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  1. I'd assume it's that its a bank and people just flew by and got shot at
  2. Niko.

    IZR reports

    izr really be defending a cheater who had to spend money to buy cheats for 6 year old game bc he cant win otherwise, Y I K E S
  3. Niko.

    IZR reports

    imagine cheating on a 15 player server tho, YIKES!
  4. people in 2020 STILL have arma egos? emote.png

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    2. Father boomer

      Father boomer

      pffffffffffffffft.. no names mad they died

    3. Niko.



    4. Father boomer

      Father boomer

      its sarcasm

  5. wont happen, against Bohemia TOS, reason why it got removed
  6. Niko.

    hey there im new

    hi there new im niko
  7. jesus curly you almost gave me a heart attack!
  8. Niko.

    wills 1

    yeah bc fighting 5 people in ifrits and using 10 smokes is very fun to play against, yikes buddy
  9. Niko.

    wills 1

    izr really do be bringing 5 ifrits at zaros and use 10 smokes for 3 cops doe
  10. nah i dont wanna sing ur song, id rather die, thanks
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