shit so funny
  8. sW5sopvDRByEkGVCtcaFyQ.png

    didnt know TST are so good wipin everyone and winning everything, very cool! even gas stations!

    1. Cobra★


      1 hobo trying to rp a gas station....

      TST "hotdrop" in an orca making it an 11v1... very nice


  9. i mean u guys log patrols of 8 hrs where u used the hunter for 30 min
  10. Niko.

    Niko #2

    thanks gamers
  11. Niko.

    2x LRPS

    someone will have to take it i guess lmao
  12. Niko.

    Niko #2

    its bad ik but oh well i was BORED
  13. unknown.thumb.png.6791128c15382f53df635002844cf842.png

    1. Stefan♦


      Please get this RAT off my screen.

    2. Kiran
  14. Niko.

    Inka Best admin

    how would you know? its not like you're an admin or smth...
  15. Niko.

    PHXV2 Written Q&A

    Can we have the project summary you posted on Discord (maybe updated)? I'm sure loads of people would like to see the progress over time.
  16. dont expose me dude
  17. f I wouldn't put my trust on tst if i was you lmao
  18. That sounds even more repetitive: get drugs and sell them, have cops fight u. I don't see anything "unique" (Other servers had it before: camorra (mafia)) about it. The drug warehouse or whatever is like the HAVOC armory or destroyer... Same thing, different name... With your activity, I doubt you'd know anything tbh... I do patrol CP very often
  19. you are pretty much an NPC that people want to sell their drugs to, I'd rather patrol CP
  20. -1 no need for a new faction, this seems more boring than havoc
  21. "HaVoC mOrE LiKe B-tEc DiViNitY!!!" you say that stuff and then this frag montage... come on... TST has no standards from what it seems...
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