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  1. I talked with KLW on support and resolved the situation. No need to continue with this.
  2. Time Submitted: 07:36:28 PM | 01/26/20 Submitted By: Niko. (2535) Your In-Game Name: Niko [TPU-08] Who are you reporting?: [SFG] KLW Time/Date of event: 19:15 Rule's Broken: 2.7 Value of Life Explain what happened: So we had a gunfight w PBJ and HAVOC, then SFG come around in a police SUV putting PBJ members in it, I told them twice to live, they didn't so I went ahead and initiated on the vehicle's passagers and drivers. KLW, being in a clear disadvantage, just jumped out and shot at me. Therefore I believe he was in a clear disadvantage and broke rule 2.7. I did dispute him, which he didn't respond to. Vel dealt with the case. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CkpWYRFAo8&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Vel - Case No. 20069
  3. wow this is toxic, i see why u got banned!
  4. the ban on matty p is just stupid, seems like cake fits fine in pbj... absolute joke of a ban

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Trax


      hahaha lmao what a fucking joke not even a tiny respect for an ex owner... WILCO IS PROUD rn perm for knocking someone out

    3. Trax


      @Matt just saw the report and i can clearly say this is fucked up and those admins don't know how to do their job u simply knocked him out as a medic he lost 0 items and just because of that you get PERM??? he just clearly wanted to get u banned

    4. Matt


      for the record @Trax i did apologize to him not my fault he threw a baby fit in support and blocked me 

  5. The training server can't even handle a plain A&D with 12 players. It used to run fine some months ago, now its completely laggy and unplayable. Please have a look at that please. Only option we can do trainings is that server and its unplayable.
  6. Niko.

    Its time......

    hey alex settle down ill miss u epic memer
  7. 1. Yes it does, lots of money from them in my gang funds 2. Moonshine is trash compared to diamonds or similar good runs 3. No one would bother with redzone chop shop for more money but high risk where u can just be safe and scrap it safely 4/5. i use graverobber myself, its not that easy if u dont have it under ur control 6. a full mk-1 loadout is around 600k and if u have no graverobber, its gone, money out of the economy. loadouts are not very expensive or cheap, they are balanced
  8. 1, Cartels get capped quite often, till people gear up and come back, u can cap it and all 2. Moonshine was before the NLR change trash, the NLR rule wont change that. 3. Why would u do a run or chop shop in redzone when u can do the same and even quicker outside the redzone? 4. Graverobbing is getting nerfed anyways 5. You can only graverob someone if you either hold the cap point or can somehow graverob in peace 6. no NLR benefits the economy as more money is being spent on gear, even if you have graverobber, you won't manage to graverob all the time. The money that flows out results in people doing runs, more activity in other parts of the island too
  9. Niko.

    KLW 1

    is this tinder
  10. that sounds like an issue for small gangs isnt it? why are we nerfing big gangs that put effort in for small gangs? if you're small and u can't afford redzones, dont go to them? and yes its an RP server, yet combat is very fun too. people that prefer combat stay in redzone/cartels/do runs to keep fighting later or even rp. ppl said its unfair factions had NLR, but its not really unfair: factions pay fuck all for gear if anything at all, factions are there for roleplay, not redzones
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