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  1. Niko.


    im a great roleplayer I know
  2. Niko.

    A New Meme Is Born

    I'm sad I have to share the same name as you right now. First of all, get the "friendship circle" bullshit out of your mind. CTSFO did indeed invite people that were maybe a bit "too early" in the unit. That doesn't make it a friendship circles. There are some good examples of CTSFO lead choosing to invite people they didn't know: I was one and so is Tom Slice. I was invited and I didn't know any of them. Tom Slice used to call us a friendship circle, but he still got invited and changed his mind. The part that all of its members are known for the amount of toxicity and bans is stupid as fuck. There have been like maybe 2-3 members with any bans recently in the unit (I'm talking about CTSFO, not TFU atm as we don't know the whole roster!). Get your facts straight before spreading bullshit. We all know you tried to get into CTSFO and got kicked for cheating, get your mind straight please. You didn't stay in CTSFO neither did you in HSOS. We all know the truth: You aren't good at all, you lack in a lot of skills. Don't comment about other's people "skills" ("cant win against a rook") when yours are SUBPAR. Don't call a unit that hasn't even been implemented a "failure". We all know that in terms of combat, both CTSFO and Sco19 SFO did win most of the fights. That's enough from my side! Have a great evening!
  3. Niko.

    [HAVOC] Nikos

    How much did he pay you
  4. Niko.

    Rozzers 2.0

    Since when is it your business what people do with their free time?
  5. Niko.

    Spyglass ?

    this is a master piece
  6. Great profole picture and banner.

    1. Niko.


      thank u i tried

  7. This is the worst comment about this topic I've seen so far. We wanted to do armory then bank. We were messaging for HAVOC to respond as that is what they're meant to do? Training could be done any other time while Armory is not dependent on you in terms of when it happens.
  8. Updated my profile, hope you like it guys!

  9. Niko.

    YEA YEA, So true @sean

    I can't remember the last time you said something useful but hey I don't judge! I was on yesterday, nice try though!
  10. Niko.

    YEA YEA, So true @sean

    yes havoc are on and do "trainings" in the training facility tasing eachother, yes very active!!!
  11. Niko.

    put back dmts

    -1 Tower lagging, too one sided, requires 0 skill lol
  12. Niko.

    APC Promotions

    sorry, he meant *Star
  13. Niko.

    SCO-19 VS HSOS