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  1. when is v2 out gamers, been so long since we got a proper update!

    1. 「︎JB⌝


      Whenever management start caring about the server which is approx never. Sorry sir but you’ve been jebaited 

  2. weeb profile pic, change it

    1. 「︎JB⌝


      Shutup thomas the tank engine driver

    2. 「︎JB⌝


      Is this better ? spacer.png

    3. Niko.
  3. what a great mxsw gamer
  4. Niko.

    PHXV2 Written Q&A

    An update to this please?
  5. eco mode cat is also amused
  6. ill just leave my pc running 24/7 with arma in the background, easy +1
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this shit so funny
  8. sW5sopvDRByEkGVCtcaFyQ.png

    didnt know TST are so good wipin everyone and winning everything, very cool! even gas stations!

    1. Cobra★


      1 hobo trying to rp a gas station....

      TST "hotdrop" in an orca making it an 11v1... very nice


  9. i mean u guys log patrols of 8 hrs where u used the hunter for 30 min
  10. Niko.

    Niko #2

    thanks gamers
  11. Niko.

    2x LRPS

    someone will have to take it i guess lmao
  12. Niko.

    Niko #2

    its bad ik but oh well i was BORED
  13. unknown.thumb.png.6791128c15382f53df635002844cf842.png

    1. Stefan♦


      Please get this RAT off my screen.

    2. Kiran
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