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  1. lemme know if you like my profile song :)

  2. 34 HAVOC get 7.62 according to your calculation. 34/35 cops. HAVOC has 60 people. Cops 110. If we see it in terms of ratio, things are completely different 😉
  3. HAVOC get so many more 7.62's along with Quilins whenever AND carrier rig anytime. Most police officers use a Carrier Lite because of rank. Only TFU and CI+ (if i remember correctly) can use a carrier rig. You get a "good" weapon at the rank of CI (Type 115), otherwise you're with an MX or MXM unless TFU member. It is true that HAVOC are slot limited and should get compesated for that but they get a lot of benefits already imo
  4. Yesterday, due to multiple situations, we didn't go to many cartels. At one point, all but one cartel was capped by the same gang (iququa or smth). It's not rare either imo to see a gang having all cartels!
  5. Disagree. To get these suppressors in faction, you either given a lot of time and hard work or deserve it because of your skill. Any rebel can get a 7.62 weapon, not everyone in a faction can get them (let alone the suppressor). Of course, you get them for free, but it'd take the meaning of reward in a faction away if you were to pay as well imo
  6. As Scott says, if other more important situations rise up, we have to respond to them (Responding to normal officers mainly!).
  7. is this meant to be funny
  8. that is not true, you're not part of the unit therefore you don't really know what we do, its not only cartels!
  9. that depends on you and where you go!
  10. Aprox. 20% of cops even get high caliber guns, the rest is literally running around with 6.5's and level 3 vests in SUV's. Another advantage btw!
  11. Niko.

    7.62 Suppressor

    Message me tommorow when you see me on TS
  12. Niko.


    This seems to be a thread because you died by cops recently (Pop up, heli chase situation). I sadly cannot understand your frustration as you got killed for doing illegal stuff (cartels, redzone), what do you expect? Yesterday, we killed you at Pop up cartel and neutralized it, you shot at us first, why do you complain? Yes, we get 7.62's as TFU but we are restricted to 17 members at most at all times (17 out of 137 officers registered on the PNC rn doesn't seem a lot tbh). We as cops are meant to stop illegal activity in cartels. As Richard already mentioned, NIU is focused on drugs, hostages and negotiations. TFU is focused on cartels, major crimes like the bank. Every unit has its own duties to fill. Also, HAVOC get way better armoury and go to cartels too! They pay for gear because they are a rebel resistance faction while cops is a government-funded faction, If you still tend to have an issue with TFU, please feel free to contact either Lewis, Scott, Woodzy, Jck or me.
  13. +1 very useful for any size of gang
  14. Niko.


    Civs can do runs, we can't. Our only income is paycheck and impounding/crushing here and there. Plus a SGT, you don't get great gear either. I am of the opinion that paychecks need to be higher, we're almost paid the same as civs lmao and we are a "professional faction".
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