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  1. Niko.

    tenk å bli kalt sig lmao

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      haha hold kjeft niko tyskerfaen. ÆSJ

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      Ja helt enig ass. Tyskere...

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    Stellen Sie sich vor, Unterstützung zu sein lmaoooo

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      Will'o Boston

      Halt die klappe du arschloch @Sig

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  3. Niko.

    Urgent Message to Citizens

    idk abt that one....
  4. Niko.


    MXM's and MX's they aren't as good as they can be, mags should be included.
  5. Niko.


    its not free guns when you have to fight for them
  6. Niko.

    Night Lovell - Dark Light

    his new album is good
  7. Niko.


    take care big man
  8. Never said it's the risk and the money that is the issue here. The issue is the difference is the money spent on loadouts between faction and rebels. It's only fair that it's rebel vs rebel to equal that issue out. Also keeping it rebels only would mean that more money flows out of the economy due to rebels buying good loadouts for the gang bases. In my opinion, it should stay gangs only.
  9. That's fair enough but it's still unfair to the rebels that spend so much money on that restart period to get stopped by factions that barely pay anything and can keep coming back at minimal cost. EDIT: In addition to that, both HAVOC and APC are able to play as civ during gang wars, so why don't play civ?
  10. factions get (almost) free guns, its unfair to the rebels for factions to attend gang wars. While the rebels spend mils on loadouts, you as HAVOC would barely pay anything and the APC nothing.
  11. Niko.

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

    im wet
  12. Niko.

    Unbanathon/ Leniency on Appeals.

  13. Niko.

    Sero El Mero - Meros Überall

  14. Niko.

    Police community liaison team

    -1 unnecessary