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  1. Its hard to find a good towny server these days, as most of them are best part all PVP or poorly managed. There are a lot of players that enjoy a simple towny experience, compared to the thousands of PVP and minigame servers out there. If we market it right, then players will come to the community for the server, and stay. I understand where your coming from @Kevin but i see myself using it as a welcome break from Altis. When i get fed up of being killed time and time again, then i go and play a different game for a while, or sit on YouTube and get in an endless void of random shitty videos until my coms go off. Having a Minecraft server would give people somewhere to go and relax with there friends on the community, and if done correctly, could help the community grow in general. I'm sure there will be community members willing to help out with the development stage, and moderation. I don't know how many dedi's the community is using, but I'm sure one of them has got room for a small server to test on.
  2. 1st edit Let us know what you want changing / adding etc and ill do it when i get home. I can dust off after effects as well and make you a swanky intro if you want, show us some intros that you like and ill see what i can do.
  3. I might be able to knock some channl stuff up. Hang tight.
  4. You've just proven his point. I think more signs would allow for more RP and less arguments with the cops.
  5. Wow! Had several murders on my head and insted of screaming me and tazing me the cops roledplayed! Took me to the station under the assumption that i was giving evidance on an unrelated crime and then bam! Slapped me with three counts of murder! With my laywer Ewan Kingston, we roleplayed the situation out. To be honest when i was stopped i exspected to be tazed and sent to prison with minumal roleplay, but insted i had an enjoyable hour which was really refreshing. I wish that more cops did what Tom did, it would make the server a lot better! 10/10 would muder someone for this roleplay again.
  6. Yeah, i wasnt' really too sure what to do for the SO1 one, i've got some other screenshots, but getting the people in the right place with the right animation. Might do a police and a HAVOC one but i havn't got the textures or anything. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks! Feel free to use them for anything server / NHS related!
  7. Got board, spent way to long on the screenshots for SO1, found some fun scripts along the way!
  8. Than you for taking the time to give us some feedback. Our next event, Phoenix Battle Royal 2.0 will be on the 2nd of February at 2100hrs GMT. Feel free to join us in the Public Events channels on ts.phoenixrp.co.uk so in the event that something out of our control happens, we can keep you in the loop. I understand your feeling of being left out, that's why i joined HAVOC and the events, team, to help me integrate back into the community. As an events team, we are working our hardest to bring the community the best possible events we can. Sometimes this is hard, as we work or go to school, and i for one work really stupid hours so i cant always make the events. As @Kiransaid, we're currently working on a new system for the events, to bring it into the 21st century and make it a mainstream staple of the Community. With that said, our next event should run alto smoother, and i wish you luck fighting off the rest of madman jumping out of a plain.
  9. Depending on what your looking to do, you've got some options If your looking to simply record for evidence, you can set up shadow play to capture the last 'X' mount of minutes of gamely when you press a key. For me, when I Press 'CTR+\' It will capture the past 10 minutes of gamely in a H.264 Code ready for upload right away. If your looking to get into the twitch / Youth world, then look at something like OBS. For most people wanting to get into this field, it keeps things simple, but if your wanting to be more advances, BOBS can also provide. There are many different plugging that you can use, and you can record into all the codes your heart desires. Shadowy can also record until you tell it to stop for a less CPU intensive experience, but you wont have as much flexibility when recording. Bare in mind that if recording multiple audio channels, your video has to be in a H.264 Code, and sometimes Premier Pro wont pick up all channels recorded, so you will end up losing audio. Dxtory can also be used for your new job as an ML Streamer, and offers good flexibility like BOBS. But, it can be confusing when your first getting into the field, and it costs £26. Please buy the licenses, people take long time working of software and they still need to provide for their family's. XSplit is amazing, and I really enjoyed using it when working on some ML Productions. Its good for streaming, but its a subscription abased service, and you WILL be caught out if you try to crack it. There are so many options out there, even Bandanna has come along way and can capture Effluence's gamely very well, but depending on weather your are purely recording to get them Redeemers banned, or your wanting to make that non existent YouTube money. Editing requires a different post all together, but on quick note, Opponents will be more than fine for simple editing of videos and evidence to get you started. And please avoid Premier Pro at all costs. Its designed for professionals and its the most buggy software ever built. For what we do it has far to many features and it way to complex, making it hard to get a promotional production. In summery: Use Shadow Play for evidence, OBS for 'YouTubing' and streaming, and Opponents for editing if required. Any questions feel free to ask!
  10. Time Submitted: 12:20:22 AM | 12/31/18 Submitted By: Lucas (251) Your In-Game Name: Lucas Who are you reporting?: Rhys Boyden Time/Date of event: 30/12/2018 @ 23:24 Rule's Broken: 2.7 Value of Life Explain what happened: Myself and my friend we're at the airport, and an officer came into land, we decided to rob the officer in at attempt to gain his equipment. I pulled out a live firearm and initiated on him, at the same time, my friend also pulled out a live firearm. The failed to follow our instructions and pulled a taker out, engaging both of us. This has violated rule 2.7 - Value of life, as there was a two to one ratio, and a live firearm pointed at the back of his head. After we we're dazed, we we're put into his helicopter, and he started to fly us to the prison for "Murder". Just before we arrived, he crashed the aircraft and disconnected from both the server and Teammates. Myself and my friend BaldoBeenBlazing to the support channels in an attempt to settle the situation, where the amazing Mike Brooks varied the rule break. No contact with Rays Obeyed could be made. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Violation of Rule 2.7: https://youtu.be/cudSzccja9E Evidance of the Crash: https://youtu.be/xoFbjQBOTwQ Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Mike Brooks
  11. Thanks to @Matt for sorting this out.
  12. Not to worry @Kiran, Ill keep my eye on this thread. Thanks for your time.
  13. @Kiran, This is the same UID that i gave you. https://gyazo.com/9c0d8cc636ff8cde32e2d866d64b45e4
  14. Thanks for the Reply @Kiran, This is the only UID that i have; 76561198181278455
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